How tall is Batman?

Batman is a well-known superhero that protects Gotham City. He is a brooding, tortured vigilante that dresses up in a bat costume fighting against evil, while striking fear into criminals. His public identity is a man by the name of Bruce Wayne, a notorious playboy, and billionaire industrialist. Even though he doesn’t have any superhuman capabilities, he is still among the greatest fighters and extremely smart. His tactical thinking, technical ingenuity, and physical prowess have made him one of the most dangerous opponents. Batman is also one of the founding members of the Justice League.

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How tall is Batman?

The height of Batman is quite the discussion point and it is a question that often pops back up on the different fora around the web. So we have lined up all the questions and answered them below with help of the DC Comics Encyclopedia.

How tall is Batman in the comics?

In the DC Comics Encyclopedia, Batman is stated as 6ft 2in or 188 in centimetres. This height has been followed in all the comics and recent movies. Even the Batman video games have used this height. Of course, in the movies the height also depends on the actor. Batman is a superhero, but he’s also just an ordinary guy. He has to eat and sleep like the rest of us. You may have heard that his height is 6ft 2in or 188 in centimetres which corresponds with the average male American man’s height for someone between 18-24 years old. It would be pretty weird if Batman was really tall considering how much time this dude spends on rooftops leaping around buildings!

Is the Joker taller than Batman?

Yes, the Joker is taller than Batman. If you’ve ever wondered if the Joker is taller than Batman, there is your answer. The character from DC Comics has a height of 6ft 5in or 196 centimetres while Bruce Wayne only stands at 6ft 2in. There are other ways that these two characters differ as well but it’s their heights which seem to be most talked about when comparing them side by side in the comics. We can’t say for sure why this particular difference interests us but we get this question a lot.

What height is Bruce Wayne?

Bruce Wayne is a tall guy. And he’s been that way for as long as anyone can remember! He’s so tall, in fact, that his height has remained consistent since the day he adopted his dual identity of Batman and Bruce Wayne. As both identities are the same person- just like Clark Kent and Superman or Peter Parker and Spiderman- this means that Batman has always been 6ft 2in or 188 cm tall pretty much since he first donned a cape.

Is Superman taller than Batman?

Yes, Superman is taller than Batman. Superman is 6ft 3in or 190 in centimetres. So this makes Superman one inch taller than Batman. Superman is taller than Batman and that’s okay. In the world of superheroes, it has been established time and again who would win in a fight between two characters; which character you are rooting for doesn’t matter. But when you’re talking about height, there really isn’t any debate to be had. The man from Krypton simply towers over his counterpart from Gotham.

How tall is Batman in Batman Beyond?

If we are talking about Timothy Drake, he is 6ft which is 182 centimetres. So he is 2 inches smaller than Bruce Wayne.

How tall is Batman in the Animated Series?

He is the same height in the Animated Series as in the comics: 6ft 2in / 188cm. It turns out that the Bruce Wayne we’ve come to know and love as a 6ft 2in / 188cm really is just as tall in his animated series from 1992. You can now rest easy knowing your favourite superhero has not been reduced in stature or height for that matter. Who would have thought?

How tall is Batman in the video game Arkham Knight?

They kept the same height in the video game as in the comics so 6ft 2in / 188cm. How tall is Batman? From the comic books to video games, it’s a question that has spawned many arguments. But as you can see from these screenshots of Batman in both mediums, there really isn’t much debate about this issue at all he’s 6ft 2in! That’s 1.88 meters for those who live outside of America and are more used to metric measurements.

How tall is Batman in the movie the Dark Knight?

In the Dark Knight movie trilogy, Batman is played by Christian Bale who is 6ft 1in or 183cm.

How tall is Batwoman?

Batwoman aka Katherine Kane is 5ft 11in / 180cm according to the DC Comics Encyclopedia.

How tall is Robin?

This depends on who we are talking about:
– Damian Wayne is 4ft 6in or 137 centimetres.
– Dick Grayson who was the first Robin and later become Nightwing is 5ft 10in or 178cm.
– We also still have Jason Todd who is 6ft or 182cm.

How tall are the actors who played Batman?

Batman’s Height Infographic

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Justice Leage Height Infographic

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You can see that Batman is actually one of the smaller members of the Justice League. As Superman, Aquaman and Cyborg are all taller than him.


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