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This Is Your Brain on Music

This is your brain on Music is one fun and interesting read. Daniel Levitin, the author, has comprehensively explained the relation between this beautiful art, music, and science, brain-related aspects. He has explored this connection from how Music is composed, performed, and answers the questions why we enjoy Music and how we listen to it. This thought-provoking book will blow your mind. I know you are curious to know why, especially teenagers, get emotionally attached to Music they listen to. This book is very helpful in any music theory class; it can make a great gift for any music lover.

Musical Notes and Bars Socks

What better way of expressing your love for Music than by Foot Traffic, other than wearing the musical notes and bars socks? These are made of a perfect blend of cotton, nylon, spandex, and polyester to assure breathability and comfort. Also, these materials are well selected for their premium quality and soft touch. You can wear these comfortable socks wherever you wish, be it at the office, night club, and so on. They are stylish with a beautifully detailed design and add a classy note to any look. These functional socks have a top-notch top band to keep them up all day – these novelty socks are a thoughtful gift idea to music enthusiasts.

Music Lover Pillow

As the name suggests, this pillow cover is ideal for all music lovers. It makes a perfect addition to any music room. It is creatively designed and embroidered with love. The fabric used is pure cotton for a soft touch, as well as increased longevity. This pillow cover employs cutting edge sewing technique for longer-lasting use. Moreover, it is fitted with a self-hidden zipper to fix a pillow inside and remove it easily. This pillow cover is lovely, and with the stitched lettering, ‘Music is life. That’s why your hearts have beats’ it makes an adorable gift to any musician.

Funny Music Coffee Mug

Start your days in style and luxury with the beautiful music coffee mug. It is designed with a print on both sides that funnily states, ‘this is a sharp #, not a hashtag.’ This mug is made purely of sturdy white ceramic, and the black printing gives it a great modern look. Furthermore, it is well suited for both restaurant and home use. This mug is microwave and dishwasher safe and ideal for hot and cold beverages alike. It is well packaged to ensure it gets to you in a perfect state. Look no further for a great gift idea on any gifting occasion such as anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, graduations, and many more.

Music Keychain Gift

The music keychain is nothing short of beautiful. This music note jewelry includes a finely designed treble clef and a singer microphone. There is also an engraving that states ‘where words fail music speaks.’ It is silver plated for longer lasting use and tarnish-resistant to maintain a great look for a long time. This functional keychain comes in handy to keep your keys safe. It has an affordable price and elegant at the same time. The best part is, the package arrives in a beautiful jewelry pouch for the ideal presentation. You can gift this to yourself or any music lover in your life.

Musical Flat Notes Cards

Are you in a band, play an instrument, sing, or generally love Music? Then music flat notes cards will make a perfect addition to your stationery. This set includes 50 notecards complete with matching envelopes. Each of these is designed with a musical theme, and artistic staff border lining, and the printing ‘Just a Note’ across the top. These come in a beautiful box for easy storage. Also, the package is a wraparound musical staff to ensure the most beautiful presentation possible. This set makes a perfect gift idea for music enthusiasts. Just pair it with a fun pen and express your love to the recipient.

Music Journal

Turn the everyday into extraordinary with this deluxe music journal. It is attractively designed, and the hardcover ensures longevity. It is reinforced by durable sewn binding, so your journal maintains a professional look even after extended use. The rounded corners come in handy to reduce wear as well. This journal comes with a matching elastic closure to protect the pages. This beautiful design is completed with little details, such as musical patterns, for a great look. The ivory pages are suitably mid-weight and are luxuriously smooth. Never miss capturing a great idea with this premium notebook. The back cover is fitted with a handy pocket. The journal makes an ideal gift for any songwriter.

Music Themed Sticky Notes

The music-themed sticky notes booklet is a great addition to your musical collection. It is inclusive of sticky notes that are shaped in staves and notes. These help in bringing harmony to all of your projects. Each of the hardcover memo pads is filled with many colorful self-sticking sheets. Just write a note, and you can stick it anywhere. The booklet is ideally sized for ease of portability as it can fit in your back pocket or purse. They are ideal for home or office use, for your friends, or coworkers as well. The notes a matte paper finish, and the Archival quality meets international standards for permanence.

Grand Piano Pop Up Card

Poplife’s grand piano pop up card is one of a kind. It is designed with a fabulous laser-cut cover complete with a cut-out featuring the treble clef. This card is handcrafted using quality natural paper for an enhanced experience. The inside of this intricate greeting card has a unique 3D printing of a colorful black grand piano. Also, it features a piano-bench pop-up and sheet music. This card is well suited for graduations, weddings, birthdays, congratulations, Father’s day, and Mother’s Day. It is blank so you can customize it to suit any occasion. This pop-up card features a stunning round carpet backdrop so you can jot down a thoughtful note to your recipient.

Music Insulated Travel Mug

The Music insulated travel mug by Spoontiques is no ordinary mug. It is uniquely designed with an outstanding treble clef printing with little details like complimentary musical patterns to complete the design. It is double-walled, an acrylic outer wall, and a stainless steel inner wall. The materials are well selected for quality. They conveniently feature a skid-resistant bottom and a locking lid that serve in preventing spillage. This mug has a 14oz capacity. The mug is well suited for traveling, made possible by its ability to keep drinks either hot or cold. It’s sizing also allows it to fit in cup holders in most vehicles. It makes an ideal gift idea for music lovers and people who are always on the go.

Manuscript Paper

The manuscript paper is well designed with every music enthusiast in mind. Each page features 12 staves. Also, it comes inclusive of a music notation guide on the first page so you can consult where necessary. This book is suitably wire bound for easy use as it can lay flat. It is well suited for professionals and students alike. The paper is of high quality, nice and thick with the lines having the ideal widths for easy visibility when reading off of a music stand or at the piano. If you know of any songwriter, music teacher, or student, this manuscript paper makes a great gift idea on any occasion.

Orchestra Baton

Functionality meets great style with the orchestra baton by MOREYES. It is made of excellent quality materials; the baton shaft is fiberglass, while the conductor baton handle is of sturdy, solid, eco-friendly, and durable wood. It is therefore built to last. This baton is uniquely designed, given the pear-shaped baton handle. It comes with a comfortable carry case that is stylish as well. This baton is well suited for beginners, professional artists, kids, and adults alike. It is also ideal for a wide range of music genres. It can be used on an orchestra, band, stage, theatre, and even a classroom.

Music Stand With Carrying Bag

The Donner sheet music stand is a worthy investment for any music enthusiast. It has a foldable design, from the black bookplate to the steel stand, for ease of portability. The materials used are of high quality for longer-lasting use. Also, it comes with a carrying bag for storage and transportation convenience. The stand has a flexible and adjustable height to suit various user heights. It comes in handy in a music school, choirs, church bands, classrooms, and orchestras. It is equipped with rubber feet and a sturdy base for safe use. It is sturdily and durably constructed and is inclusive of all accessories required.

Music Director Chair

The music director chair is well worth your money. It features pneumatic drafting that is conveniently height adjustable enabling quick positioning for any task. Also, the seat depth and back height are adjustable to allow you to personalize your ergonomic preference. This chair has a modern design to complement any office or room. The nylon base is heavy-duty with dual wheel carpet casters to allow smooth and efficient movement. This chair is fitted with an adjustable footrest that serves to offer additional support. The seat is made of quality vinyl to ensure continued service use. As an economical, ergonomically designed Music Director Chair, it is sturdily constructed to support a wide range of user weights.

Copyright Handbook for Music Educators and Directors

The copyright handbook is a great and helpful resource for every choir director. It is a practical guide that provides the information you need regarding the copyright laws affecting music directors and educators. It comes in handy in keeping you on the right side of the law. This book will give you a concise overview of key aspects and provide answers to most of the common questions you may have. It is easy to read and is inclusive of an extensive index and a comprehensive glossary of terms. Everything inside this book is educational in a great way; that’s why it makes an ideal gift idea to any music editor or director, you know.

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