Infinity (Marvel)

The Infinity Comic Book Series from Marvel was published between August and November 2013. It is written by Jonathan Hickman who you might also know from his work on the Fantastic Four, The New Avengers, X-Men,… In terms of artwork, Hickman could rely on big names like Jim Cheung, Jerome Opeña, and Dustin Weaver.


The original series consists of 6 issues where encounter again the Mad Titan Thanos and also his son:

  • Infinity
  • Fall
  • Kingdoms Fall
  • Thane
  • The Left Hand of Death
  • Amber

But if you are interested in to the reading the whole Infinity event like Marvel calls it, you can check out all issues in chronologic order right here: Infinity: The Complete Event | Infinity | Marvel Comic Reading Lists

In total, it is 22 issues instead of 6.



On the planets they have judged unsuitable for life, The Builders have started their invasion. Earth-13761 is destroyed, and the invaders are on their way to Earth-616. The Builders are an alien race which are considered to be the oldest race in the universe. They were created by Captain Universe.

On the Titan space station, a wounded Captain Universe has just been discovered. Because Captain Universe’s memories reveal that the Builders are headed straight for Earth, a large number of the Avengers decide to launch into space in an attempt to stop them.

Corvus Glaive dispatches an Outrider to investigate Earth. When it reaches Attilan which is the city of the Inhumans (located floating above New York), it begins sifting through Black Bolt’s memories.  The Outrider is able to tell Corvus Glaive that the Avengers have departed Earth.  Upon learning of The Avengers’ departure from Earth, Thanos’ army begins to mobilize.


The whole universe tries to fight the Builders in every way they can but every attack comes up short and the Builders continue their rampage through the universe.

While in Attilan, the Black Order shows up and claims a tribute of 16-22-year-old Inhuman boys and men. When Black Bolt uses the Terrigen Codex to learn more about Thanos’ plan to assassinate his long-lost Inhuman son, he is shocked.

Kingdoms Fall

Even the most powerful civilizations in the galaxy have agreed to submit to the Builders’ will and also most of the Avengers are captured in the process. At this point, the Galactic Council decides to intervene and with success. They are even able to free the Avengers and drive the Builders back.

At the same time, The Inhumans refuse to give up their young boys and men and Thanos decides to completely wipe out Attilan in the skies of New York.


On Earth, everyone with Inhuman DNA was put through the Terrigeneses as Thanos battled Black Bolt with a Terrigen Bomb. During the Terrigeneses, Thanos his son Thane can’t control his new powers and kills everybody around him. Thanos becomes enraged when Black Bolt refuses to disclose the location, so he takes him out.

Thor is able to rescue the planet Hala from the Builders and sets its inhabitants free.

The Left Hand Of Death

Thanks to Thor’s victory on Hala, other worlds are also rising up against the Builders and eventually, the Avengers are able to destroy them. But the victory party doesn’t last long as the Avengers find out what is happening on Earth.

Ebony Maw is able to locate Thane and brings him back to Thanos. But at the same time, the Avengers are on their way back.


The Avengers and The Guardians Of The Galaxy take on Thanos and his Black Order which turns into an epic battle with many casualties on both sides. A crucial turning point in this story is that Ebony Maw betrays Thanos and persuades Thane to freeze Thanos in amber. In this state, Thanos is neither living or dead which finally secures the victory for the Avengers.


  • Marvel Encyclopedia
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