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I have made a great list. My favorites are the Mermaid Blanket and the Mermaid Plush.

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The Finest Mermaid Merchandise & Gifts

Mermaid Blanket

A good night nap is what we all want. Right? Now imagine gifting someone a nicely-crafted mermaid blanket. Apart from being unique, it’s also something one would cherish to use every day. Most of the mermaid blankets come with soft, cozy crafting done using durable, lightweight materials like cotton. If you’re looking for a perfect gift for your little angel who’s a mermaid fun, then you have the ideal idea for the present now. The best part is, unlike traditional blankets, most of the top end mermaid blankets feature hand crocheting, ensuring its high breathability. And you know what, a mermaid blanket is versatile; it can be used on the couch sofa, camping trips, sleepovers, in the bed, and car. Find It Here

Mermaid Necklace

Are you searching for an indeed statement gift? Do you want something beautiful that adds a cheerful touch to any outfit? Well, if so, then you need to get a mermaid necklace. And now, by gifting your lady, little angel, or any other woman in your life a mermaid necklace, you will not only be showing you’re compassionate and loving but also gifting them with the idea that they can swim through all hardships in life. A mermaid necklace is something that cannot go unnoticed; it’s an ultimate attention grabber. It’s a perfect gift for an anniversary, her birthday, Valentine, Thanksgiving Day Christmas, and more. Find It Here

Mermaid Mug

A warm cup of coffee, a daybreak beverage, or a good night warm water –whichever it is, a nicely designed mug can make it taste even better. What’s more, it can get better if taken from a finely crafted mermaid cup. It sounds great! Right? Well, it’s is considering the good stories you’ve heard about mermaids, and it can also be a nice appreciation gesture to your loved ones. If you get the best, with durable, sturdy crafting, you will be gifting someone with years of enjoying some surpassing beverages from the cup. The best part is, a mermaid mug makes a perfect gift for birthday, wedding, shower engagement, Halloween party, Christmas, mother’s day, or even teacher’s day. Additionally, the cup uniqueness and cute crafting make an adorable gift for the kids too. Find It Here

Mermaid Plush

Plush is a lot of things; a memory keeper, a sleeping companion, a sense of security, and more. With the plush made of a mermaid design, it adds some uniqueness and message. It also supports and encourages imaginative free play among the kids. If you get one of the best-made mermaid plush with a multicolor, shimmer fabric, and some glittering accents, your little ones can have another of their favorite toys. A nicely build mermaid plush can also be a good sleeping toy or pillow. With the right size and design, you can get a perfect pillow. A mermaid plush makes an ideal gift idea for both the kids and adults. Find It Here

Mermaid Jewelry Box

A Jewelry box gives you an ideal way to organize your pieces of jewelry secure storage. Gifting someone something that protects their preciouses would mean you care and also can be a real reminder of the good times you have every time she opens the box. It gets even better if you get a mermaid designed or decorated jewelry box. Apart from keeping the jewelry safe, the case can also bring a decorative accent to the room. It’s a perfect way to keep the trinkets and jewelry away from scratches. What’s more, a mermaid jewelry box has some uniqueness in gifts you can give during a valentine, Birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and more. Find It Here

Mermaid Shirt

A mermaid looks naturally tremendous, and when the design is implemented on a shirt, you get a beautifully printed, next-level apparel. Another thing, various styles give you charming and eye-catching shirts ideal for even a date, or a sexy swim top. Now, you have the chance to gift the same to your lovely queen, your little angel, or a charming woman in your life. You can also gift it to a swimming coach or student as a sign of the right word and appreciation. It’s a great way to make someone who loves mermaids feel extra special with this as a present. The mermaid shirts come in lots of designs and styles, so you’re free to buy the most appropriate. Find It Here

Mermaid Glass

Wine might feel luxurious, but wait until you drink it from a mermaid glass; you can feel the oceanic luxury. Mermaid glasses are available in multiple styles and designs that make each glass unique. The use of the glass is quite open, as you can use it for your wine, cold juice, or even drinking lime water. Gifting someone such a piece can mean a lot. From feeling precious because of the decorative accents, such a gift can also be a reminder of some great memories or a piece offering. It can also make a perfect thanksgiving or housewarming gift. Other than that, it’s an ideal Birthday, anniversary, or Christmas gift. Find It Here

How to Catch a Mermaid

Seeing a mermaid is claimed to be almost impossible, and the stories we tell our kids say you cannot catch a mermaid. Other stories say, some people found a mermaid. But can you? The latest title in New York Times bestselling series ‘How to catch’ is a perfect book to get kids thrilled to see if the character catches a mermaid. The book comes with some cool-looking animated images and text describing ‘how to find a mermaid. ‘It’s a big way to master the kids’ imaginations of catching a mermaid one day, making it a perfect book gift for any kid aged between four and ten years old. Find It Here

Hilarious Mermaid Shower Curtain

Are you searching for the best shower curtain? Are you in need of a perfect funny shower curtain? Do you need a hilarious shower curtain gift? Or do you want a hilarious gift to put in your kid’s shower room? Well, here is a perfect solution to all these questions, the Hilarious Mermaid Shower Polyester Curtain. It features some beautiful prints of a funny fat mermaid inside a fish tank done using 3D printing technology. It’s perfectly sized for most bathroom and fits most shower curtain rails. The best part is, the coloring is lovely and never fading. More than that, the curtain itself is highly waterproof and odorless. Find It Here

Mermaid Socks

Socks brings us more than comfort; you also get some added fashion and style touch to your outfit. With the socks featuring mermaid style prints of design, you can have a unique, sleek, and attention-grabbing style of fashion. What’s more interesting is, the socks are available in variety, giving you options to buy the best for you. The same goes for a gift buyer; if you need something cool and unique to give to someone, the mermaid socks can make a perfect present. And you know what, if you pick the cutest and sleekest, well, your gift will speak more than your words. Find It Here

The Tail of Emily Windsnap

Go on an enchanted and crazy adventure with Emily Windsnap. The story is so compelling that you will want to finish it in one day. If you can’t get enough, there are 6 other books all with amazing stories just like this one. The Tail of Emily Windsnap is written by Liz Kessler who is also known as the author of A Year without Autumn. This story is 224 pages long and was published in 2012. It is highly recommended by Publishers Weekly, The Wall Street Journal and Washington Parent and available in various formats: Kindle, Paperbook, Library Binding, Audio Book & Audio CD. It is perfect for kids who are between 8 and 12. The book is illustrated by Sarah Gibb. That name might ring a bell from other books like the The Princess Who Had No Kingdom. Find It Here

Mermaid School

Join Molly on her first day at mermaid school and I hope you are ready because there’s much to do. Making new friends, learning the alphabet, singing songs and etc.Mermaid School is written by Joanne Stewart Wetzel who is also known as the author of Playing Juliet and The Christmas Box. The book is 32 pages long and published in 2018. Available in various formats: Kindle, Paperbook & Hardcover. Kids who are between 3 and 7 will absolutely love this book. The book is illustrated by Julianna Swaney. The name might ring a bell from other books like the We Are the Gardeners.
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The Secret History of Mermaids

The Secret History of Mermaids is written by Ari Berk who is also known as the author of Nightsong. Since people have conquered the sea, there have been reports of mermaids all over the world. This book has combined all those stories with beautiful illustrations from several illustrators which makes this book a of a kind that you want to have for your personal library. This story is around 48 pages long and was published in 2009. Available in various formats: Hardcover. Kids who are between 8 and 12 will absolutely love this book. The book is illustrated by Wayne Anderson. You might know that name from other books like the The Flight of Dragons.
Find It Here

Pinkalicious and Aqua, the Mini-Mermaid

Meet Aqua who is a mini-mermaid who will take you on an adventure to her special places. But which fins do they see approaching at the horizon?Pinkalicious and Aqua, the Mini-Mermaid is written by Victoria Kann who is also known as the author of Pinkalicious and the Flower Fairy. This story is around 24 pages long and was published in 2016. It is recommended by New York Times and available in various formats: Paperback and Library Binding. It is perfect for kids who are between 4 and 8. The book is illustrated by Victoria Kann as well who is quite the writer and artist.
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Three Little Mermaids

Learn how to count to 10 and have a tea party at the same time with the Three Little Mermaids. Get ready to meet turtles, fish, seals and even an octopus. Learning to count to 10 couldn’t be any more fun than this!Three Little Mermaids is written by Mara Van Fleet who is also known as the author of Little Color Fairies . This book was published in 2011 and is 16 pages long. It has more than 300 5-star reviews and is available in the format: Novelty Binding. It is perfect for kids who are between 2 and 5. The book is also illustrated by Mara Van Fleet if you ever wondered who the illustrator could be.
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The Mermaid Handbook

If you ever wondered how you could transform your life into a mermaid’s life, you should definitely get this book. It is the most comprenshive guide when it comes to mermaids and their world. Learn how to eat, dress, sleep and much more. It is a must have gift for any mermaid fan.Written by Carolyn Turgeon who is also known as the author of The Faerie Handbook. This story is around 240 pages long and was published in 2018. It was featured in The Globe and Mail, PopCulture Guy and Plush Pink Allure and it is available in several formats like: Kindle & Hardcover. This is book is great for people who like Pop Culture and Folklore.
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The Mermaid

This story is about the mermaid Amelia who has always felt out of place as a mermaid. Determined to see the world and its wonders, she makes a deal with the world’s greatest showman P.T. Barnum. Get ready to be sucked in an intriguing adventure full of wonders and lies…Written by Christina Henry who is known as the author of Lost Boy. This book is around 336 pages long and was published in 2018. It has been featured in Louisa Morgan and Ellen Herrick and it is available in several formats like: Kindle, Audiobook & Hardcover. It is a must read if you like Dark Fantasy and Mythology. Find It Here

The Mermaid Trials

She has been waiting for this opportunity all her life. In the Mermaid Trials, we follow Katriana who is participating in the Trials. The Trials are held once a century by the Royals. What is the reward? They can walk on land…The Mermaid Trials is created by Cameron Drake who is also known for Vampire Princess. The book was released in 2018 and counts 344 pages. It has more than 100 5-star reviews and is available in the format: Kindle, Paperbook & Hardcover. If you like Occult Fiction than this story is perfect for you.
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11pcs Makeup Brushes Mermaid Set

MISS OCEAN has designed a beautiful makeup brushes set. Each brush features a 3D imprint of mermaid scales. The 11 pieces of cosmetic brushes have ultra-soft brushes specially made by high-density soft nylon. The mermaid-tail shaped handles are uniquely made of durable plastic in a bright green gradient giving you a stylish visual experience and an incredible touch. These brushes are multifunctional to cater to all your makeup needs, be it eye shadow, blush brush, lip brush, eyeliner, among others. They are ideal for applying, blending, and shading products. These makeup brushes are easy to clean, and they dry fast. They are, therefore, suitable for everyday use and are safe for sensitive skin. That makes them the perfect gift for any mermaid enthusiast. Find It Here

10pcs Mermaid Makeup Brush Set

To add color and glamour to your cosmetics collection, the makeup brush set from BTYMS is the perfect addition. The ten pieces of brushes are beautifully crafted with colorful mermaid tail handles. This practical and sophisticated design makes these brushes convenient to carry and easy to use. The brushes are also multi functionally ranging from foundation brush, contour brush, eyeshadow brush, eyeliner brush to pointed concealer brush, tapered blending brush, and a fan brush. You can now make up like a professional to perfection, achieving a flawless, airbrushed finish. The bristles are smooth on your skin thanks to their soft and silky nature. It’s a perfect gift idea to your daughter or any female you adore. Find It Here

Rose Gold Mermaid Makeup Set

If you love mermaids, and gold is your color, then COSHINE specially made this product for you. This unique makeup brush set is crafted in a mermaid tail handle design giving you an incredible touch. Moreover, the rose gold color is shiny, giving them an aesthetic feel. The ten pieces of brushes are all you need for a complete perfect makeup as they include a lip brush, highlight brush, contour brush, eyebrow brushes, flat brush, powder brush, and blush brush. The bristles are of high quality nylon and soft synthetic hair for flawless makeup. The handle is made of eco-friendly PS materials while the tube is made of thick aluminum. These materials extend the durability of the brushes. It makes a perfect gift idea for friends and family. Find It Here

Mermaid Makeup Brushes Kit For Girls

GirlZone indeed got all your girls’ makeup needs covered. With impressively designed brushes, complete with a holder, this is an ideal gift. The best part is, these are crafted with a mermaid tail design. Beautiful would be an understatement. They give a stylish touch to any makeup collection. The handles are made of durable metal for longer-lasting use. The 3D print gives you an incredible feel and a luxurious visual experience. Throughout the bristles are rainbow colors, which make these brushes great for display. The soft-touch is excellent for your skin and helps you achieve perfect and flawless makeup. The ceramic mermaid brush holder complements any décor and is ideal for the five cosmetic brushes. Find It Here

5 Mermaid Makeup Brushes

If you want to see any loved lady in your life smile, then you should gift them with this makeup brushes set. This set is made exclusively with the mermaid design and bright colors. They sure are a great addition to any makeup set. The five brushes are variously designed to cater for various makeup needs. They include blusher, contour, highlighter, lip, and eyeshadow brush. Moreover, the bristles have a soft touch making them easy on your skin. They are of high quality for longer-lasting use. These beautiful brushes with the mermaid tail handle give a stylish visual experience; they make perfect gifting ideal for any occasion. Find It Here

Golden Mermaid Knife

Masters Collection presents a gorgeous knife in the shape of a mermaid. This knife is luxuriously gold plated with the finest of details. It is spring-assisted for easy use. This knife is remarkable of high quality for durable use. It is impressively crafted to make this a perfect gift idea. This golden pocketknife feels good in your hand, and the details make it nothing short of amazing. The handle is relatively longer than the blade. The blade comes pretty sharp but may require a bit of sharpening if used frequently. It’s a beautiful knife, convenient, and the sizing is perfect to be carried around easily. Find It Here

Tactical Purple Mermaid Knife

Master Collection designed yet another handsome pocketknife. The blade has an impressive heat transfer painting of a mermaid with the handle having a light blue tail. So if you love mermaids, this might be the ideal pocket knife for you. It is spring assisted for easy use. The handle is made of anodized aluminum for durability and strength. This knife includes a pocket clip for easy mobility. It has beautiful vibrant colors for an aesthetic look. The tactical purple mermaid knife is well suited for outdoor hunting. The sizing is perfect for carrying around easily. It is worth your money and also a thoughtful gift idea. Find It Here

Mermaid with Blue Tail Blade

Looking for a functional yet gorgeous pocketknife, then check with Master Collection. They have specially crafted a beautiful mermaid knife. It features a copper mermaid with a blue tail on the handle and a stainless steel heat transfer on the blade. The look itself will make you smile. It is nothing short of amazing. The handle gives you an incredible touch and has a smooth flip action. Moreover, it features a pocket clip for easy mobility. It is sharp upon arrival but requires a bit of sharpening if used frequently. The sizing is perfect, and it can go for an excellent gift idea for whatever occasion. Find It Here

Rainbow Mermaid Pocket Knife

Master Collection’s rainbow mermaid pocket knife is the real deal. And to start with, the rainbow colors are nothing short of beautiful. The stainless steel mermaid 3D imprint on the handle gives you an incredible touch. Furthermore, it conveniently has a starfish thumb stun for an excellent grip. The gold coated seahorse pocket clip comes in handy to add to its beauty and for easy mobility. This knife is spring assisted for easy use. The materials used are all sturdy for the proper functioning of the blade. The fine details on this pocket knife make it look majestic while in use. It can also be an ideal gift for any occasion. Find It Here

Mermaid Titanium Blade

The TAC-force blue mermaid pocket knife is gorgeous. The blade is titanium coated with a stamped mermaid with a blue titanium stainless steel handle. Materials used are of high quality to extend its durability and are sturdy enough for the proper functioning of the knife. It conveniently includes a pocket clip for easy mobility. Furthermore, it is spring assisted for easy use. The sizing is great for carrying around. It is an ideal gift idea for friends and family. The handle gives you an incredible touch and has a smooth flip action. The fine details on this pocket knife make it look majestic while in use. Find It Here

Mermaid Scale Earrings

Mermaid scale earrings are a sight to behold. The trio silver-tone stud mermaid earrings from MissNity are a perfect example. Each pair of the glitter stud earrings has its vibrant color. They give a great look and complement any outfit. Materials used are high quality copper and resin for longevity. The best part is, they have an AB effect making them beautifully shift in a rainbow of colors when hit by light. These mermaid scale earrings sparkle brilliantly. They blend perfectly with any outfit, and on any occasion, be it bridal parties, themed weddings, and birthdays. They are an ideal gift idea on any gifting occasion. Find It Here

Silver Mermaid Earrings

If you are a mermaid enthusiast, you can now incorporate these fantastic creatures in your look, thanks to these mermaid dangle earrings by Ladytree. These are of sterling silver in the shape of a mermaid tail, a symbol of pure elegance and charming. The silver used in its construction is of the highest quality for durability and maintains its shine even after a long time. These earrings are perfect for any outfit. Moreover, they are an ideal gift choice on a wide range of gifting occasions such as graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, and so on. You will be surprised to see them wearing them every day. That’s just how beautiful they are. Find It Here

Little Mermaid Earrings

Unicraft presents a gorgeous pair of earrings, handmade with love. These stud earrings are specially made of stainless steel and ice resin, high quality materials to extend their durability. They feature a stunning picture of a mermaid. This illustration is covered using a high glossy ice resin to protect it and enhance the image. Each ear studs are beautifully packed in an aluminum box that has the same theme. Gift these impressive studs to any esteemed woman in your life as a thoughtful gesture if they love mermaids. They sure will appreciate it. These little mermaid earrings are also perfect for a young person. Find It Here

Boutique Silver Mermaid Earrings

Looking for a perfect addition to your jewelry collection, then you should check out the beautiful mermaid earrings from Dianal Boutique. With their exquisite beauty, you can as well wear them every day. They have a silver-tone to add a sparkle to any outfit. The mermaids are designed with the finest of details and then hand-painted. They are indeed eye-catching, you might draw some attention when you wear these. They complement any outfit and perfect for any occasion. Moreover, the package comes in a beautiful gift box. You can now go ahead and purchase these for any dear one and see them smile. Find It Here

18K Mermaid Tail Earrings

Lenias’ Zicron Stud earrings blend style, glow, and elegance perfectly. These three-in-one earrings are in a beautiful mermaid tail shape. They are not only fashionable but also comfortable to wear. The delicate mermaid tail ear decoration is crafted with high precision. These come in silver and rose gold colors with crystals that sparkle beautifully. The material used is of high quality for longer-lasting use. These attractive mermaid tail stud earrings are must-have jewelry in your jewelry box. They complement any outfit and are also great for any occasion. Moreover, they are a thoughtful gift idea to any loved one. The exceptional design is perfect for mermaid lovers. Find It Here

Mermaid Tail Pattern Shower Curtain

If you are a mermaid fan, particularly children, there is now a new way you can show appreciation to these amazing creatures. The WERNNSAI presents a beautiful mermaid tail shower curtain. You can improve your bathroom décor with this elegant curtain and make your kids look forward to having a unique welcoming bath. The colors are vibrant, depicting the blue sea world with a beautiful mermaid swimming among seaweed, bubble, a seahorse, and other marine life. This curtain comes with white hooks. The printing is vivid and is not likely to fade. Additionally, this curtain is entirely machine washable and dries quickly. The fabric used is top-grade polyester preventing water from spilling onto the floor. The top is suitably fitted with holes for the hanging hooks. It makes the perfect home gift for any adult or kids. Find It Here

Mermaid Scales Shower Curtain

Sunlit is offering you a uniquely designed, beautiful 3D mermaid scales shower curtain. This exquisitely designed curtain comes in a blend of beautiful oceanic colors. The material is specially selected for water-repellant and non-PVC qualities. The added thickness is for better draping in the shower. The grommets are of rust-proof metal with a reinforced top-header for extended durability. The fabric is entirely machine washable and dries quickly. The HD graphics designs are printed with innovative color-fast technology. These curtains blend perfectly in any bathroom theme. It adds a decorative appeal as well as provide privacy. The best part is, it can even be used as a stand-alone curtain. Find It Here

Mermaid Tail Shower Curtain

OCCIGANT’s curtain featuring a hand-drawn mermaid tail is nothing short of beautiful. The fabric used is of high quality polyester, known for water-proof, healthy, and eco-friendly qualities. These curtains come in three sizes to choose from. With this shower curtain features a 3D digital printing technology, its pattern is rich in color, high-definition, washable, odorless, and non-fading. What’s more, it gives an artistic atmosphere in any bathroom, with reliable quality. It is easy to install as it comes with 12 plastic hooks. It’s a versatile, fashionable, and sleek textured curtain, making it ideal for use in a hotel, home decorative, and bedroom. It’s a stylish gift with a unique taste of durable quality. Find It Here

Little Mermaid Shower Curtain

A small mermaid shower curtain is ideal for any little girl’s bathroom. With it featuring a beautiful mermaid in the ocean world swimming among seaweed, this curtain is indeed a sight to behold. Moreover, it has beautiful vibrant colors. The curtain is made mainly of polyester to make it water-proof and prevent spilling of water on your bathroom floor. It is easy to install as it is fitted with holes for attachment of rings. The unique design of this curtain complements any bathroom decor creating a comfortable bathroom environment. It can even make your little one look forward to having a shower. The fabric is sturdy and durable and allows easy cleaning. Find It Here

Mermaid Curtain Hangers

Curtain hangers are handy for easy installation of shower curtains. They also come in various designs. YeeFan has specially designed these in a mermaid design. So if you are a mermaid lover, you should consider buying these. This set of 12 is carefully made of pure stainless steel that is rust-proof for extended durability. Moreover, this non-magnetic metal is corrosion-resistant for longer-lasting use. The five roller balls serve to reduce friction and eliminate any noises. They, therefore, have a free-gliding action. The closing hooks are heavy-duty and are sturdy enough to hold any curtain. These mermaid curtain hangers are uniquely designed for a decorative look. Find It Here

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