• Pac-Man Connect and Play

    Pac-Man Connect and Play

    Released for the yellow gaming icon’s 35th anniversary, Bandai’s Pac-Man Connect and Play set gives you a cute Pac-Man shaped joystick that hooks right into your television’s A/V inputs. You can choose between the titular game itself or an assortment of other arcade classics, including Dig Dug, Galaga, Galaxian, New Rally X, and more. There’s even a 256th Pac-Man bonus level if you happy to make it that far! There are a myriad of other ways to play these games on modern consoles at this point, but having them all in one collection makes this a worthy addition to your gaming library. Be sure to pick up a separate pack of AA batteries if you buy!

  • Pac Man Blanket

    Pac Man Blanket

    Nothing beats having a warm fleece blanket for the colder months of the year, but gamers will especially enjoy the retro Pac-Man design on this one! With a black background to make the design pop, you will easily be transported back to a 1980’s arcade. The microfiber construction ensures that this blanket is made to last and will forever retain its shape. Plus, it’s not just a blanket, but a cape, too! Wrap yourself on those cold days and use the hood feature found centered on the throw. With strong reinforced seams, you don’t have to worry about this blanket falling apart in the wash!

  • Pac-Man Mens’ Underwear

    Pac-Man Mens’ Underwear

    In the pantheon of iconic video game imagery, the original level from the arcade classic Pac-Man is among the most recognizable. If you, a friend, or a loved one are the sort to wear your love for gaming right on your sleeve, why not do the same below? This pair of Pac-Man men’s underwear is a perfect print right from the old game that is sure to bring back positive memories of arcade trips long past. Many gamers will surely leap at the chance to brandish these bad boys, and it can make for a wonderful gag gift as well.

  • Pac-Man Lamp

    Pac-Man Lamp

    Add that extra touch of warm glow to your room and give it that ’80s arcade vibe with the Schylling Pac-Man lamp. With a Pac-Man shaped design, a nostalgic glow and 12 authentic arcade sounds, this is the perfect companion for any gaming geek den! Plus, control the amount of light you want by using the included dimmer switch. This plugs right in, so no need to waste batteries, and its compact 6.5×7.5 inch size makes it a great piece of decor for any nightstand, table or shelf. Kids and adults alike can connect with this retro yet modern Pac-Man lamp!

  • Pac-Man Lunch Box

    Pac-Man Lunch Box

    Perfect to carry your lunch or to use as a tote bag, Vandor’s Pac-Man lunch box is manufactured from durable metal that can withstand wear and tear. The nostalgic design takes you back to the days of arcade video games and the solid plastic handle enables you to always have an easy grip! The latch closure ensures all of your belongings are safe for the trip and the compact size of 9×3.5×7.5 inches makes it ideal to stash anywhere. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift or love collecting retro items, the Pac-Man lunch box is a winner in design and function!

  • Pac-Man The Board Game

    Pac-Man The Board Game

    Can’t you just get enough of Pac-Man but you need to reduce your screen time? No problem! You can now continue playing with Pac-Man The Board Game. You can now play Pac-Man or Blinky, Pinky, Inky or Clyde and it is fun guaranteed for the whole family. The cool thing about this board game that it also makes the classic “waka, waka, waka” Aracade sounds. I couldn’t stop laughing when I found that out! You can play it with 2 to 5 players and it is a must-have for every Pac-Man fan.

  • Pac-Man Socks

    Pac-Man Socks

    Bring back those favorite moments from your childhood arcade adventures with the Pac-Man 5 pack unisex ankle socks! This is high quality officially licensed merchandise bearing the iconic ’80s Pac-Man design in five different colors, representing Clyde, Blinky, Inky, Pinky and Pac-Man himself. The comfort long-lasting blend of polyester and spandex fabrics ensure a solid fit, whether you’re a man or a woman. These socks don’t require any special care and are machine washable for your convenience. As you receive a pack of 5, you can hand them out as gifts, collect them, place them in goodie bags or keep them all for yourself!

  • Pac-Man Championship Edition 2

    Pac-Man Championship Edition 2

    Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 for the PS4 and XBox One is a modern tinged take on the old classic Pac-Man formula. It has bright, sleek visuals and music that’s sure to get stuck in your head for hours. After playing through several of the new levels, you can even unlock the original 1980s version. Just for good measure, Namco has also thrown in ports of Galaga and Dig Dug. Die-hard fans of the original versions of the game may need some time to adjust to the feel of playing with controllers on modern HD televisions, but otherwise there’s lots of fun to be had here. Best of all, you can land this title for only a fraction of the price of most modern console games!

  • Pac-Man Mini Arcade

    Pac-Man Mini Arcade

    If you have always dreamed of having a Pac-Man Arcade, well now is your chance. This Pac-Man Mini Arcade is just the perfect gift to give or to get. It has the authentic color LCD 80’s graphics, sounds and gameplay. It is powered by 3 AA batteries which are included and it is around 4 inches width and 5. 75 in height.

  • Pac-Man Handheld Game Console

    Pac-Man Handheld Game Console

    The Pac-Man Handheld Game Console is a power-packed experience for those wanting an on-the-go gaming solution. With its high-quality built-in speakers, gorgeous 2.75″ display, and tremendous build quality, this is a gaming console that has all the perks necessary to impress. It offers an authentic retro look that adds to the console’s crisp build ensuring gamers get to relish the days when this was the ultimate game. With a refined 3.5mm headphone jack, enjoy the beautiful audio as it streams out of the handheld console. This is an all-in-one experience for those who want to have the time of their lives.

  • Tamagotchi Pac-Man

    Tamagotchi Pac-Man

    The Tamagotchi Pac-Man is a charming, fun-filled experience for those wanting to soak up the experience of Tamagotchi with a Pac-Man styled character. Take the time to raise your character as it continues to feed on Tamagotchi rice while running away from the infamous Pac-Man ghosts. This sleek device comes in multiple forms and offers an immersive experience for those who want to have a bit of fun. With two fun mini-games included – Catch Game and Pac Game, this is a device that is going to bring a smile to your face as soon as it is time to raise the character.

  • Pac Man Lamp

    Pac Man Lamp

    This bright, fun Pac Man Lamp will make the perfect addition to any gaming or collectible room, and it would be a sure hit for any child’s bedroom as well. Perfectly sculpted in the familiar shape of the original Pac-Man ghosts and cast in translucent plastic, the colorful soft glow is both pleasant on the eyes and an instant ticket into nostalgia. Better still, the lamp can shift between different color combinations. If you want a truly amazing display, consider hooking up a row of four! This is a great conversation starter and a truly unique way to keep your eyes from straining in the dark while you whittle away evenings in your game room!

  • Funko Pac-Man

    Funko Pac-Man

    Whether you love Funko POPs or retro arcade games, the Funko POP Pac-Man figurine is the perfect addition to your growing collection! With iconic stylized features only found in POP figurines, this high quality vinyl rendering is sure to bring a smile to your face. Even non-collectors can enjoy the 3.75 inch figure as it is the perfect gift or decorative object for a small space. Some may consider it a children’s toy, but due to the fragility of this POP, it is best left untouched on display. Pac-Man is an iconic character from the 1980’s, and this miniature figurine is sure to take you back!

  • Pac-Man Mug

    Pac-Man Mug

    Hold 16 ounces of your favorite beverage every morning with the Vandor 56094 Pac-Man mug. The large size is perfect for hugging and cuddling with during those cold winter months! Hand carved and sculpted from solid ceramic, this piece will remind you of your favorite gaming days while keeping your favorite beverage warm. The premium quality design makes this mug a unique gift and an even better collectible for Pac-Man fans! Each mug comes with its own gift box for safekeeping or gifting to your intended recipient. The bright yellow color with the solid back detailing calls attention to this mug and it is sure to please for many years to come.

  • Pac-Man Fever

    Pac-Man Fever

    Whether Pac-Man was your childhood, or you appreciate retro video games, the invention of this striking character spawned a worldwide phenomenon. The 1980s are forever defined by arcades and one yellow guy, Pac-Man. In fact, this game is the basis for the hit song, “Pac-Man Fever” by Buckner & Garcia. The novel by the same name tells the story behind the song and how it became an unlikely hit. You get tons of bonus content in this tome including music downloads, karaoke, sheet music and special video content access. This book is a must for fans of the hit song, the ’80s or of course, Pac-Man!

  • Pac Man Shirt

    Pac Man Shirt

    Released by Namco in 1980, Pac-Man is an iconic staple in every video gamer’s personal catalog. As a character, Pac-Man has the ability to bring together generations of gamers and arcade lovers. Young boys can show their love for this retro character with the new Bioworld Pac-Man graphic shirt! Woven from 100% cotton and vibrantly screen printed, the design won’t crack or fade even wash after wash. Available in boy’s sizes small to extra large, this shirt is the perfect gift for just about any occasion! Authentic and fully licensed, this is one novelty shirt that belongs in the wardrobe of any and every gamer.

  • Pac-Man Arcade

    Pac-Man Arcade

    If you’ve always hoped to have arcade cabinets in your home but you just don’t have the space, the fine folks at Arcade1Up have come up with an amazing compromise. This countertop Pac-Man Arcade cabinet is a prime example. It features many of the same graphics that graced the original cabinets, and it offers the same exact gameplay experience. You can set it up on any counter or desktop, it’s easy to move around, and best of all you only have to pay a fraction of the price! Old cabinets are incredibly expensive and difficult to maintain, so why not go for a more sensible substitute? Even the pickiest of game historians is sure to appreciate the effort taken to honor the original!

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