If you are looking for gifts that start with B, you have come to the right place. We made a great list so you don’t have look for hours like we did.

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The Best Gifts That Start With B

Bath Bomb

Who doesn’t love a nice warm bath at the end of the day? It relaxes you and helps you shed the stress of the day. However, you can enhance that bathtime experience with a set of 16 Shea Butter bath bombs. This is the ideal gift for that loved one – and is especially welcomed by those who suffer from dry skin. The STURME bath bomb sets are manufactured using all-natural organic ingredients and the Vitamin enriched Shea Butter is the ideal natural moisturizer. The various colors also enhance that all-important bath time – and are great for those who suffer from skin blemishes, wrinkles and other skin conditions.

BZees Sandals

This summer, why not give your feet the gift of comfort with the BZees Smile Slingback Sandals? This footwear is unlike any other in its category with features like anti-microbial and odor control technology to ensure a fresh feeling even during rising temperatures! The synthetic sole is highly durable as well as the construction allowing for the option to machine wash and air dry as necessary. The outsoles are air infused for optimum orthopedic comfort and dynamic stretch uppers offer natural and unencumbered movement. The slip-on fit is secure and the foam footbeds ensure shock absorption when you spend hours standing at work!

Beer Crafting Kit

A weekend and the will to try something new are all you need to get started brewing your own beer! This Bavarian style Craft A Brew home kit provides everything you could need to create smooth Heferweizen. Ideal for hobbyists and first-time brewers, this comprehensive kit contains a 1-gallon carboy, transfer tubing, rubber stopper, racking cane, funnel, thermometer, thumb clamp and airlock. Also included for your benefit are sanitizer and a Guide to Craft Brewing with a special Heferweizen recipe. All kits are made in the USA since 2010 and pack the highest quality ingredients and components to make your home brewing a success!

Bracelet With Morse Code

Handcrafted carefully from 14k gold plated brass, the Sannyra Morse Code Bracelet is a unique and thoughtful way to say you care! The size of the bracelet is easily adjustable, and what’s more, the durable construction allows for wear even during baths. Each character is unique and meaningful on this bracelet as the beads represent how you feel. Ideal for Mother’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays or milestone celebrations, this bracelet will not disappoint in its carefully packaged display box. The beads themselves are easily rearranged to bear your special message, and that will only bring you closer to your intended recipient!

BTS album

The Map of Soul: 7 is a BTS album with a multitude of quality hits such as Dionysus, Inner Child, and Jamais Vu. Created by BIGHIT Entertainment, this is a full-fledged audio masterpiece for those wanting to hear their favorite band in crystal-clear quality. Whether it is the charming voice of V or the elegance of Jungkook, it all comes to life in this enthralling adventure through the vocal qualities of BTS in its prime. Enjoy this thought-provoking, entertaining take on what makes BTS such a well-acclaimed band. Go on a breathtaking journey with this Korean boy band and watch their songs take you to a new place emotionally.

Bycicle Pizza Cutter

A love of cycling can be displayed in the kitchen with the TOUR de PIZZA Bicycle Pizza Cutter from SoHo Kitchen. This pizza cutter carries inspiration from the famous TOUR de FRANCE bicycle race, featuring a bicycle design and TOUR de PIZZA logo on the body of the cutter. It features two easy to clean non-sticks blades that are made of stainless steel and modeled after the wheels of a racing bicycle. At 1/10th the scale of an actual bicycle, the pizza cutter perfectly mimics the look of a real one. In order to display the pizza cutter or store it for later usage, it comes with a handy stand that fits under the back blade. Cleaning the pizza cutter is as easy as washing it in warm water or putting it on the top shelf of a dishwasher. Whether your fan of cycling, or just want a creative item in your kitchen, the TOUR de PIZZA Bicycle Pizza Cutter will be a wonderful kitchen addition.

Bubble Machine

The Kidzlane Bubble Machine has an output of up to 500 bubbles per minute. Shaped like a cartoon fish, its mouth contains 10 bubble blowing wands while the belly has a 6 fl. oz. reservoir capacity for bubble liquid. Each fun kit comes equipped with an 8 fl. oz. bubble solution! Easily transport this cute machine virtually anywhere as it’s battery operated with a low sound motor. A simple on and off switch is located in the back so you can decide when to end the fun. The no-tip base prevents accidental spills and mishaps, and the cute design is attractive for pets as well!

Bird Feeder

Make your backyard a star attraction for hungry wild birds with the hexagonal shaped Twinkle Star Bird Feeder! With a classic design and a durable plastic construction, the overhanging roof also offers refuge for birds from inclement weather. The large capacity storage holds up to 2.15 pounds of mixed bird seeds to attract all the local feathered friends. Easily inspect the seed levels through the clear plastic window, and cleaning is simple by using the twist lock mechanism to disassemble the bird feeder. To refill the feeder just lift the roof off! Attractive and useful, this is one fun and educational addition to your yard.

Bonsai Tree

The centuries old Japanese art form of growing miniature trees is easier than ever with the Easy Bonsai Start Kit, created by GrowBuddha. The kit contains seeds to grow 4 different types of bonsai trees: Japanese Red Maple, Wisteria, Japanese Black Pine, and Judas Tree. The seeds are sourced from reputable nurseries in the UK and have high germination rates. In addition to the seeds, the kit comes with a premium bonsai pot, 4 expandable soil discs, 4 biodegradable pots, 5 tag signs for the plants, clippers to prune the trees, a paperback manual with instructions on how to get started, and a bonsai e-book to help you learn more while you care for your trees. The Easy Bonsai Start Kit is simple enough for people of all ages to use.

BPA Free Bottle

The ZORRI BPA-free water bottle offers a commercial-grade solution for carrying water while hiking, camping, running, or working out. With a wide array of choices to choose from, this lightweight, portable sports water bottle is perfect for those who want a reliable option by their side. It comes in a variety of colors while maintaining a leak-proof shell. The ergonomic design and impressive build quality demonstrate what makes this sports water bottle a show-stopper. It’s aesthetically pleasing, easy to use, and safe. This water bottle is tested based on national and international standards to ensure it’s ideal for all ages and situations.