Manly Gifts

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Gun Decanter

When looking for creative home decoration, these gorgeous wine or whiskey gun decanters are perfect for men. They ooze innovation and masculinity while being functional at the same time. This gun decanter is made of lead free-glass in the form of a gun and a pine frame, making it an elegant piece for the house bar or lounge. It is suitable for all types of alcoholic drinks; rum, whisky, vodka, wine, you name it! It also comes with 4 shot glasses for your 3 friends. Truly one of a kind, every man could use this to pump up the artistic feel of their home. More Find It Here

Survival Kit

If there’s one thing all men know how to do, it is Surviving. Against the uncertain future, fending for their families, violence, hardships and life-threatening interests, manly men survive. That’s why this survival kit I the best gift to get a husband, friend, or your son in the boy scout team. It’s a simple way to say, through the hardships, this will protect you. The gadget has an emergency blanket, military knife, tungsten pen, flashlights, wire saw, and so many others, yet only weighs 0.9 pounds. When taking their risky excursions, this survival kit will prep anyone for the unknown wild. Keep one in the office, another in the car and one at home. More Find It Here

Funny Manly Apron

Let’s face it, aprons don’t tend to look tough or smart, at least not the ones you’ll find in the local department store. This selection of manly aprons, though, is for manly men, who do manly things in front of the barbecue or in the kitchen, and cook manly food. Make no mistake about it! Choose from aprons for men who like big butts (on the barbecue), designs for bearded chefs, and designs for guys who are a master with a knife. These aprons let men show off their cooking skills while wearing something that actually reflects their masculine sensibilities. More Find It Here

Manly Mug

Mugs were the go-to gift when looking for gifts for our dads, grandpas, and brothers. Today they’ve evolved to carry messages of power as well as humorous ones, in order to kickstart the day of our loved ones with a boost of love. This mug is a handcrafted unique one, with pottery glaze finished, making it as customized as they come. It carries a message of admiration; ‘Man of Wisdom’ to encourage your loved one every morning that they are someone’s role model. They all come in many different variations and messages, all to ensure one is exceptional and personal to the man they’re meant for. Get this one for someone special! More Find It Here

Manly Cookbook

Do you know a dude who is a boss in the kitchen, or who wants to be? If so, one of these manly cookbooks would make a great gift. From clean(ish) cooking for guys who want to get lean but still like their comfort food, to manly meaty cookbooks and culinary treats from the Thug Kitchen that are fast to cook but still taste great, these practical guides do away with the nonsense and contain dishes that men would actually want to eat. They’re ideal for the manly guy who wants tasty food, without the fuss or pretention of the average cookbook. More Find It Here

Manly Beanie

A perfect gift for all-weather wear! On one side it could be used for warmth during winter, and for the casual trendy look when the atmosphere’s warm. This manly beanie is long-lasting, made of the softest fabric. It also has a polyester fleece lining keeping you warm when you need it. With this cool beanie, snowman building, skiing, and snowboarding will be everyday events as it fully protects you from the chilling temperatures, and is long enough to cover your ears. It also stretches, making it a popular knit style cap, fit for anyone. Get this for you manly friends and they’ll have it on 24/7. They just won’t let go! More Find It Here

Mansfield’s Book of Manly Men

If you’re looking for a manly book to read, this one is paramount. You may be looking to kick up your macho vibe or buy it for a feminine man as banter, just for laughs. It is an invigorating book bound to keep any man virile, muscly and unravel his masculinity to the optimum. It could be a long time since you got yourself out there perhaps due to a difficult phase of your life. This book is the perfect read to resurrect your genuine inborn self, as a born leader and role model. Whatever the reason, it is a must-read for you and your male counterparts! More Find It Here

Funny Manly Shirts

Perhaps the coolest piece of clothing you’ll own, this T-shirt is trendy, funny and a great way to start any conversation. There is a myriad of such T-shirts, all with different graphical illustrations. While this one says ‘There’s a Name for People Without Beards, Women’, another says ‘How Do I Like My Steak? Right Next to My Other Steak’ and so many other hilarious comments. All different themes are bound to leave everyone you interact with happy, and what greater joy than bringing a laugh to someone’s eyes? Get this T-shirt for your male friend and watch it become a favorite. While at it, remember to get yourself one too! More Find It Here

Tactical Pen for Self-Defense

Not only are men at high risk of getting into fights, but they are also prone to unmerited violence more than the female gender. This is why this would be a perfect gift for a brother, boyfriend, dad and any male close to you. Is has a safe built-in glass breaker made from high-grade aluminum as well as other self-defense gear. All these are enclosed in a small discreet pen, suitable to hurl at attackers when they least expect it. For this, it’s a popular weapon among military pilots and other professionals encountering challenging situations on a daily. With this pen, you’re always ready to strike! More Find It Here

Manly Shot Glass

Cool gift for macho men! This set comes with 12 shot glasses, and with two sets, you could have enough for a party. With this, you can relax, assured that they’ll take your party to a top-notch level and leave the ladies at your feet. After all, ladies love a man who appreciates style. These shot glasses, in particular, have a metallic base, which makes them resemble a shotgun shell. If this is not enough to ooze masculinity, we don’t know what is. Get this for all your male friends who are partyholics, shooting enthusiasts or hunters! It is sure to make their day! More Find It Here