The Joker is probably the most popular super-villain on the planet. His iconic laugh and incredible brutality has surprised us over and over again. Together with Harley Quinn, he as brought terror over Batman and Gotham for decades. When it comes to DC merchandise, the Joker is key to have on the list. Also, there is a lot of Joker gifts and merchandise that we would love to get our hands on right now. 

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  • Joker Suit

    Joker Suit

    Have you been sitting in the darkness for far too long. Now is the time to unleash you special blend of havoc on Gotham City dressed in this incredible Joker suit! Made famous by Joaquin Phoenix in the 2019 film, this costume is an exact reproduction that will send chills down the spine of family and friends. The costume includes pants, shirt, vest and coat and is available for kids and adults alike. This costume is authentic enough for the most serious cosplayer or perfect for a themed party. It is a must for any Joaquin Phoenix or Joker fan in the household! More

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  • Batman: The Killing Joke

    Batman: The Killing Joke

    Batman: The Killing Joke is a timeless story involving everyone’s favorite villain, the Joker. Read this and you’ll see what the Joker is up to this time and what it takes for the good guys to win the day. This is a very well reviewed graphic novel that a lot of people consider to be their favorite story involving the Joker. Whether you like Batman or if you’re rooting for the bad guy, this is a great read. It’s very affordable and it clocks in at 66 pages so it will be a quick and exciting read for most people. More

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  • Batman 1989 Joker Funko

    Batman 1989 Joker Funko

    Back in 1989, Batman broke all types of bookoffice records. This was time when a comic book movie did not mean a blockbuster. However, this iconic movie broke all of the rules and has become a fan favorite. This is in part due to the now famous portrayals of Batman and Joker, played by Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson. You can own just a bit of that movie magic with the Batman 1989 Joker Funko! Featuring his splendid purple suit and hat, this Joker Funko is sure to bring back many fond memories. Also be on the look out for the Funko Joker Chase variant that features his smeared makeup! More

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  • The Joker by Brian Bolland Statue

    The Joker by Brian Bolland Statue

    If you are a fan of all things Batman or specifically, the Joker, this is a must have collector’s item for your shelf! This 7 inch mini statue is based upon the beautiful artwork of Brian Bolland and his iconic graphic novel, Batman: The Killing Joke. The piece has been expertly sculpted by David Giraud. There is a matching 7 inch Batman mini statue that makes this an incredible collector’s pair. This beautiful but disturbing statue is polyresin and limited to a 5,000 numbered collection. Be sure to act fast before your chance to own the Joker passes like dust on a deck of cards! More

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  • Arkham Asylum The Joker Action Figure

    Arkham Asylum The Joker Action Figure

    Arkham Asylum is not for the fain of heart nor is it for the sane. However, for the most dangerous and violent criminals of Gotham City, they call it home. There is perhaps no other resident as famous as the Joker and for the first time in history his famous Arkham Asylum appearance has been captured forever in this glorious 7 inch scale figure. The Joker feature 22 points of articulation enabling a wide variety of poses for your collection. Also included are two sets of chattering death for fun and games and if the action gets more serious the Joker’s trusty sidearm gun! More

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  • The Joker DC Comics Shirt

    The Joker DC Comics Shirt

    A 100% Joker cotton shirt for men – this makes a perfect gift for your loved ones, or for yourself! This DC Comics shirt brings back nostalgia as you relive those childhood memories. Wear it casually as it has the most comfortable fit and comes in sizes for men of all ages. Put on this black shirt with a creepy, funny, yet clear Joker depiction to make a cool impression, or to express your love for the series. This epic tee is made up of pre-shrunk soft cotton making you want to wear the shirt all over again for its ultimate comfort! More

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  • Lego DC Super-Villains Video Game

    Lego DC Super-Villains Video Game

    Sometimes it is fun to break away from the straight and narrow. And the Lego DC Super-Villains game is the perfect way to do this because you take on the role of the bad guy. With a crazy and very colorful cast, you step into an expansive LEGO world where hours of adventure and fun is waiting. Choose between some of the most notorious villains ever created by DC as you go on a mission to track down a new breed of superheroes. And if you feel like it, why not create your own special villain to join the team? More

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  • The Joker: 80 Years of the Clown Prince of Crime

    The Joker: 80 Years of the Clown Prince of Crime

    This hardcover is a comprehensive collection of all major milestones in the history of The Joker, starting with the 1940 Batman #1 pages and unfolding to the most recent stories from Scott Snyder and other significant creators. This Deluxe edition marks the celebration of 80 years of life of Batman’s greatest enemy. Apart from the new stories, the book contains continuations of comic issues from the 75th anniversary edition, as well as commentaries by some legendary people such as actor Mark Hamill, Scott Snyder, writer Paul Dini, and journalist Billy Jensen. The presence of Laughing Fish, Mad Love, and a few other classics makes this collection worth owning. More

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  • Play Arts Joker Action Figure

    Play Arts Joker Action Figure

    For the kids and kids at heart, add this nostalgic Play Arts Kai Joker Action Figure from the video game Batman Arkham City and the famous DC Comics. An improved version of its predecessors, this action figure clearly depicts a beautifully detailed depiction of Joker that you can add to your entire collection. With flexible joints, yet true to its creepy nature posture, you may pose Joker however you wanted before putting on a display and show off its highly detailed painting. Change his face, add props and switch hands, include weapons, or however you want to satisfy the Joker fan in you. More

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  • Joker


    Few relationships in the superhero world stand out like the one between Batman and Joker. And many will agree that Joker is the most entertaining villain ever created. This particular film is a character study of where Joker comes from. While there are several background stories, Joker by Todd Phillips takes a hard look at the “innocent” Arthur Fleck and how he eventually snaps under social pressure. With Joaquin Phoenix in the lead role and Robert De Niro supporting him, the dimensions of a psychopath are portrayed like never before. It is dark, thrilling, and it should keep you enthralled from start to finish. More

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  • Arthur Fleck Plush

    Arthur Fleck Plush

    One might never consider Arthur Fleck’s Joker to be cute and cuddly. In fact, he was quite creepy and rather disturbing! However, there is no denying that this Arthur Fleck plush is absolutely adorable! He is perfect for any comic book or Joquin Phoenix fan! Standing 7.8 inches and dressed in that now-famous suit, Arthur Fleck is ready to make his debut to the world and your home! The plush doll is made of high-quality fabric and is super soft with PP cotton filler. The colors of the suit and makeup are bright and vivid. You may not have been looking for a best friend, but you found one with the Arthur Fleck plush doll! More

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  • The Joker Ugly Christmas Sweater

    The Joker Ugly Christmas Sweater

    We all know how much The Joker loves to be the center of attention around Gotham city. Now it is your turn to steal a little bit of that spotlight for yourself. Trust us when we say no one will be able to take their eyes off of you while wearing this very festive Joker ugly Christmas sweater. Featuring bring red, white and green holiday colors but with a twist of a laughing Joker face front and center. Mixed in with the Ho Ho Ho’s are some trademark Joker Ha Ha Ha’s! An incredible addition to your ugly Christmas sweater collection! More

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  • The Joker Mug

    The Joker Mug

    Is your favorite mug suppose top terrify you in the morning? This Joker smile may but a smile on your face, but an unerving one at that. Thos extra large mug features the Joker’s iconic grin up close and personal. It is an extra large mug with a 17.5 ounce capacity, big enough for an extra large coffee or cup of soup. The mug has been expertly mo;led and hand painted to show off the brilliant color scheme. Created of ceramic, the mug will keep all of your hot beverages super hot. Place this cup on your desk at work to show off your love of the Joker and keep some of those coworkers at bay! More

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  • Joker Football Receiver Gloves

    Joker Football Receiver Gloves

    Are you ready to take your child’s football game to the next level. Now they can be the envy of their teammates and the fear in the other team’s eyes! Not only do these gloves look ultra cool they provide the ultimate in flexibility and a superior grip. Your football player is going to have the edge when it comes to handling the ball with these gloves designed by Primal. Featuring floating thumb technology, these gloves are going to offer increased adaptability and flexibility to your child’s game. Featuring Joker’s iconic grin on the glove is just the icing on the cake or in this case, the glove! More

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  • The Joker Cane

    The Joker Cane

    Don’t you think it’s time you had a little bit of fun and maybe enjoyed a night of mischief in your town? Today is the day you can get started with the help of the Joker cane! This beautifully sculpted cane by Jonathan Matthews is a life size replica of what you would expect the Clown Prine to walk around Gotham with. However, you now weild the power of the Joker cane, so use it wisely. Features a brass metal finish Joker head and tip and is assembled in two pieces. This is an awesome piece for a bit of Joker cosplay or to place on a wall with other collectibles! More

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  • Joker Deluxe Latex Mask

    Joker Deluxe Latex Mask

    The Joker is probably the most popular villian across all comic universes. His laugh, voice, craziness and love for drama makes him the perfect bad guy. If you’re looking to dress up as the Joker. Be sure to check out this Joker Deluxe Latex Mask. Check it out

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