Goku vs Superman: The Ultimate Battle

In the world of comic books and manga, there is a never-ending debate between Goku and Superman. Fans argue constantly about who would win in a fight. You’ll find people on one side stating that Goku can’t be beaten because he has an unlimited supply of energy from his own body, while others claim that Superman’s strength and speed are unmatched by any other competitor. Who do you think would win?

In this blog post, we are going to analyze their strengths and weaknesses and see who is the better of the two.


Superman: Biography

Superman is the son of Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van. They were from an ancient race on Krypton that predated humans by eons, but they died when General Zod’s forces overthrew their government in a coup to seize control of the planet. Superman aka Kal-El was sent away where he landed on Earth as an infant. He was found by Jonathan and Martha Kent, who raised him as their own. He was raised as Clark Kent to hide his true identity from the world. He is a reporter for the Daily Planet, and he also works with Batman on occasion through their Justice League of America team-ups. The love of his life is Lois Lane.

In the DC Comics Encyclopedia, we found that Superman is 6ft 3 and weighs 235 lbs. He made his debut in June 1938 in Action Comics #1.

Goku: Biography

Son of Bardock and Gine, Son Goku (Kakarot) was born on planet Vegeta. Frieza destroyed his home planet and Goku was sent to Earth as a baby. He was found by an old man named Gohan who took Goku in, cared for him, and raised him like his own grandson. Raised as a human, he had no idea about his Saiyan heritage until being introduced to it by his grandfather. Goku is a martial artist who fights with the use of energy blasts called ki and physical techniques like karate or tai chi chuan. His abilities are limitless due to him training under different masters during each step of his life journey.

Goku has an incredible balance of speed, agility and strength. His ki blasts (energy beams) can be charged up with different levels of intensity so that he could either incapacitate someone or blow them into pieces depending on the situation.

We actually never knew how tall Goku was after doing this research but on Fandom, he is stated as 5ft 9in and weighs 137 lbs which makes him quite the lightweight. We actually expected him to be as tall as Superman and have the same weights. Goku made his first appearance in December 1984.

Superman: Powers & Abilities

  • Incredible strength: He can easily carry cars or trucks with one arm and jump over buildings without any difficulty.
  • Heat Vision: When he is charged up enough to use his heat vision, Superman’s eyes will glow red while shooting out beams of intense heat.
  • Super Speed: Superman has the ability to fly at speeds of up to mach 20, which is around 2400 miles per hour. He can also run considerably faster than a cheetah and he never gets tired because his body produces its own energy supply.

Goku: Powers & Abilities

  • Ki: Goku has the power of Ki which is basically living energy that every living organism has in one form or another. His Ki is said to be the strongest of all living beings, which means that he can use his energy for a variety of reasons like attacking enemies and healing himself.
  • Kamehameha: Goku’s signature technique is called Kamehameha, which he learned from Master Roshi after being taught how to use ki. With this technique, Goku fires an energy beam from his hands at opponents and their power level determines the strength of the attack.
  • Unlimited Energy: Goku’s Ki can generate enough energy for him as long as he needs, which means that he has an unlimited supply of it so there are no limitations to how much he can use.

Power Grid Comparison

We made an assumption and applied it to the Power Grid below. The maximum that a power can reach is 7.

Superman: Weakness

  • Kryptonite: Superman is actually weakened by the radioactive material Kryptonite. He can’t be exposed to it for too long or he’ll start losing his power and eventually die if not saved in time.

Goku: Weakness

When doing our research, we didn’t really find any weaknesses for Goku. He is not vulnerable to any kind of material like Superman. Still, his compassion for his opponents is something that we have to keep into account. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone and certainly doesn’t want to kill anyone. His opponent has to push him till there’s no other way.


Although Superman is very vulnerable to Kryptonite, he always finds a way to deal with it. Goku doesn’t possess any weaknesses and he also grows stronger with every fight he gets into.

Also, for the power grid, we have decided to give both heroes a perfect score across all criteria. Ok, you can argue about Goku’s intellect but we still agreed on a 7 out of 7. We can only conclude that this fight would end in a tie. If both heroes need to fight to the maximum of their capabilities, the universe would cease to exist with all lifeforms included. But as both heroes would never do that, they would call it a tie if it would ever come to that point that all life would be wiped away because of them.

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