Mega Man

  • Mega Man Zero/Zx Legacy Collection

    Mega Man Zero/Zx Legacy Collection

    Available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, or Xbox One, the Mega Man Zero/Zx Legacy Collection is packed with six games from Zero’s spinoff series. Initially available on handheld Nintendo systems, this will be the first time a broader audience has the chance to experience these incredible action platformers. While the unique nature of the gorgeous visuals may deter some that want a more traditional take from the Mega Man franchise, anyone that loves the fast pace of games like Mega Man X4 or even Mega Man 11 owes it to themselves to check this collection out. This is good old fashioned platform gaming with a sleek twist, and the budget price can’t be beat. Don’t miss out!

  • Mega Man Pixel Figure

    Mega Man Pixel Figure

    Classic gamers worldwide recognize the iconic 1987 Mega Man franchise, and to this day, it remains as popular as ever. This pixel art version of Mega Man captures his likeness flawlessly but also doubles as ambient lighting for just about any space in your bedroom, dorm room or office. Powered by 2 AAA batteries, it lights up with an on/off switch and is highly portable. As it doesn’t require a plug or electricity, you can easily move it around to where you see fit. At only six inches tall, it’s a great nod to classic retro gaming while still appealing to all age groups.

  • Funko Mega Man

    Funko Mega Man

    Mega Man is perhaps one of the most popular games ever and has legions of devoted fans who grew up saving the world with him. If you have been searching for that perfect gift, look no further! Funko Pop has delivered numerous pop culture icons in small fun packages for years. Now they are prepared to offer you Mega Man in the perfect fun size of 3 3/4 inches. Whether he is displayed in or out of the box, the Funko Mega Man is going to complete just about any collection! Whether he is the first Funko or the hundredth, he will be front and center always!

  • The Mega Buster Transforming Lab

    The Mega Buster Transforming Lab

    If you’re a big fan of Mega Man, you’ll fall in love with this amazing rendition of the Mega Buster lab. This incredible toy offers more than 10 action features, and it’s large enough to fit six figures. You can collect Mega Man, Ice Man, Wave Man and more, allowing all the figures to have adventures in the lab. This toy includes a disc launcher that comes with six accessories, as well as an elevator and a trap door that you can use to stop enemies in their tracks. A lever can be used to change the monitors, and the walls can be broken apart. This transforming lab is truly one of a kind.

  • Mega Man Action Figure Set

    Mega Man Action Figure Set

    Those fans of the 80’s action game Mega Man 2 as well as any retro gamer will be absolutely thrilled to include this attractive set of figurines in their display case or diorama. Standing 2.6” tall, these five figures come with all their accessories. The Five figurines are safety tested and meet all regulations. But, they are really best for decoration and collection purposes that actual play time. You can expect a small amount assembly to create each figure, but the task is over in a few minutes and even fun for younger kids as well. Looking for a gift for that especially nerdy retro gamer in your life? You could hardly ask for a better option.

  • Mega Man Action Figure

    Mega Man Action Figure

    Mega Man is a classic name among kids, and this Mega Man Action Figure pays tribute to a beloved video game character. And if you think it looks great, you should check out the impressive list of features. It starts with die-cast armor for durability. Then you get LED functionality while you can switch between different faces and handpieces. In fact, this Mega Man can be customized in several ways thanks to more than 30 points of articulation. This means you can make the action figure pose in true Mega Man style. And just by looking at the gleaming reviews, you know you have a winner.

  • Mega Man 1: Let the Games Begin

    Mega Man 1: Let the Games Begin

    If you have ever been a fan of Mega Man, you’re going to love this Mega Man comic. You might have heard that it’s a comic meant for kids but that is not really true. It is a comic that is meant for people of all ages. The original author, Ian Flynn, understands his audience to make sure that the comic is not just for kids but everyone who likes Mega Man. There are parts in it that are designed for children but overall, it’s a comic that is meant for everyone. You are going to discover that it’s a comic book with some heart.

  • Exclusive Mega Man Wearable Helmet

    Exclusive Mega Man Wearable Helmet

    One must ask themselves if they are capable to fill the shoes of Mega Man or at least his helmet! For the first time ever, one can slide the Red Rush version of the Mega Man helmet. This is a perfect piece to display with other memorabilia or for your favorite cosplay event. Designed for an authentic look and fit, this gorgeous red helmet is perfect for any fan of Mega Man! Also included are futuristic looking LED lights as well as four pieces of adjustable Velcro interior foam for a comfortable fit. Whether you plan to save the world or simply display on your desk, you will love the Red Rush Mega Man helmet!

  • Mega Man Plush

    Mega Man Plush

    Is your kid a Mega Man fan? Video game favorite Mega Man is loved by many kids across the country. The Mega Man Plush is one of the best plush toys you will ever buy. Thew eyes of the toy – although stuck on – look very cute. The colors are vivid and the toy is pretty soft. The stitching is done with enough quality to hold the toy together even after some rough playing with your child. The toy is about 7-8 inches tall and very soft but plush. That’s why you need to purchase this toy right now.

  • Mega Buster

    Mega Buster

    What is a human to do when the likes of Silicon City is being terrorized by the wickedest villains from around the world? If you want to be the superhero you were destined to be, you would grab your Mega Blaster and protect the good citizens of the city! This Mega Blaster features 10 light patterns and authentic lights designed for the true superhero feel! With the Mega Blaster attached to your arm, you are prepared to fight the bad guys just like Mega Man. This particular superhero device is recommended for heroes over the age of three and needs to be powered with three AAA batteries for enhanced performance.

  • Mega Man Shirt

    Mega Man Shirt

    The Mega Man Running Shirt features a vintage pixelated design on a heathered dark gray background. Manufactured from 100% cotton fabric, it provides optimal comfort and breathability during the warmer months of the year. Officially licensed and made in the USA, this is one shirt you can be proud to own! It makes a great gift and an even better casual lounging shirt while hanging with friends or gaming. Available in sizes small to XXL, you’re sure to get that perfect fit. Though lightweight, the solid construction and reinforced stitching ensures many years of use and will withstand repeated washings.

  • Mega Man Classic Figure

    Mega Man Classic Figure

    Fans of Mega Man will fall in love with this fully posable action figure. The figure produces authentic sounds as well as classic music from the first Mega Man game. You’ll even hear sounds when you attach Mega Man’s booster cannon. The figure comes packaged in a collector’s box that’s perfect for display, but it can also be posed in a variety of ways. It includes a number of accessories, allowing you to swap out weapons and give change the sounds that the figure can produce. Sounds are activated by motion, and the figure produces more than 35 sound effects in total.

  • Tamashii Nations Mega Man

    Tamashii Nations Mega Man

    Hailing from Bandai’s D-Arts action figure line, this Tamashii Nations Mega Man features the futuristic look first unveiled in 1993’s Mega Man X. Originally available on the Super Nintendo, this high action spin off remains one of the most beloved platforming video games ever released. One look at this figure and all of the memories of the game and its incredible cast of bosses, stages, and excellent adrenaline pumping soundtrack will come flooding back. The figure itself is also impeccably made with top quality sculpting and plenty of joints for posing. If you were to only have one Mega Man action figure in your whole collection, this would be a fine choice.

  • Mega Man: The Board Game

    Mega Man: The Board Game

    Are you ready to see the blue bomber where you have never seen him before? In this exciting 2-6 player game, you get to live out your day as Mega Man fighting to save the world from Dr. Wily! This is not an easy task as other players are going to do everything in their power to thwart you and take control of Dr. Wily’s minions. It is a game to save the world and you must do everything in your power to win! Each game lasts about 1 to 2 hours, making it a perfect evening game with snacks and drinks!

  • Mega Man X Nendoroid Action Figure

    Mega Man X Nendoroid Action Figure

    Mega Man X has always been known as the slightly edgier, more aggressive and bleak take on Capcom’s famous video game icon. The word “cute” just doesn’t seem to apply, and yet the fine toy makers behind the Nendoroid action figure line have managed to pull off exactly that. The X Nendoroid is absolutely adorable thanks to the “super deformed” styling and cartoony aesthetic. With effects parts, various expressions you can swap between, and all the joints needed to make for hours of posing fun, this is a fantastic piece that any blue bomber fan would be lucky to have in their collection.

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