Panda Gifts

Looking for the best Panda Gifts? I made a great list. My favorites are the Little Panda book and the Panda Slippers.

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The Finest Panda Merchandise & Gifts

Panda Mug

This stylish white and black ceramic coffee mug comes complete with a 3D panda lid to keep hot beverages warm and safe from dust. It is microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe and arrives in certified anti-breakage packaging. The mug’s large 400ml (13.7 oz) capacity is sure to please tea, coffee and hot chocolate fans the world over and the cute hand-painted panda face is a great touch. A sliver sugar cube spoon is included and the cup would make a perfect gift for panda lovers of all ages, be it for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas Day or a Birthday. Find It Here

Panda Pajamas

These plush panda pajamas are so soft and comfortable that you will look forward to putting them on at the end of a long day. Sewn out of plush fleece with soft ribbed-cotton cuffs, these pajamas will keep you warm and comfortable at night, no matter what the weather is like outside. They are available in both women’s and girl’s sizes. Along with a comfortable elastic waistband, the women’s version has pockets, providing the perfect place to carry your phone or other small items. The front of the pajama top features an adorable panda bear with the words “Life Is Like a Dream ” underneath it. A small panda is also embroidered on the front of the pants, providing the perfect finishing touch. Find It Here

Silver Lovely Panda with Bamboo

Show off your love of pandas with this beautiful sterling silver necklace. The necklace, which comes with an 18-inch chain, has a pendant in the shape of an adorable panda bear eating bamboo. The leaves of the bamboo are made out of sparkly green stones, while the body of the bear is made out of .925 sterling silver. Even if you are sensitive to metal, you don’t have to worry about this pendant irritating your skin since it is completely free of nickel, cadmium, and lead. This necklace comes in a gift box along with a polishing cloth, making it easy to give as a gift. Find It Here

Panda Slippers

For the best feet comfort and warmth, these slippers are the ultimate go-to. Made from fluffy fur, they are designed to keep your feet warm whether your household floors are from hardwood or chilly marble. Their soles are however made of a foam pad that is lined with silicone grip dots to increase grasp, eliminating chances of slipping. Looking at them, one is bound to assume that they are difficult to wash, but the case is quite the opposite. They are easily hand-washed clean and sun-dried. Be careful when using a laundry machine as it may reduce the amount of fluff, shortening their durability. Besides these utilitarian qualities, they carry with them an additional advantage, style. Coming in different colors and animal forms, they are cute and plush! Find It Here

Kung Fu Panda: 3-Movie Collection

The Kung Fu Panda: 3-movie collection is full of panda awesomeness. If your child loves the Kung Fu Panda series, he or she will absolutely love this movie collection. It features each movie in the series and you can purchase it in either DVD or Blu-Ray format. Along with the animated films, each disc comes with its own set of unseen footage via deleted scenes and your child will have a blast watching a mash-up of blunders and everything else that is included on Disc 4 which features all kinds of bonus footage. It is truly a movie collection that any Dream Works fan can’t miss. Find It Here

The Amazing Panda Adventure

The Amazing Panda Adventure is one of those films you love to watch with your whole family. It is the story of two children, an American boy and a Chinese girl, trekking the mountains together in search for a stolen baby panda. If your little girl loves animals and adventure, she’s going to enjoy this action-packed movie. Filmed in China, The Amazing Panda Adventure boasts some stunningly beautiful locations. The story of this little panda is thoughtful and well developed, the main characters are on a noble mission, and the film is entertaining and inspiring. This is a gift to enjoy with the entire family. Find It Here

National Geographic Readers: Pandas

This is a wonderful paperback book in the National Geographic Readers Level 2 series featuring the subject Pandas. It is written in English by author Anne Schreiber. It talks about the universal love of panda bears across the world and shows with full color photos how they live and play. They aren’t just good for climbing and cute cuddling, they can also chew and scratch! Level 2 books are intended for kids ages 5-8 years who are ready to tackle longer sentences and a more complex vocabulary. This book is measured 9 inches tall, 6 inches wide, and has 32 pages. Find It Here

Little Panda

If you are looking for a vibrant book for readers aged preschool and up, Please, Mr. Panda written and drawn by Steve Anthony is a wonderful choice. This is a board book just right for children up to three years of age, complete with 26 pages with incredible illustrations. This playful book follows Mr. Panda through a variety of encounters with other animals like a whale, skunk, and penguin. Children learn about different situations and how manners come into play, teaching the reasons for saying please and thank you. Please, Mr. Panda is an excellent addition when you want a book to share with your young reader. Find It Here

Please, Mr. Panda

This illustrated board book documents the adventure of Little Panda in the jungle. The mother always stays by her cub along the entire journey. The story of this youthful exploration and parental love unfolds in short rhyming lines, easy to remember even by a 3-year old girl. Little Panda is a fun and charming book that will go straight to the heart of any little girl who loves pandas. This cute book for toddlers can make the perfect birthday gift. Its beautiful illustrations and its playful rhymes tell the story of this Panda cub in a lovely and captivating way. Find It Here

Panda Sculpture

This panda sculpture is made with real crushed stone that has been bonded together with high quality designer resin. The panda in this sculpture is enjoying a snack of some leaves off of a branch. This would make a great gift to any panda lover or for people that like to collect sculptures of different animals. Each of these statues are hand painted by artisans so you know that the details are going to be on point. Buy it and you can either display it on a shelf inside or make it part of your yard by putting it somewhere like your garden. Find It Here

Panda Bracelet

A perfect gift for the perfect friend, this unique handmade panda bracelet is bound to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Not only is it a beautiful accessory, but carries with it a hefty meaning. The infinity sign shows an eternal love while the panda, a spirit animal for prosperity, shows that you wish the best to whoever wears it. Apart from the infinity and panda charm, the bracelet is made of a lobster clamp, woven leather rope and adjustable chain to fit different sizes of wrists. This makes the bracelet a fantastic gift for a friend be it a boy, girl, teen, adult or yourself. Find It Here

Plush 18” Panda Bear

This adorable panda bear is two gifts in one! Children are sure to delight over this high-quality, soft panda bear plush. From the bear’s adorable face to its cute little tail, this plush toy has a lot of appealing details that are worth appreciating. Find It Here

Panda Hoodie

The panda hoodie is absolutely cute and is the perfect gift for a young girl. This product comes with faux fur ball ears and one front pocket. It has a set of drawstrings in front for the perfect fit. The panda hoodie is made from high quality fleece material. You should hand wash this garment without bleaching it to prolong the lifespan of the hoodie. High temperature ironing is not recommended for this product. The hoodie will match your jeans perfectly. It will also fit your pants, leggings, and denim shorts. Make sure you purchase the panda hoodie for your daughter. Find It Here

Panda Storage Bin

A panda storage bin is fun to have because you can put toys or other belongings you have in it. It looks cute and will make a great addition to any room in your home. It’s made of linen and cotton fabric so it’s soft and easy to store items in. If you have a family member that likes pandas, you can give it to them as a gift or you can buy it for yourself to use. Pandas are cute and many people like them so this could be something that makes the day of whoever gets it from you. Find It Here

Panda Bear Scarf

If you want a lightweight panda bear scarf, this one is the way to go. It is made of lightweight materials and features cute pandas printed all over it. Scarves can make a great gift or they can be a good thing to buy for yourself if you enjoy animals. Think about how cold it can get and it makes sense to have a scarf that you can wear when you want to keep yourself warm. It makes a nice accessory that can go with different outfits you may have so buy it and you’re sure to find that it suits you well. Find It Here

Panda Bear Necklace With Box

Girls of all ages will love this 18″ silver necklace with the panda bear pendant. Your daughter will be excited to show off the adorable panda bear. This panda bear necklace is safe for all skin types – including sensitive skin – and comes packed in a gift box. The panda bear pendant measures around 5/8 inches high by 1/2 inch wide. The diameter of the gift box is around 2.5 inches. This is a great present for a young girl’s birthday party or as a gift for the holidays. That’s why you need to buy this panda bear necklace with box. Find It Here

Panda Coloring Book For Adults

If you want to buy a coloring book that features pandas then this is the right product for you. Adults can color in coloring books just like kids can, and the designs in this coloring book were made specifically for adults. The nice thing about coloring is that it lets you relax and just concentrate on one thing at one time instead of worrying about this or that during a hectic day. Just sit at a table, get your coloring tools out, and color in some panda based designs with this coloring book. It will be a great way to deal with stress! Find It Here

Panda Playing Cards

Do you like pandas? Then you’re going to love these Bicycle panda playing cards. They feature pandas on them and are a great addition to a home that loves to play card games and that loves pandas. You can play all kinds of games with a simple deck of cards, and they don’t cost much to get either. Most people have said in reviews that these are a great deck of cards and that they’re happy with their purchase. Get these if you want the best cards for people who love animals and they’re sure to be a hit with the whole family. Find It Here

Panda Mini ATM

A panda mini ATM is a great toy for storing money in and teaching kids about saving their money. It can take coins like a piggy bank and it can also store paper money as long as that paper money isn’t too soft or thin. Featuring a panda, this is a great gift for those that love animals or just pandas in general. There is a keypad on the toy that lets you open it if you get the combination right. Don’t fret if you forget the combination because the batteries can be taken out which resets the password to all 0s. Find It Here

Cute Panda Backpack

You may think that the Cute Panda Backpack is only for children but you will be amazed at how many young women simply fall in love with this attractive backpack. It is a lightweight canvas backpack that is casual yet fashionable. Find It Here

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