Infinity Abyss (Marvel)

Marvel Comics’ Infinity Abyss, is a six-issue comic book that launched in 2002. The series is a creation of Jim Starlin, a renowned American comics writer and artist. Jim began his career in the ‘70s with space opera stories that saw him revamp Marvel stars such as Adam Warlock, Captain Marvel, Drax the Destroyer, Thanos and Gamora.

Infinity Abyss

Infinity Abyss is centred around the Thanosi, a series of five failed genetic experiments. In the said experiments, Thanos clones his DNA, using the clone to modify other beings such as Gladiator, Galactus, Doctor Strange, and Professor X. In a turn of events, Thanos intends to use these five doppelgangers to unmake reality.

To save the universe from Thanos’ threat, the top costumed champions namely Spider-Man, Adam Warlock, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, and Pip the Troll combine efforts to mount a strong army. The vengeful Thanos is not only seeking the death of his enemies but also wants to eradicate life in its entirety.

If Thanos succeeds, the universe will suffer complete annihilation. Driven by an obsession with nihilism and a burning desire to end the world, the five Thanosi (Warrior, X, Omega, Mystic, and Armor) made a murder attempt on the original Thanos. The first phase of their plan of executing Thanos entailed creating a black hole in space.

In a bid to kidnap Adam Warlock from an alien planet, X impersonates Thanos to make Pip the Troll conduct the kidnapping. X’s plan is to gather intel on Anchor of Reality from Warlock who recently paid him a courtesy visit. By killing the Anchor of Reality before he can locate his successor, the five Thonosi will have successfully ended the world.

By sheer luck, female mercenary Gamora managed to locate the real Thanos and warn him of the plot orchestrated by the Thanosi to end the universe. With the help of Warlock, Spider-Man, Moondragon, and Captain Marvel, the Titan managed to successfully neutralize four of the five Thanosi clones.
Omega, the only remaining clone, gets to earth with a mission to kill the only successor to the Anchor of Reality. He is teleported to an alien barren planet together with the heroes where they engage in battle. Thanos then teleports his team of heroes back to earth and orders the destruction of the alien planet. Omega dies in this fatal planet-wipe and the reign of The Anchor of Reality is freed from danger.

Atleza, a human girl from earth, succeeds as the Anchor of Reality without any contestation. Under the wings of Atleza, the universe is safe with no impending danger.
Infinity Abyss is actually a crossover from The Infinity Gauntlet. In the latter, Adam Warlock subconsciously excused the evil and good in himself to wield Gauntlet’s power. His evil side manifested as Adam Warlock’s dark persona, Magus. In the former, Thanos is more of a reincarnation of Magnus.

With Jim Starlin’s extolled creativity and imaginations, Infinity Abyss is an epic creation featuring the heroic adventures of the most celebrated costume champions. For most fans, the book ranks high on the breathtaking comics scales.

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