Penguin Gifts

Looking for the best Penguin Gifts? I made a great list. My favorites are the Huge Soft Oversized Penguin and the Penguin-Opoly game.

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The Finest Penguin Merchandise & Gifts

Penguin Slippers

If you are looking for something practical and adorable, these Wishpet slippers with an adorable penguin appearance are the best choice for you. They are fuzzy black penguins with yellow beaks and feet. Children will love to hug and squeeze this plush pet. They are easy to clean by handwashing with a light soap and cold water. They are available in a variety of sizes and style options for you to choose from. They are great companions for any child when traveling in the car, on longer airplane trips, or simply to enjoy at home. Every kid would agree that they are super huggable and cute. Find It Here

Penguin Plush Animal Hat

Looking for the perfect gift for the penguin lover in your life? How about this amazing penguin plushy? It is a plush hat colored and shaped like a penguin, made of polyester. It has a round circumference of 25.5 inches, with an adorable 35 inch long mitten and scarf combination attached to the hat. Your child will have fun wearing this indoors and out, as it is practical for keeping the warmth in but is cute enough to use as a costume. It isn’t just for kids; most adults can also wear this hat! It is black with a white lining and a yellow beak in front. Find It Here

Penguin Hoodie

If your child enjoys penguins then they are going to love this wearable penguin hoodie. It’s basically a hooded blanket and on the head of it you have a penguin’s head. Where your hands go in the hoodie, there are penguin hands as well. Anyone that has children should check out this hoodie to keep them warm during cold nights or just as something to wear for fun around the house during any time of the day. It’s warm and is a great addition to a home, especially if you have a child that loves penguins or animals in general. Find It Here

Penguin Drawstring Gift Bags

Penguin Drawstring Gift Bags are a great gift for anyone who wants to give a gift. These 7″ bags feature felt penguins in funny winter attire, and can be used to hold gifts or party items. When the drawstrings are pulled, the top of the bag looks like a knit hat. They’re perfect to use around Christmas parties, but aren’t limited to only these events, as they can work just as well at birthday parties. You can even put a little potpourri in them and turn them into a stylish satchel. These festive gift bags come in blue, red, and green. Find It Here

Disney Club Penguin

Fun and interaction go hand-in hand with Disney’s Club Penguin. As the number one kids’ online game, players are brought into a unique portal for safe interaction with friends. Imaginations soar and creativity abounds with interaction through games, pet Puffle adoption, igloo customization, and earning virtual coins. Members have the ability to gain access to a wide range of online events and parties as well as premium games and special areas. This is a free online world that is always dedicated to the safety and fun for players of all ages. Note: An account is required in order to activate the world of Disney’s Club Penguin. Find It Here

March of the Penguins

The March of the Penguins video is an excellent documentary that takes you on a once in a lifetime journey through incredible snowstorms and subfreezing temperatures. It provides an epic tale of a group of flightless aquatic penguins that at summers end engage in a perilous journey to Antarctic ice flows for their annual mating ritual. Find It Here

Penguin USB Flash Drive

The Penguin USB Flash Drive provides portable data storage in a cute package. This adorable flash drive looks like a blushing penguin, and its head acts as cover for the drive. When the head is removed, the drive can be plugged into any computer with a USB port. It has a Hi-Speed USB 2.0 connector and works with Windows XP, Vista, 7, and higher, along with Linux and Mac OS 10+ operating systems. 8GB of storage space are available on the drive for those files you want to take on the go. A necklace is included with the drive to make it easier to carry around. Find It Here

National Geographic Readers: Penguins!

Penguins are so cute that there’s no wonder everyone loves them! Now you can find them in this edition of National Geographic for kids. Exciting and chocked full of useful information, this magazine will surely become the favorite of your 3-year old baby penguin! Supporting K-12 educators, National Geographic ensures that the information inside is both fun and educational. Printed in vivid colors, on high-quality paper, and showcasing amazing illustrations and photos, this book is the perfect gift for toddlers. Beware, though, your little ones may become obsessed with penguins! Make sure, at least, that they learn as much as possible about these cuties. Find It Here

Huge Soft Oversized Penguin

How would you like to offer your kids a giant plush? This American made huge soft oversized penguin might be exactly what you’re looking for. Made from high-quality materials and stuffed with soft polyester, this plushy penguin will surely make a big impression in terms of both quality and size. The animal is made with great attention to detail, hence its extremely realistic look. The penguin is 60 inches tall, it measures over 34 inches across and it weighs 30 pounds. It’s a brilliant gift any toddler would love. Some adults might also fall in love with the giant cutie. Find It Here

Happy Feet 1 & 2

The life of a penguin is explored with upbeat songs and adorable characters in Happy Feet 1 & 2. This DVD set includes both Happy Feet and Happy Feet 2, following the life and adventures of Mumble the penguin. Happy Feet follows Mumble as he adventures away from home for the first time, meeting up with a group of interesting Emporer penguins. Happy Feet 2 takes you through Mumble’s experiences as a parent to his little son Erik and his reluctance to dance. These movies are fun for the whole family and excellent for all ages, complete with adorable images and catchy tunes for sing-alongs. Find It Here

Penguin Coffee Mug Set

Looking for something adorable and practical? This coffee mug set looks like a group of penguins! It comes with a cutely decorated lid to help keep the warmth in. This unique lid has a slot so you may keep the spoon (which is also included) inside of the mug with the lid on. The mug is colored black and has a secure handle. It is safe for your microwave as well as your dishwasher. It is made of high quality ceramic, and it is also FDA approved. Holding 11 ounces of your favorite liquid, it is a perfect set for home or office use. Find It Here

Penguin Soft Plush Pillow

Cuteness and comfort come together with the Penguin Soft Plush Pillow by sunyou. This pillow features a light blue sleeping penguin in a prone position. The pillow is 23.6 by 13.8 by 9.1 inches and contains a cotton filler that gives it a delightful level of comfort and softness. The pillow comes in vacuum packaging, so it will have to be unloosened to return to its original shape. Once the shape has been recovered, the pillow can be used for sleeping or even act as a plush toy. It even comes with a random emoji key chain that features one of 12 funny faces. Find It Here


If you are looking for a fun game for kids or to enjoy playing with kids, Penguin-Opoly by Late For The Sky is a great option. This game is made for 2 to 6 players and is set up “opoly-style” with sculpted tokens. Players enjoy learning about penguins throughout gameplay and this is a game that is suitable for players ages 8 and over. All players work to collect their favorite penguins and must up the rent by doing actions like adding an ocean. This is a fun and interactive game that includes the gameplay that we all know and love from the Monopoly realm but with the addition of penguins and learning about a variety of penguin species. Find It Here

Penguin Kitchen Timer

This is an ideal gift item for someone who is interested in cooking. The penguin kitchen timer will help time your food so that it turns out just right. The timer will go up to 60 minutes, and you only need to turn the head of the penguin to set the timer. The timer is made of steel with a plastic exterior to it. You should follow the directions in the box to set the timer. Turn the timer clockwise to 60 minutes and then counterclockwise to set your desired time. This quality product is manufactured by Kikkerland Design Inc. Find It Here

Penguin Corkscrew

The Penguin Corkscrew by Kingsley provides the convenience of a bottle opener with a cute design. The corkscrew features a penguin body composed of a twisting penguin head and flapping wings that add a creative twist to the classic rack and pinion mechanism. The outside of the corkscrew is made of a soft plastic that is easy to hold, and its worm is made of stainless steel. The corkscrew works with any corked bottle by simply twisting the worm into a cork five times and using the wings to lift the cork. Opening bottles will be an effortless task with this corkscrew. Find It Here

Wave Paperweight Penguins

Sitting in a cubicle all day is, let’s face it, boring! Plus, it’s easy to feel stressed out when your boss is standing over your shoulder. With the wave paperweight penguins, you can add relaxation as well as a conversation piece to your work desk. Made of durable hard plastic with water inside, you can move the paperweight back and forth to create a wave effect. What’s more, you can also see the penguins move within the water for relaxing comical relief. Offering respite and a soothing quality, the wave paperweight penguins deliver usability and endless hours of fun with a cool blue ocean look! Find It Here

Penguin Segmented Windchime

Crafted out of heavy-duty cast-iron, this beautiful windchime features a unique segmented design in the shape of a penguin. The windchime, which measures 14.5 inches long, comes with an attached string for hanging. Thanks to its robust design, it is capable of standing up to the elements, making it perfect for hanging on your porch, in a nearby tree, or on a post in your garden. Whether you want to use it in your own outdoor area or give it to someone else as a gift, this windchime is perfect for anyone who loves penguins. Imagine how wonderful it would be to hear it gently chiming outside on a breezy day. Find It Here

Penguin Collection Socks

Here we have the I Love Penguin Collection of socks. They feature penguins on them and make a great buy for anyone that loves penguins or animals in general. They are toe socks and made out of 2% spandex, 75% acrylic, and 23% polyester so they are built to hold up to many uses. You can expect the size to fit if you wear women’s shoe size 5-10 if you buy the size of socks that are 9 to 11. This means that they can make a great gift for a lot of people, especially those that you know love animals or just penguins in general. Find It Here

Keep Calm and Love Penguins Travel Mug

You’re going to love this mug that says “Keep Calm And Love Penguins” on it, especially if you’re a penguin lover. This makes a great gift, or you can buy it for yourself if you love penguins. It is stainless steel and holds 16oz of liquid making it perfect for your morning coffee or for any other beverage you may enjoy. The graphic on it is of high quality and will hold up to washing. The mug is also insulated which means it will keep cold drinks cold and that it will keep warm drinks warm. Pick this up today and you’re sure to be happy with it! Find It Here

Penguin Thermos Travel Mug

One of the best looking options for taking beverages on the go is the Penguin Thermos Travel Mug. This cute travel mug features a penguin features a penguin design and is made from 18/8 stainless steel that is durable enough for daily use. It can be easily opened with a button push and closed for traveling without spilling a drop. Hot liquids are kept hot over an 8 hour period and cold liquids are kept cold for around 12 hours due to the vacuum insulation of the mug. This also prevents condensation and keeps the outside cool enough to hold. Find It Here

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