Martian Manhunter vs Superman: Who Wins In A Fight?

The DC Universe is filled with some of the most powerful beings ever imagined by audiences. These characters break the limits of what fans comprehend as possible based on everyday life experiences. Thriving with his god-like abilities DC’s Superman has defeated many monstrous villains using his extraterrestrial Kryptonian abilities.

Parallel to Superman in the DC Universe Martian Manhunter uses an array of extraterrestrial powers to vanquish many foes who threaten life across the universe If the two top tier extraterrestrial warriors were to engage in battle, Superman vs Martian Manhunter, who would be the victor of this universal clash of power?

Martian Manhunter Bio

Martian Manhunter was born on planet Mars as a 6ft 7in 350lb green martian and is of the only race seen to be equivalent to Kryptonians. When born Martian Manhunter was named Ja-On Ja-Own, this name was changed to John Jones when he reached Earth. Ja-On was deceived and experimented on by his twin brother who destroyed the planet of Mars and bestowed Martian Manhunter with extreme powers held by no other martian.

When Ja-On reached Earth he was taught by the government about life on the planet. After learning of Martian Manhunter abilities the government made him a secret standby force to neutralize Superman if he ever decided to threaten the planet with his Kryptonian powers. Martian Manhunter would befriend members of the Justice League and briefly join the team himself helping save the earth from destruction.

Superman Bio


Superman is the last son of planet Krypton. Born as Kal-El he was sent to Earth in an inner stellar space capsule as the planet Krypton faced imminent destruction due to its unstable core. Earth was chosen by Superman’s father because the Earth’s yellow sun would give Kal-El celestial power. A family found baby Kal-El and named him Clark Kent. As Clark grew the sun fed his power.

Moving from his foster family farm to the city of Metropolis Clark Met Lois Lane and worked at the daily bugle as a reporter. Over the years Superman became Earth’s defender and joined the Justice League alongside Batman and Wonder Woman. Superman has become an inspiration of the nation and is seen as the strongest hero of Earth battling villains and monsters alike.

Martian Manhunter Powers & Abilities

Martian Manhunter was born with numerous powers and abilities as a child of Mars, but has even more special gifts due to the experimentation of his body by his twin brother. Widely considered the strongest Martian to ever live, John is recognized by Superman as the strongest being on the planet Earth. Martian Manhunter has vast superhuman strength that rivals the Kryptonian, extensive regeneration abilities that allow him to reconstitute himself from severed limbs, and superhuman speed. John also has super agility, the ability to become intangible,phasing, and invisibility. Martian Manhunter has vast shape shifting abilities with full control of his body down to a atomic level allowing him to increase or decrease his size. Or mimic any creature he wills.

Ja-On can fly, and use martian vision that allows him to see in various electromagnetic spectrums or fire energy from his eyes. Telepathy and Telekinesis are also a part of John’s arsenal allowing him to read minds, possess people, create illusions. The Martian has a genius-level mind, along with expert hand to hand contact skills. Ja-On organic bodily composition allows him to create weapons and armour from himself, and duplicate his person, All of these powers along with Martian Manhunter longevity give this hero an almost invulnerable status amongst warriors but John is vulnerable to fire both physically and mentally. Fire causes Martian Manhunter to lose control of his powers on a psychological and bodily level.

Superman Powers & Abilities

Superman of Krypton has many powerful abilities that have evolved over the years. Clark Kent has the ability to fly, superhuman strength, healing factor, super agility and heat vision. With freezing breath, invulnerability and tactile Telekinesis, Superman becomes more powerful with the absorption of the Earths yellow sun rays and can expel these rays as a solar flare. Superman durability is gold standard and his Superspeed is only rivaled by The Flash. Considered the strongest hero in the DC universe Clarks only vulnerability stems from a green celestial stone called kryptonite that causes agony, and death to Kryptonians.

In Conclusion

Between the feats of strength between Superman and Martian Manhunter, a battle between the two would lead to no easy victor. Both of these extraterrestrial beings have powers on par with gods. Both Ja-On and Kal-El have super strength,speed, and durability that are equivalent to each other. John could use his shape shifting or telepathy to attack Superman for the advantage, but Superman could use his heat vision that directly would effect Martian Manhunter mentally and physically.

Even with these two abilities as the main cause of debate Superman heat vision could be phased through by martian Manhunter making the power ineffective whilst John has the abilities to obtain kryptonite. In the end I feel the fight would end based on a more calculated tactic rather than brute force or physical abilities, therefore I would crown the victor of this battle the Martian Manhunter who is older, wiser and possess a higher intellect than Superman.

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