Monster Hunter Gifts

I never played any Monster Hunter games before Monster Hunter World came out but nevertheless I immediately fell in love with the game, the gameplay, the characters (except for the handler) and the Palicoes of course. Therefore, I decided to go a hunt of myself, a hunt for Monster Hunter gifts and to be honest I was happily surprised.

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The Best Monster Gifts

Monster Hunter Funko Pop

Another great and super popular gift are the Funko Pops. It is a hate it or love thing. One thing that certainly helps is that that price is around $10 to $20 so that is quite cheap for a good looking gift that everybody is excited about these days. There’s quite a good collection of Monster Hunter Funko Pop that you can buy, see the full list at Amazon.

Monster Hunter Action Figures

Have you or your loved ones been playing Monster Hunter for a long time? Have you ever wanted to get them something awesome for Christmas, but just don’t have any idea what? Well, look no further. Here are the coolest Monster Hunter action figures that are perfect for any occasion. We have also selected some of the best monster hunter gifts so if you’re looking for something cheap as well then we got that covered too!

Monster Hunter Statues

If you have regularly visited my blog, you know that I have soft spot for statues and Monster Hunter didn’t disappoint me with what is available. As you can see below, there are some really cool statues available. You can already get one of those below $100 and that is a very fair price in my opinion.

The places that you should consider of buying are Amazon, simply because of the good pricing. Just make sure that you are buying the real deal. Find an great overview.

If you are thinking of buying directly on the Capcom Store, guess again the amount of statues is really limited like around 3 to 5. You are better of on Amazon or on the Big Bad Toy Store.

Monster Hunter Books

There aren’t a lot of Monster Hunter Books available but there’s one I really look forward in having but it is still in pre-order. Monster Hunter: World – Official Complete Works. The book is an absolute monster itself. It is 376 pages long and contains every bit of information that you could possibly need in the game. Capcom even released an art book but it is very limited in my opinion. But still a nice to have.

Monster Hunter Comics

So this was just a lucky guess, did you know that there are also Monster Hunter comics? Well there are, there are even several volumes. You can find the full list here of the Flash Hunter volumes. But it doesn’t stop there, there is also another series called Monster Hunter Orage which you can find here. I can’t speak for which one is the best but if you want to start, best to start with the Flash Hunter series.

Some Other Monster Hunter Gifts You Might Want To Consider

Monster Hunter Backpack

Surprise just about anyone with the perfect gift- a quality construction Monster Hunter Backpack! Manufactured from a durable high grade polyester and canvas blend, it features the Airou Airu cat design Anime fans will love. The roomy interior design can hold plenty of favorite items with space measuring 22×15.74 inches. What’s more, the rope drawstring closure enables quick open and close to grab what’s needed while keeping valuables safely tucked inside. Whether used for school, running errands, day trips or parties, this backpack is sure to fit all needs! The straps are easily zippered apart or brought together to create singular or double straps like a traditional backpack.

Monster Hunter Plush

This Monster Hunter got a Chibi makeover and has become an adorable yet snuggly collectible for fans! Released by Capcom, this plush has all the makings of a new fan favorite. At 7.8 inches, it is the perfect size to carry, snuggle with or display. Quality craftsmanship, vibrant colors and a seamless finish are just some of the details that go into making this plush a truly unique addition to any collection. It makes the perfect gift for any video game lover or offers a touch of nostalgia for those that have played the original games. Reviewers all agree that this is one plush that even adults are proud to own!

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

The Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Switch for Nintendo is an awesome addition for any gamer. You will have the flexibility of playing on-the-go or online with all of your friends. There is a completely new roster of deviant variants, new monsters, and a mysterious Dragon. This switch includes a new level of the challenge called the ‘g’ rank. This exciting level is for experienced hunters who want to try awesome new battle tactics. All of your favorite familiar foes are here but they have different abilities and moves. This will keep you guessing as you play the game. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is customizable gameplay and it allows co-op multiplayer.

Monster Hunter: Nargacuga Action Figure

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your Monster Hunter gamer? How about a three-dimensional black Nargacuga with a severed tail option? This realistic monster captures all of the details as seen on screen. The first release of this amazing re-creation includes a special stand and a hunter mini-figure. When you order this monster you will receive the Nargacuga, optional severed tail, optional face parts, a pair of left/right deployment wings, optional angry tail, bonus hunter, and stand. This product meets all North American safety and consumer product regulations. It is part of the S.H. Monster-Arts series that is known for its articulation and realistic detail.

Monster Hunter Choose Your Weapon Shirt

The Monster Hunter Maroon T-shirt is the perfect gift for anyone who is a Monster Hunter fanatic. The T-shirt comes in a variety of sizes including small, medium, large, and extra-large. In fact, you can now even purchase this attractive T-shirt in sizes XX-Large, 3X Large, 4X-Large, and 5X-Large. The T-shirt is made from a polyester/cotton blend and comes in an attractive maroon color. This T-shirt has been officially licensed and is a quality product. The front of the T-shirt has the inscription, “Choose Your Weapon” in black lettering. The front also has pictures of an assortment of Monster Hunter weapons.

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