Is Batman Good Or Bad?

Batman is an interesting character to look at because I know he is a fictional character, but for me there are aspects of his character that would make me consider him more evil than good. The first reason Batman is not portrayed as being inherently good, is the way he acts and treats criminals. When you think of Batman , you think of a man dressed in black, standing on rooftops looking over the city. This is not a good image for Batman. When you think of someone who stands above others, they are usually shown as being superior to those below them; an example would be that parents stand above their children because they have more knowledge and wisdom than them.

Batman, as a vigilante, should not be above the law. He has more power and authority to arrest criminals, or in some cases kill them than any police officer. If Batman were a good man, he would let the police deal with these issues rather than him having the power to arrest criminals because it is “the right thing to do.”  

I think that there is a part of Batman that is good. In the comics, he has helped people in need by providing food and shelter for them. Bruce Wayne did not choose to be rich; he was born into money. His character’s history paints him as a spoiled child, and his life long wish was to become Batman. Still he raises money for charity via his international business empire. Batman is not necessarily evil because of his actions, but more so because of the way he treats others.

Batman is a good example of how an ordinary man would become corrupted in their quest for revenge.

Also another reason why Batman is not inherently good, is because he helps himself more than others. Batman gives himself costume upgrades and technological advances that often give him an unfair advantage over his enemies.

Bruce Wayne uses his money to make sure not only he, but all of Gotham have the best health care. The problem with this action though, is he would rather help himself, and only a select few.

He takes care of those close to him, but he does nothing for the residents of Gotham. Helping himself and others outside his circle is not entirely a bad thing, but I would say it leans more towards evil than good.  

From what I have learned from watching Batman cartoons and movies, and reading comics. I personally think that if you are going to be good, you should follow all the rules and try not to break any laws, because when you do bad things there are, one could say that you are not inherently good .

However, there is always a gray area when it comes to what some would consider good, and others evil.

In conclusion: Batman is one of the most popular superheroes in history. He’s been a part of literature and pop culture for decades, but not everyone agrees on whether he’s good or bad. I personally believe that he is more evil as he has shown, he does not answer to anyone and he has quite the temper when he doesn’t get his way.

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