Best Kotobukiya Batman Statues

If you’re looking for the best Batman statues, you should take a look at the Kotobukiya Batman statues. Kotobukiya is known for their incredibly detailed sculptures. Paint jobs are always without any flaw and the details are just out of this world. You can never go wrong with a Kotobukiya statue. Make sure to also check out our post on the Best Batman Gifts if you need some more inspiration.

My favourite Kotobukiya Batman Statues

Kotobukiya Batman Statue (Black Costume Version)

Kotobukiya Batman Statue (Black Costume Version)This Kotobukiya Batman Statue is one of the classic ones from Kotobukiya. This sculpture is based on the Batman from Jim Lee out of the Hush comic. I love this statue. You can really feel the muscles on this Batman and not in a creepy way. Also, the cape is absolutely amazing. It looks and feels a little bit torn at the end which makes this a very cool thing.

You should make some room for this statue as it measures 11 inches tall so 1/6th scale. This sculpture also features the iconic Batman Utility Belt which we all secretly dream of owning it. This Kotobukiya Batman Statue comes with a base which can be a little though to put together but it is definitely worth it.

The quality of this statue is amazing. The paint job is flawless and even the finishing around the cape is perfect.

Kotobukiya Batman vs. Superman: Batman Statue

Kotobukiya Batman vs. Superman: Batman StatueIf you are a fan of the movie Batman vs. Superman, you should really take a look at this Kotobukiya Batman Statue. In this sculpture, Batman is wearing the Mech Batsuit to take on Superman. This Batman is actually part of a pair which is this Kotobukiya Superman statue. You really should have both as they look amazing together.

Like all Kotobukiya statues, this Batman statue is made out of hard plastic but it looks absolutely great. This figure is 1/10th scale so around 6 inches normally.

Again the quality is out of this world like Superman. The paint job and the details are flawless so you can’t go wrong here with this pair.

Kotobukiya Batman & Robin Statue

Kotobukiya Batman & Robin StatueWhy only settle for Batman when you can own the most popular dynamic duo ever created in the comic universe. When putting them up, I literally had the feeling that I ripped them right off the pages of Frank Miller and Jim Lee’s All-Star Batman & Robin, the Boy Wonder. I really like the extra touch where Robin is holding a Batarang, ready to launch it into an attack. Also, the aggressive pose from Batman just tops it all off.

To get into the specifics: Batman stands around 6 inches tall and Robin 4 inches so they are 1/10th scale. It comes with a display included. The cool thing about this is that in the feet of our heroes, there are magnets. So they will stay perfectly stable on the display. So you don’t have to worry that they will fall. Also, the contrast between the grey & black from Batman and the yellow and red from Robin just makes this an amazing statue.

I couldn’t find any flaw on these statues. The paint job is without any doubt amazing. I have turned them 100 times over when I got them but couldn’t find any spot that was wrong.

Kotobukiya Batman Who Laughs Statue

Kotobukiya Batman Who Laughs StatueI already showed you my favourite Batman Who Laughs Statue but I really want to show you this one as well. You can’t order it yet because it will only be available from May 2020. So I haven’t been able to review it. But I’m already a fan. This is really the Batman that will haunt your dreams. I really like the way he holds his hands like he’s telling you his evil plans.

This statue is quite tall as it is 1/6th scale or around 11 inches. It is already available for preorder so you can go ahead and purchase it. But you will have to have some patience before you can enjoy it.