The Coolest Lamps For Gamers

Looking for a lamp in your game room? We have made a list of lamps for gamers.

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#1 LED Potion Desk Lamp

Are you a big fan of Dungeons & Dragons and are looking for a cool lamp for your game room?
Well, you have found it now with this LED Potion Desk Lamp.
People won’t even notice that it is a lamp. They will actually believe that you are brewing your own potions.

#3 Super Mario Lamp

This Super Mario Lamp is the perfect gift for every Super Mario fan. It is made out of a quarter inch maple plywood frame and colored translucent. It looks super cool.

#4 Pac-Man Ghost Lamp

This Pac-Man Lamp comes with 16 different colors.
You can choose one color or put it in party mode so it flashes through all the colors.
If you’re looking for that perfect lamp in your game room, you don’t have to look any further.

#9 Halo Energy Sword Lamp

The Halo Energy Sword Lamp looks great as a lamp but you can actually remove the sword from the lamp and fight away the terrors that come into your bedroom during the night.

#10 Sega Mega Drive Lamp

The Sega Mega Drive you see here is actually a real one. It doesn't work anymore but it was repurposed as a lamp. This is perfect for any game room.