Lobo vs Superman

If there was a superhero fight many wonders who would win. A matchup that people are waiting to see is Lobo vs. Superman. Both of these characters are strong and they do have a strong following in the comic world. While Superman is well super Lobo is big and buff. He is not a force to be forgotten. While Superman can fly Lobo has a cool demonic motorcycle that is ready to go. Superman looks like the good guy while Lobo has more of an edge. It would be interesting if these characters engaged in a fight and to see who would come out on top.

About Lobo

Lobo is a fictional character that appeared in the DC comics. This character is from the planet Czarina and the people that live here are bounty hunters or mercenaries. Lobo is often thought of as the villain and he is a cool anti-hero that rides a motorcycle. He is grim and gritty but he is there to save the day. He is a character that has exceptional strength and he is said to be arrogant.

He does things for his pleasure and he is not afraid to become violent. Lobo is very muscle and he is ready to fight complete with the titanium chain on his arm. He carries frag grenades and carving blades on his arm. He is tough and he is not someone that will go down easy in a fight. Between his weapons and strength, he will be tough to beat.

About Superman


Superman is one of the earliest superheroes and he is one of the best known. He is from the planet Krypton and his only weakness is kryptonite. He was sent to Earth when he was a baby and adopted by a family. He discovered that he has some great powers such as superhuman strength and he can fly. He is tough and he is a good opponent. He is a good guy that is there to help others. He may seem like an average man during the day but when he is called into action he is ready to go and save those in need. He has his suite that many people know with the big S in the middle so that others know that Superman is there to save the day. He may not have a lot of weapons but he can fight.

Lobo: Power and Abilities

Lobo is said to be ruthless and he will stop at nothing. He will finish what he takes on and it does not matter what he has to do. Nothing will get in his way of completing his mission. He is unbelievably strong and it is even said that he is just as strong and if not stronger than Superman. Lobo has superhuman durability and he can take a good punch. Even if he is being shot at he will keep on going through the bullets. If he does get injured he will be healthy in record time as the body is able to regenerate from any damage that he gets. It is said that he does not feel pain and is even immune to ageing. He can stand tall and can even regenerate if he is reduced to a pool of blood.

Superman Power and Ability

Superman is one of the strongest heroes. He has superhuman strength and has been known to lift heavy items such as cars without showing any sign of distress. He is able to break steel chains without a problem. It is said that he is strong enough to shift the orbit of planets and crush diamonds with his hands. Superman is durable and he does not injury easily. Bullets can bound off of his body like it is nothing. Superman can fly making it easy to attach to his enemies. He has great speed and he can travel to distant galaxies in a matter of moment. It is said that he has x-ray vision and he can see through just about anything. His eyes are able to release heat beams that can melt steel. This is someone that should not be messed with as long as there is no kryptonite around.


When it comes to a fight between Superman and Lobo it is not going to be an easy match. Superman can beat just about anyone but Lobo will be a challenge. He matches Superman’s strength and he is not willing to give in. Superman has the speed and the strength. Lobo also has strength. Both of these characters can heal and they can take a bullet like it is nothing. Lobo can regenerate very quickly. As soon as he is injured his body will heal itself which will give him a bit of an edge. Superman can fly which is an advantage to him. He also has the lasers coming out of his eyes which helps him as well.

When it comes down to strength alone it can go either way for these characters. When looking at the healing ability Lobo has a slight edge. If Lobo is able to get some kryptonite; he could win the match. But Superman has shown that he can take anything over the last decades so Kal-El will definitely come out on top again.


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