Iron Man Room Ideas For Adults

Tony Stark aka Iron Man is my personal favourite superhero. Having the Iron Man suit is cool but I also fell in love with his house. If you want to turn your house into Tony Stark’s mansion like me, let me give you a couple of ideas.

#1 Iron Man Bedroom

Probably one of the best Iron Man bedroom I came across. It really has a good balance between Iron Man and a normal bedroom. Love the TV background!

#2 Stark Industries Wall

If you are a complete geek like me, you must check out the Yexel's Toy Museum Facebook page. It is the Walhalla which every geek dreams of.

#3 Hall Of Armour

Sorry for the quality of the image but you can definitely see what I'm getting at. If you own a lot of Iron Man figures, you should give them a place that they deserve. Like creating your own hall of armour!

#5 Iron Man Game Room

Turn your spare room or man cave into an Iron Man game room. In this particular room, they chose to use Iron Man cardboards. Looks very nice to be honest.

#6 Iron Man Working Space

Turn your working space into a Tony Stark / Iron Man room. As you can see, you can even mix things up with some other Marvel / DC Comics stuff.

#7 Iron Man Garage

Probably the best room to turn into an Iron Man room is your garage. Keep it as minimalistic as possible.