Odin vs Thanos: Who Deserves The Title All-Father?

Oh, we were looking so much forward to this fight. We have listed already a lot of Thanos fights and almost every time he was able to win. But could Odin finally make an end to The Mad Titan‘s winning streak?

What are the rules of this fight? Well, they are pretty simple. It is just these two characters going toe to toe with each other. They can’t call in any help and they can only use their own powers to defeat each other.

A nice fact is that both characters have been known by the alias: All-Father. Let’s find out who really deserves this title.

Odin: Biography


Odin Borson was first mentioned in American comic books in Journey into Mystery #85, making his first appearance in Journey into Mystery #86 in November 1962. Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, and Jack Kirby, inspired by the god Odin in Norse Mythology, created this character as the Asgardian Son of an Aesir God Bor Burison and a Frost Giantess Goddess Bestia. He stands at 6ft 9in and weighs in at 650 lbs.

From the Marvel Database, he is the one blue eye white-haired All-Father. Odin is a member of the Asgardian race of humanoid beings, the King of Asgard, and the protector of the Ten Realms. Vikings worship him as the god of wisdom. He has fathered many children, but Thor is his heir. His adopted son Loki became imbittered against Odin.

Odin: Powers & Abilities

King Odin Borson possesses all the powers of a God of Asgard, but to a significantly higher degree above Superhuman Power.

  • Strength: In his prime he could lift 90 tons and in later life about 60 tons to the average Asgardian 30 tons.
  • Stamina: His stamina can last months before becoming fatigued.
  • Dense Tissue: His bones, skin and muscles are 3 times as dense as humans and contribute to his supreme strength and immense weight.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: This ability enables Odin to heal and restore wounds quickly and to regrow severed limbs.
  • Odinforce: Due to Odinforce or the odinsource, he can control large amounts of magical energy called Odin Power.
  • Allspeak: Allspeak gives Odin the ability to speak all the languages of all the nine realms, all Earth languages and dialects and other various alien languages.

Thanos: Biography


Thanos made his first appearance in February 1973 in Iron Man #55 and was created by Jim Starlin and Mike Friedrich. He is part of a race called the Eternals who lived on the planet Titan. According to the Marvel Encyclopedia, he is 6ft 7in and weighs 985 lbs. 

In the Marvel Encyclopedia, he is described as “one the strongest beings in existence”. So as an adversary, there won’t be many who could beat him. Thanos was born with the Deviant gene which gave him purple skin, a furrowed chin and a massive body with an incredible amount of strength and intellect.  

Thanos: Powers & Abilities

  • Superhuman Powers: It has shown that Thanos has the strength of a god and let us also not forget that he has superhuman agility, reflexes and stamina. 
  • Matter & Energy Manipulation: To the list of powers, we can also add the ability to manipulate matter and energy. He can shoot energy out of his eyes and control matter on an atomic level.
  • Magic: Thanos also possesses the power of magic. He is skilled in Black Arts and also has several other mystic capabilities like cursing other heroes or beings. 
  • Immortality: Because of his immortality, he doesn’t age nor does he die even after getting injured. Thanos is even banned by Death with whom he is obsessed. 

Odin vs Thanos: Let’s Compare Some Numbers

Marvel has given almost all their heroes a score which they call a power grid (you can find these on Marvel.com). So these numbers don’t come from us but from Marvel themselves.

6.3Expert Score

POWER GRID (7 is the maximum per criteria)


As soon as we kick off this fight, it doesn’t look good for Thanos as Odin beats him when it comes to the criteria Durability. This means that Odin is able to withstand more than Thanos as he only got a 6 out of 7. We already like where this is going.

Also in terms of Energy, Thanos is outmatched by Odin. So already for the first 2 criteria, Marvel has decided that Odin is just perfect when it comes to Durability and Energy. We definitely agree here.

For Fightings Skills, the score is tied. Both received a 4 which we think is a little bit low for both characters. Ok, they indeed count a lot on their magic like Odinforce but they are still excellent fighters so a 5 or 6 would also have made sense.

Even when it comes to Intelligence, there aren’t a lot of beings in the Marvel Universe that are so wise like Odin. So he even outsmarts Thanos on this point.

So for Speed, they are evenly matched which we think is also fair. So we can be short about that.

But what we were surprised about, is that according to Marvel, Thanos is stronger than Odin when it comes to brute strength. If you take a look at both characters, that actually could make sense but we know that appearance isn’t always the right criteria. So this was definitely a surprise for us.

Odin vs Thanos: Who Would Win In A Fight?

The numbers couldn’t be more clear from Marvel and we are very happy that we finally found a hero who is powerful enough to take down Thanos on his own. So let us all bow to the God Of Wisdom Odin!


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