Moon Knight

  • Golden Scarab

    Golden Scarab

    The new TV series Moon Knight has swiftly built a legion of fans for one of the lesser-known of Marvel’s heroes. Central to the story is the Golden Scarab which can point the way to the tomb of the crocodile goddess, Ammit. In ancient Egypt, the scarab was also a popular symbol of the sun god Ra – and was often worn as an amulet. This 3D printed resin scarab is fabulously painted and features wings that open and close just like the model that is used in the Moon Knight TV show. This is the perfect gift for the avid fan or for personal display purposes.

  • Moon Knight Omnibus

    Moon Knight Omnibus

    Reading this comic book will allow you to discover the many faces hidden behind Moon knight’s disguise. He’s that millionaire playboy always found in the club. He’s the cab driver that’s always friendly to talk to. He’s the werewolf hunter that always protects the damsel in distress. This mercenary is finding his place in the marvel universe by stopping crime one villain at a time. It’s certainly a good and complex read for a comic book. Young and old alike are delighted by his never ending venture to keep the city and its people safe from harm. Volume 1 will certainly be followed by more issues.

  • Moon Knight Cosplay Deluxe

    Moon Knight Cosplay Deluxe

    Marc Specter is on the move and ready to save us from any villain he crosses in his path. His recurring villain Bushman wants his head but he can use his super strength, mystical visions, and expert detective ability to crush him in his path. He’s that ex-CIA operative that’s always on the job and crushing enemies. Would you like to dress up like him for Halloween or Cosplay? While it’s on the pricier side, it’s the most highly detailed outfit out there. You can get his grey attire that allows him to stealth through darkness and catch the enemy in his claws.

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