MiP Robot: Full Review

Having a personal robot is almost every person’s dream. So it can help you with your daily tasks. We’re not quite there yet. But to give you a first taste of what is coming, the MiP robot from WowWee is a good start.

MiP Robot: Price

You can already purchase MiP robot from $30. The price ranges from $50 to $70 depending on the retailer or if you’re even interested in buying a used one.

Who would buy the MiP Robot?

If you have an interest in robotics but you’re still in an early stage, this is a great robot for beginners. The MiP is also a great gift for kids as the gestures and controls are very easy to learn and use.

GestureSense Technology

Thanks to the GestureSense Technology that comes with it, the MiP robot will respond to a wide range of gestures like touch, swipes, claps and more. To elaborate on this, in the eyes of MiP, there are proprietary sensors. So the flatter you make your hand, the easier it will be for MiP to recognize your gestures as it has a bigger surface to recognize. Keep this in mind when you try it out for the first time.

Free App With Extra Games

You can control MiP with gestures but you can also control it with your smart device: phone, tablet,… Within the app, there are some extra features that are really fun. For example, if your friend also has a MiP Robot, you can do a boxing match. The last robot, that is still standing is the winner. Imagine 50 of these little guys going at each other in a little battle royal!

Main Features of the MiP Robot

  • GestureSense Technology: Control it by clapping, swiping, touching,…
  • Sound detection: the MiP will also recognize sounds from its environment and responds accordingly.
  • Free app: the app comes with some extra features like we already explained and it is compatible with almost any device.

Pros of the MiP Robot

The robot is ready right out of the box. So no difficult setup is necessary. As the gestures are very basic, it’s the ideal robot for kids, to teach them their first steps in robotics. There’s also an extra fun factor thanks to the app so you can have hours of fun with it.

Cons of the MiP Robot

The power lies in the simplicity of this robot, so don’t expect that it can make your coffee. We have noticed that also the gestures don’t always work as it should be. So keep in mind our tip, to make your hand as flat and as big as possible.

Customer Reviews and Score on Amazon

On Amazon.com, this robot has been reviewed 1,114 times, and it currently has a 4 out of 5-star rating. Be sure to check out the other ratings below.

Our Conclusion

If you’re looking for a fun robot that you can share with your kids to spend some extra time together. This would be the perfect gift. Thanks to the gestures and the app, you will have hours of guaranteed fun.

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