• Royal Selangor Hulk Statue

    Royal Selangor Hulk Statue

    The Marvel Universe boasts some of the most iconic characters ever to grace the Silver Screen – and among the most popular must be the Hulk. Now fans can own a limited edition pewter statuette that celebrates the Hulk in all his glory. Manufactured by one of the most respected names in the business, Royal Selangor the collectible figurine is set in a backdrop of one of the most iconic comics ever to feature the Hulk – Marvel Treasury Edition #5. The backdrop features John Romita’s famous original 1975 cover art which embodies the ‘Hulk smash!’ battle cry. Standing 22cm including the base this highly detailed depiction of the Hulk is a must-have collectible for any Marvel fan – and is ideal for display purposes.

  • DST Red Hulk Statue

    DST Red Hulk Statue

    The Red Hulk action figure is the perfect addition for anyone who collects Avenger action figurines. This awesome looking multicolor action figure stands approximately 10 inches tall. The figurine comes in an attractive window box for preservation and display. This superhero is standing on a unique rocky base. The Hulk statue is colored in an attractive red and appears to have just been in a fierce battle. It is sculptured by the well-known Sam Greenwell and will be a great addition to any collection of Marvel collectibles. The figure was manufactured using high-grade plastics and its detailed sculptured features make it a Marvel collectible figure favorite.

  • Funko Hulk with Taco

    Funko Hulk with Taco

    Did you notice at the conclusion of the Avenger’s Endgame Movie that the Hulk changed? The Hulk is now an adorable looking creature. Therefore, you may want to purchase this cute 3 3/4″ collectible multicolor action figure that is constructed from POP vinyl. This awesome looking figure will make the perfect gift for anyone who loves the Avengers Action Heroes. The color combinations are really well done and the figure appropriately is holding on to one of Hulk’s favorite foods, a taco. Who knows if there will ever be any more Hulk movies and therefore, this collectible may be worth a lot more in years to come.

  • Hulk Mask

    Hulk Mask

    Ready for Halloween or your next cosplay convention? This Incredible Hulk mask provides the perfect elasticized fit for both kids and adults. Molded from environmentally friendly natural latex, the realistic facial features highlight a spooky yet heroic look. All the facial lines that make up the Hulk’s expressions are molded carefully in 3D to provide the wearer with a fantastical experience! What’s more, this mask is conveniently lightweight and easy to carry without sacrificing the durability of the product. Looks great on display and even better on, the Hulk mask is the perfect gift for comic lovers or just for whenever you need a good scare!

  • Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Hulk

    Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Hulk

    Hot Wheels is one of the most recognized names in the die-cast metal toy car industry. However, this iconic company has taken their game to the next level with the 1:24 scale Hot Wheels Monster Trucks series. The Hulk edition is built tough enough to take on any competitor or obstacle and the signature Hulk green, oversized wheels and tough die-cast metal body is enough to make short work of even the roughest terrain. Complete with all the stats on performance such as strength, ‘motor-vation’ and crash attack, this is the perfect gift to excite the imagination of kids between the ages of 3-8.

  • Hulk Candy Bowl

    Hulk Candy Bowl

    You can find your favorite Marvel character just in time for Halloween as the molded foam Hulk candy bowl! This statue is a lifelike reproduction of the Hulk and is made to sit completely flush against the wall. This incredibly detailed figure stands 10 inches wide and 18 inches tall while holding a clear plastic candy bowl that’s 3.5 inches deep and 9.75 inches in diameter. This awesome sculpture doesn’t just work as a great candy holder, but can store jewelry, car keys, party favors, business cards, pens or even change. The removable plastic bowl is easy to clean and the Hulk is the perfect gift for collectors of Marvel!

  • Hulk Plush

    Hulk Plush

    The Hulk plush is the perfect pillow companion for toddlers; made of soft and hard-wearing materials to ensure years of happy play! This pillow buddy is a great impression of the Hulk that stands 18x11x4 inches. He is the ideal travel companion for long car rides and offers hours of warm cuddles at home. Special attention has been paid to ensure that the craftsmanship lasts many washes and is easy to spot clean should the need arise. When you give the gift of a Jay Franco plush, you can rest assured that all materials are non-toxic in composition and safe to play with for little ones.

  • The Incredible Hulk: The Complete Series

    The Incredible Hulk: The Complete Series

    The Incredible Hulk: The Complete Series compiles the entire run of the original Hulk television series from the late 1970s and early 1980s. Though ever so slightly campy in retrospect, the series was a beloved favorite for many. It features a wonderful performance from Bill Bixby as the troubled Dr Banner and the fully green-painted Lou Ferrigno as the raging Hulk monster. There were three television movies that succeeded the series which are not included here, but every episode from the original run is intact. If you’re curious to see one of Marvel’s earliest attempts at multimedia expansion, this DVD set is a must own.

  • Kotobukiya Hulk Statue

    Kotobukiya Hulk Statue

    If you are a major Hulk or Marvel Comics fan, the ArtFX+ Kotobukiya Hulk Statue has all the makings of the latest and greatest showcase for your collection. On sheer size alone, this 10 inch brute can’t help but make an impression. The dynamic sculpt is a knock-out, perfectly capturing the character’s trademark menace, aggression, and power. With rippling muscles and bulging veins, there’s no denying the big man’s ferocity. The paint work is also stellar, with perfect highlights that help bring out the details in both the skin and clothing. Whether you first fell in love with the Hulk from the pages of the comics or the silver screen, this is a must have for any collector.

  • Thor Ragnarok Statue

    Thor Ragnarok Statue

    Measuring around 12 inches tall, the armored Hulk from the movie Thor: Ragnarok is a beautiful combination of detail and catching action in motion. Sculpted by the renowned Rocco Tartamella, the large hulk will tower over smaller figures while waving his hammer and ax. The same weapons used in his battle against Thor. The Hulk figure is in scale to other figures and weighs 3 pounds offering exceptional quality for a price that won’t break the bank. For collectors the box is equally as beautiful or break him out with the other figures who can take a look at the towering Hulk in all its glory.

  • World War Hulk Omnibus

    World War Hulk Omnibus

    The World War Hulk Omnibus is a hardbound collection of one of the most undeniably fan favorite Hulk stories of the modern age. It features an exiled Hulk wreaking havoc upon former allies, with many a familiar face like Iron Man, Doctor Strange, The Fantastic Four, and The Inhumans joining the fray. With sharp artwork and plot points that have gone on to influence Marvel stories in several other mediums, this makes for a riveting read that you’ll likely pick up time and time again. With well over 1,000 premium quality printed pages, this omnibus is the best way to experience the story all in one place.

  • Red Hulk: Mayan Rule

    Red Hulk: Mayan Rule

    This beautifully illustrated comic is set during the end times. Gods walk the earth and the doomsday clock is counting down to the time of Mayan Rule. The Red Hulk cannot defeat these all-powerful threats alone, but fortunately, there are former Avengers here to help. Can they work together to save humanity? See Alpha Flight, She Hulks, Machine Man and other super heroes all get together to form an entertaining and heroic ensemble cast. This 120-page comic is suitable for Grade 8 reading level and can be enjoyed by adults and teenagers alike. If you’re a fan of Red Hulk, be sure to take a look!

  • Planet Hulk

    Planet Hulk

    After being sent into exile in outer space, the Incredible Hulk finds himself stranded on a planet ruled by a tyrant known as the Red King. To survive, he must prove that he is the mightiest gladiator on the planet. Can Hulk survive? Can he find his way off this planet? What will become of the rag-tag group of aliens he fights alongside? With a good blend of character development and an interesting new setting for a change of pace, viewers see a different side to Hulk in this action-packed animated film from Rick D. Wasserman, Lisa Ann Beley and Mark Hildreth.

  • Lego Marvel Avengers Hulk Helicopter

    Lego Marvel Avengers Hulk Helicopter

    It seems that whereever one turns one cannot escape the Marvel Universe, its characters are on everything from t-shirts and coffee mugs to school bags. Now the fun of these superheroes has come to the Lego world with the Marvel Avengers ‘Hulk Helicopter Rescue’ set from Lego. Kids become part of the action by assembling the set with the Hulk and Black Widow acting to save the day again from foes such as Chitauri and a fully posable Leviathan. Of course they are aided by the rescue helicopter and its ‘triple stud’ shooting action and ability to drop Hulk into the thick of the imaginary action while opposed by the bad guys and their stud shooting flying machine. The Infinity Gauntlet and Pepper Potts are part of the 482-piece building toy action which is aimed at exciting the imagination of kids from ages 8 and up.

  • Funko Hulk Keychain

    Funko Hulk Keychain

    Yes, if your husband or boyfriend loves Marvel comics, then there is a perfect gift that you can buy for him. The gift is a cute Hulk keychain that will eventually become a collectible item down the road. This stylized keychain is from the Marvel movie Thor Ragnarok. The keychain ring and connecting chain are both made from high-quality metal that will not easily break. The Hulk figure stands approximately 1 1/2 inches and will fit into a pocket or purse. The Hulk character has a great expression and utilizes a combination of attractive colors. There are a variety of other Marvel character keychains but the Hulk keychain is definitely one of the best.

  • Hulk Action Figure

    Hulk Action Figure

    This SH Figuarts Hulk action figure is an impeccably sculpted beauty that features a stylish take on Marvel’s giant green brute. While technically a part of the MCU Infinity War lineup of toys, the design is classic enough to please more traditional fans as well. Coming in at around 8 inches high, it will also display well with toys from your other 1:12 scale lines like Hasbro’s Marvel Legends. Though a pricier collector oriented release, this is still well worth opening. Given the high number of articulation points, this guy has an incredible range of motion that lends itself perfectly to many hours of fun.

  • The Incredible Hulk [Blu-ray]

    The Incredible Hulk [Blu-ray]

    2008’s The Incredible Hulk film stands out as something of an oddity in the pantheon of comic book films now that we can look back upon it with perspective. It is technically the second film in the “Marvel Cinematic Universe” that went on to thrill audiences with films like Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Avengers: Endgame, and yet it only feels marginally connected. This is largely due to the initial casting of Ed Nortion in the role of Bruce Banner, but in all honesty he handled his acting duties quite well. While it sticks out thanks to issues like the later recasting of the titular role, this is still a well made action film that is worth checking out. The Blu-ray is a quintessential part of your movie library if you hope to own the entirety of the MCU.

  • Marvel’s Avengers Video Game

    Marvel’s Avengers Video Game

    Set for release on September 4 of 2020, Marvel’s Avengers is an action RPG title released in tandem by Crystal Dynamics, Square Enix, and Eidos Montreal. Heavily based upon the Marvel Cinematic Universe iteration of the world’s mightiest heroes, this is a long awaited title that is sure to become a big seller. As of now, playable characters include Captain America, Black Widow, Thor, Hulk, Iron Man,and Marvel Girl. Spider-Man will also be available exclusively on the PlayStation 4 version. With an elaborate story mode and deep gameplay, this will be a meaty title that you can really sink your teeth into.

  • Hulk Mode On Shirt

    Hulk Mode On Shirt

    Feel like Bruce Banner when wearing this comical Hulk Mode shirt. Crazy Dog has become successful in creating graphic T-shirts for men that feature funny jokes and a very comfortable fit. The Hulk Mode shirt is printed and designed in the U.S. All the screen-printed graphic T-shirts made by Crazy Dog are made with state-of-the-art equipment that ensures lasting durability and vibrant colors. These funny T-shirts are the ideal gift for all occasions. All the shirts in this range are produced from high-quality ringspun cotton, which achieves a very comfortable feel and fit. These shirts are also machine washable, and the larger sizes come in 3XL, 4XL, and 5XL.

  • Mega Mighties Hulk Collectible 10″ Action Figure

    Mega Mighties Hulk Collectible 10″ Action Figure

    Of all the Marvel collectible toys available, the Hulk is perhaps one of the better choices. Your child will spend countless hours sending the bad guys to a place that they do not want to be. This 10 inch Marvel hero comes with three points of articulation which include the waist, arms, and head. Your child will be able to make an endless amount of poses as he/she undertakes a new adventure. This collectible action hero is the perfect size for small hands. If you are about to start your Marvel action figure collection, then choosing the Incredible Hulk is a great way to begin.

  • Hulk Shirt

    Hulk Shirt

    This Hulk shirt is sure to become a favorite in your wardrobe with a solid 100% cotton construction and reinforced stitching. It is a solid black color featuring a bright green action packed cartoon of the Hulk in an Age of Ultron sequence. This is a sturdy shirt that’s officially licensed by Marvel Comics and makes the ideal gift, collector’s item or personal reward. The great design pairs well with virtually any outfit and it makes lounging around the house or hanging out with friends a breeze! Available from sizes S to 2XL, the Hulk can make its way into virtually any wardrobe!

  • Hulk Fists

    Hulk Fists

    These are some of the best Hulk Smash hands out there. These are big soft plush gloves that are big, offer exceptional detail,and bring a lot of fun to the table. These have very soft grips inside which make them comfortable for kids, and those adults who are kids at heart, and offer plenty of foam padding. So even wild kids swinging them around aren’t going to do damage with this thick foam that offers both foam and fun. These are comfortable, lightweight, and will bring a whole lot of fun to the superhero fans in and all around your house.

  • Hulk Mug

    Hulk Mug

    The Marvel Hulk mug is a wonderful gift or addition to any superhero collection! Featuring a large stylized version of Hulk’s green hand, this mug is a fun yet useful way to drink your favorite brew. Careful attention has been paid to the craftsmanship, and the solid ceramic construction ensures many years of faithful service. This jumbo mug is big enough to get noticed in virtually any setting and can hold up to 22 ounces of your beverage of choice. What’s more, the hidden handle makes it appear that the user’s hand is actually that of the Hulk’s for comic relief!

  • The Incredible Hulk Retro Tin Sign

    The Incredible Hulk Retro Tin Sign

    Measuring a sizable 12.5×16 inches, the Incredible Hulk retro tin sign features bright attention grabbing graphics and a lightweight yet sturdy construction. With the four drilled holes in each corner, you can easily install your new sign to decorate your bedroom, dorm, office, bar, man cave or garage! Proudly manufactured in the USA, this Hulk sign is sure to please for many years to come. An ideal gift for collectors or just about anyone with a love for Marvel Comics, this is one officially licensed product that adds a cozy touch to your space. Affordably priced under $10, who couldn’t love this?

  • Marvel Deluxe Red Hulk

    Marvel Deluxe Red Hulk

    The Marvel Red Hulk is an awesome action toy that would make a perfect gift for anyone, young or old, who loves the Avengers. This six-inch action hero is a realistic scaled figure that comes complete with multiple points of articulation. Besides its high pose-ability and display features, it also is wonderfully detailed. The figures come in a display box that is trilingual or bilingually carded, depending on availability. This collectible figure is not suitable for any child who is under the age of three years old. The Hulk figure will match up with any of the other Marvel Legends Figures.

  • Hallmark Avengers Gift Bag

    Hallmark Avengers Gift Bag

    The Avengers gift bag is ideal for holding Marvel toys, puzzles, and clothing. The gift bag is quite large and measures approximately 13 inches high X 10 inches wide X 6 inches deep. It easily can support up to 10 pounds of whatever you decide to put into it. When you purchase this awesome looking bag for a gift, you will also get a free birthday greeting card. These Hallmark Marvel greeting cards and gift bags are constructed from extremely high-quality paper materials. Besides the gift bag and birthday card, you will also receive three pieces of white tissue paper for wrapping up your gift.

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