Naruto vs Goku: Who Would Win?

When it comes to anime, there are some characters that transcend their own series. These are the protagonists that become heroes of a generation, and the stars of countless debates throughout the internet. It is necessary for such a character to not only be strong, but relatable to their audience. Naruto and Goku have done just that.

Who would win in a fight, Goku or Naruto? This is the ultimate question asked of every anime fan at some point in their lives. It’s a debate that raises tempers, unites friends and families (and enemies), and can go on for hours. So what’s the answer? Let’s check it out.

Naruto Biography


Kushina Uzumaki, the second Nine-Tails legendary beast bearer, and Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage of Hidden Leaf Village, are the parents of Naruto Uzumaki. When Naruto was a baby, his parents were murdered by Tobi, a villain he had fought against, and the Nine-Tails were trapped inside him. When Naruto was born, the whole community shunned him because of his connection to the Nine-Tails and vowed to keep quiet about it.

Naruto would start training as a ninja in his early youth, and he would master the powerful and prohibited Multi-Shadow Clone technique at the same time. Uchiha Sasuke, Haruno Sakura and Hatake Kakashi were his colleagues on Team 7 when he graduated from the academy and received the rank of genin. Throughout the rest of the series, Team 7 would have numerous exciting encounters, including as the Land of Waves fight with Zabuza and Haku and the fatal Chunin Exams.

When Sasuke defected from Hidden Leaf and joined the evil Orochimaru in order to gain power in order to revenge his clan, these simple days were over. As a result, Naruto and Sasuke fought for the first time, with Sasuke emerging victorious despite saving Naruto’s life. Although Sasuke was battling with the intention of killing Naruto, Naruto was able to win because he held back.

He would continue to develop in strength over the remainder of the Naruto series as he trained with many masters, channelled chakra from the Nine-Tails, and unlocked the tremendous godlike power inside him. To finish the Fourth Shinobi World War, he helped defeat Madara, Obito, and the god-like Kaguya, who were all Uchiha. After that, Naruto and Sasuke fought to a draw, ending the series.

Goku Biography


Goku, the son of Bardock and Gine, was born on the planet Vegeta and is a pureblood Saiyan warrior of the lowest class. Goku’s parents sent him to Earth just before Frieza destroyed the world so that he might avoid the disaster. Before his fall into a ravine, Goku was a typical wild and aggressive Saiyan child, but it was only until he sustained severe brain trauma that he began to mature. As a result, he developed into the endearing prat that he is now.

The youthful mechanical engineer Bulma Briefs, who was looking for the Dragon Balls in order to wish for a partner, happened to cross paths with Goku while he was still in his early teens. Goku would go on numerous travels with Bulma and experience the world for the first time when he accompanied her. There were many companions along the way: Oolong, Puar, Yamcha and the Ox King among them; Tenshinhan and Chaotzu among others; Krillin and Chichi to name just a few. Saiyan genetics made Goku a natural warrior. He studied under Master Roshi the Turtle Hermit and competed in multiple Tenkaichi Budokai championships. Unfortunately, he would only defeat Piccolo once in the championship match.

To safeguard the Earth from several dangers, Goku would train with a variety of instructors throughout the course of his life, including Kami, King Kai and Whis. He and Chichi would have two sons, Gohan and Goten, as a result of their union. Vegeta, a former foe who became a close buddy, would become a competitor of Goku’s. Since Goku was focused on being the strongest, Vegeta was focused on becoming the strongest in comparison to him. Because of their divergent outlooks, Goku has consistently outperformed Vegeta in terms of sheer power.

Naruto Powers & Abilities

Naruto has god-like powers towards the conclusion of the original series. Despite the fact that he loses part of his strength in Boruto, the sequel series, he is still very powerful.

He’s a formidable ninja even without the force of the Nine-Tails, and he’s adept at many different techniques. In addition to the Rasengan and its numerous variations, he often employs the Multi-Shadow Clone Technique. He’s also a master in taijutsu hand-to-hand combat, having faced off against such formidable opponents as Momoshiki in the past.

It is Naruto’s mastery of senjutsu that really sets him apart from the rest of his fellow shinobi. While in Sage Mode, all of Naruto’s physical abilities are enhanced, including his ability to detect chakra, as well as Six-Paths Sage Mode, which grants him superhuman mobility and the capacity to fly.

In addition to having a prosthetic limb, Naruto has another edge over other Shinobi. Powerful because it can negate or even absorb hostile techniques, it was created by Senju Harashima with unique cells.

Goku Powers & Abilities

Goku is an excellent martial artist and ki manipulator. He uses a wide variety of ki-based tactics to defend himself.

Goku’s ki gives him extraordinary strength, speed, endurance, and agility when he uses it. This, along with his impressive skill in the martial arts, makes him a formidable opponent in close quarters battle. The Kamehameha, for example, is a ranged strike that he has perfected via his ki-projecting prowess.

Goku, on the other hand, has a slew of superpowers at his disposal, including the Kaio-Ken technique, which boosts his strength at the expense of permanent damage to his body, and the different Super Saiyan transformations, which provide a flat boost in power with no downsides. For safety’s sake, Kaio-regular Ken’s forms cannot be mixed with his God-level Super Saiyan counterparts.

Ultra Instinct is Goku’s most recent and most powerful transformation. In this setting, the player may expect to be able to evade most strikes. In addition, Ultra Instinct gives the player the ability to counterattack swiftly and unconsciously. As a result, the defence and offence work in perfect harmony, making it almost impossible for an opponent to stay up.

Among Goku’s many impressive abilities, Instant Transmission is one that should not be overlooked. Goku can immediately teleport to any area he can detect a ki signature with this ability. Goku utilized this to beat Pikon in the Other World Tournament and to set up a Kamehameha against Cell in the Cell Games, both of which are examples of how this may be employed strategically in combat.


Well, the next time someone asks you who would win between Goku and Naruto, you’ll know exactly what to say. While they are both extremely powerful characters, Goku has the upper hand in almost every category—whether due to his superior strength or his extensive experience. On the other hand, Naruto is more than capable of holding his own against Goku, and his stamina and evasion more than make up for any lack of power. If a fight between these two was to ever occur, it would be an earth-shattering battle—but one that no one would be likely to win easily.

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