• Teen Groot with Gun

    Teen Groot with Gun

    Teen Groot with Gun Remember Groot from Avengers End Game? You can now give your kid an exact replica of Groot holding a gun as if he’s about to go into war against Thanos. This 3.75-inch tall vinyl figure is a must-have for any Guardian of the Galaxy and Avengers fan. It looks so close to reel life Groot that it even won the People’ Choice Award and 2017 Toy of the Year award. Just make sure you find a flat surface to make the figurine stand. Once you do, your kid would want to play with it all day long. You can also collect the entire toy collection to complete the full team of Groot.

  • Baby Groot Plush

    Baby Groot Plush

    Become A Guardian With The 9″ Baby Groot Plush Toy Guradians of the Galaxy was a runaway smash hit when it arrived in cinemas in 2014 – and the second instalment was another home run for the custodians of the Marvel universe. however the second movie didsee the demise of groot – but the birth (budding?) of Baby Groot. This 9 inch high plush toy allows you (or another, it’s a great gift) to enjoy the overwhelming cuteness once again. That winning smile is still there, but bark has been replaced by high quality soft and huggable material. Filled to the brim with personality, this Baby groot will be a delight to own and at home anywhere in the home – from bedroom to on your sofa. Ideal for collectors – but great for anyone who loves the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise.

  • Marvel Crisis Protocol: Rocket and Groot

    Marvel Crisis Protocol: Rocket and Groot

    Enjoy Tabletop Fun With The Marvel Crisis Protocol: Rocket and Groot Game The Marvel Crisis Protocol: Rocket and Groot tabletop figurines allows you access to two more of the Marvel Universe’s most beloved characters. Harness their friendship (and Rocket has some unique tricks that will take other players by surprise) and powers to ensure that you come out on top of any battle between the heroes and heroines of the Marvel Universe. This interactive tabletop game has become a firm favorite among fans – and now its two most iconic characters allow players to bring something new to the table. Both characters hare spectacular additons to your tabletop armory – but they’re also a great addition to the avid fan’s collection of figurines.

  • Rocket Raccoon & Groot: The Complete Collection

    Rocket Raccoon & Groot: The Complete Collection

    Own A Comic Book Classic With Rocket Raccoon & Groot: The Complete Collection Long before Gaurdians of the Galaxy became a smash hit silver screen production for Marvel, the semi-dysfunctional set of superheroes was a smash hit comic book. The Rocket Raccoon & Groot complete collection follows the exploits of two of the most belovved characters in the Guardians team as they must once again face off against a camp foe in the evil Mojo, Mogul of the Mojovers. illustrated by the incredibly talented jack Kirby this is a the reissue of a classic that any comic book owner would be delighted to have in their collection. It’s a blast from the past – when the Guardians were first starting out on their journey towards becoming global favorites.

  • Baby Groot Life-Size Action Figure

    Baby Groot Life-Size Action Figure

    Become Part Of Guardians Of The Galaxy Fan Base With The Baby Groot Action Figure Guardians of the Galaxy was a smash hit in both its forms – the original movie that came out in in 2014 and the Guardians cmeneted their place in thehearts of audiences cross the globe with the release of the second instalment in the series in 2017. However, there was one character that entered the hearts of all who saw him on the Silver Screen – Baby Groot.Now you cn own a fully articulated high quality Baby Groot action figure that is stunning in its detail. The action figure comes complete with its own stand ana display case. At over 7 inches tall this is the perfect gift for any lover of Guardians or the Marvel Universe – or simply a fantastic addition to any collection.

  • Groot Mask

    Groot Mask

    Groot Mask One of the most lovable characters from the Marble Universe is Groot. Now you can own your own quality, 100% polyester Groot mask. This Groot mask has been officially licensed. You can easily clean it after wearing it by washing it in mild detergent. It is a one size fit all type of mask that will easily fit most adults and teenagers. The mask is an excellent reproduction of the Guardians of the Galaxy hero. Many of the reviews about this mask express how authentically looking it is. The shipping of the mask is done quickly and if you have any issues it is easy to communicate with the seller.

  • Baby Groot Flower Pot

    Baby Groot Flower Pot

    Become Part Of Guardians Of The Galaxy Universe With The Baby Groot Flowerpot Baby Groot is afirm favorite for the lovers of the theMarvel universe and the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise -and there is no more beloved character than Baby Groot. Not you cannurture your own plants and become part of the Baby Groot Ethose with this 6.1 inchBaby Groot flowerpot. Available in a number of styles allow Baby Groot to be part of the nurturing experience of bringing new greenery to your life. The eco-friendly PVC material is good for all growing things – and is the perfect way for kids to learn about the value of nurturing the green and growing things on planet earth – or simply get it for yourself.

  • Vitruvian Groot T-Shirt

    Vitruvian Groot T-Shirt

    A Reinvention Of The Classic Illustration – The Vitruvian Groot T-Shirt In (or around 1490) Leonardo da Vinci produced an illustration called The Vitruvian Man’. It shows theideal proportions of a human being in a spreadeagled formed within a circle and square. However, for lovers of the Marvel (and Guardians of the Galaxy) Universe there is an alternative – The ‘Vitruvian Groot T-Shirt’. This 100% cotton, officially licensed T-shirt is the perfect expression of a love of the classics and scientific genius. The army green Shirt, which is available in a number of sizes) is a great addition to any casual wardrobe and is guaranteed to excite comment wherever it is worn – and begs the wearer to utter that now immortal saying ‘I am Groot!’

  • Groot Mug

    Groot Mug

    Become a Sipping Superhero With The Groot Mug Groot quickly became a fan favorite when the Guardians of the Galaxy movies hit screens across the world. There was something enduringly innocent about the sentient tree and his devotion to his fellow team members. Now you can become show your love for Groot with the 20 ounce Groot mug. Perfect for soup, coffee, hot chocolate or any beverage of your choice, this extra-large ceramic mug with its unique design is a great gift for Infinity Wars fans – and is immensely collectible. It comes in its own gift box, increasing its attractiveness for lovers of this iconic character and beautifully styled conversation pieces.

  • Groot Bop It Game

    Groot Bop It Game

    Groot Bop It Game Does your kid love Groot? Who doesn’t, right? Well, you can surprise your kiddo with the Marvel Groot Bop It Game. He can twist and press Groot’s head, and even pull his legs. Don’t worry; the parts won’t come out. Instead, Groot will make his signature sounds whenever your kid presses his head. It also makes the noise of Rocket Raccoon that instructs the player what to do next. Players should keep up with the commands and should pass the unit to another player whenever Groot says “Pass it.” It is a highly addictive game that your child can play alone or with his friends.

  • First Day of Groot!

    First Day of Groot!

    First Day of Groot Want to know what Groot experienced on his first time out at the galaxy? Or maybe how he developed new skills, learned new lessons, and made new memories with his friends? If you do, you should read Marvel’s First Day of Groot. There are tons of fun-filled experiences about Groot that would make you roll on the floor laughing. It covers all the details of Groot’s first experiences at everything. Whether it’s learning a new skill or making new friends, take a journey to Groot’s childhood and discover how he slowly became one of the mightiest heroes on Earth. Accompanied by action-packed illustrations, this book will surely make you love Groot all over again.

  • Dancing Groot

    Dancing Groot

    Dancing Groot Everyone loves Groot, he’s small, sweet, ready to be your friend, and full of energy. This sound activated dancing Groot with speaker and music really captures that facet of his personality and brings the energy he has on screen to life. Voice activation means you don’t have to fiddle with buttons to groove out with Groot and that children feel like Groot is really there with them. In addition to his music, Groot has several of his most common phrases built into this toy, filling kids with joy when they hear angry Groot and giggle with his long drawn out “I am Grooooot,” phrase.

  • Groot Waffle Maker

    Groot Waffle Maker

    Start The Day With A Smile – The Marvel Baby Groot Waffle Maker For a character with only three words in his vocal repertoire Groot quickly became a fan favorite when the first and second of the Guardians of the Galaxy movies arrived on global screens. however his popularity was quickly eclipsed by that of his alter ego – the newly born (budded?) Baby Groot. baby groot stole everyone’s heart with a syrupy sweetness and an overwhelming cutness factor. Well, ‘I am Groot!’ can be the perfect way to start your day – and syrupy sweetness can put you in the right frame of mind with the Marvel Baby Groot Waffle Maker. Simply pour in the batter and soon a waffle with the smiling face of Baby Groot emerges to help you with your daily battles. Makes two different sized waffles and the striking ‘wood grain’ exterior is both stylish and whimsical.

  • Guardians Of The Galaxy Vols 1 & 2

    Guardians Of The Galaxy Vols 1 & 2

    Bring The Magic back To Movie Night With Guardians Of The Galaxy Vols 1 & 2 When the original Guardians of the Galaxy hit cinemas in 2014 it was an immediate success and the franchise only took a step up when Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was released in 2017. Now you can bring the fun back to movie night by owning the two DVD set of the movies that introduced Star-Lord, Groot (and Baby Groot), Rocket raccoon, Gamora and Drax the Destroyer to fans all over the world. These great Blu-Ray releases offer a cinematic experience in your living room and are supplied complete in an attractive display case. Perfect for a night in – just supply the popcorn and sit back and enjoy.

  • Groot Candy Bowl Holder

    Groot Candy Bowl Holder

    Groot Candy Bowl Holder Groot is undoubtedly the cutest character in the Guardians of the Galaxy series. If you are an avid fan, it makes sense to buy the Groot Candy Bowl Holder. This lightweight injection-molded figure, made from heavy-duty foam with a hollow back gives Groot the stability it needs. Its 10-square inch base is wide enough to prevent Groot from toppling from a table. The 9.75″ by 3.5″ is also quite big to hold lots of candies. In fact, you can use it not only to keep candies but also coins, keys, and business cards. You should buy it for its sheer sculpting brilliance and for the love of Groot!

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