Pig Gifts

Looking for pig gifts isn’t easy. There are so many that you don’t know where to begin. Luckily, I’m a big pig lover. Not in a romantic way no, we talked and we are just friends you know. But we are getting off topic.

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The Best Pig Gifts

Caution Attack Pig Sign

The caution attack pig sign is not just a sign, well at least not for the pig lovers. This 11 by 11-inch poster is a novelty sign and proudly a USA product. It is well designed with protective rounded corners. The material used in its construction is white high impact styrene. The element is well known for its weatherproof and undeniably durable qualities. This novelty sign is, therefore, able to withstand adverse weather conditions. For reinforcement, it is also screened with UV ink. Consequently, you do not need to worry about its longevity once you put up the sign; it will surely not peel, chip, or rust. The best part is, this novelty sign is fade resistant. It is suited for both indoor and outdoor use. With this said, go ahead and gift yourself or a friend a caution attack pig sign.

Pig Pendant Necklace

If you are looking for an ideal gift for a loved lady in your life, search no further. The 925 Sterling Silver Pig Pendant necklace is a perfect addition to their jewelry collection. These necklaces are also engraved with touching words and will show just how caring and thoughtful you are. The material of this necklace is well selected for its tarnish-resistant capability. It will, therefore, maintain an appealing shiny look for a long time. Another thing, the chain is a perfect blend for any outfit and will complement your look. It’s an ideal gift idea that suits many occasions ranging from graduations and birthdays to weddings and anniversaries.

Pig Plushie

The Aurora Percy is the idea of adorable and cute any child has. The pink pig plush is creatively designed with high quality materials to achieve a fluffy and soft touch. Plaster a smile across a child’s face with this incredible toy. The good news is, it is not only for children; it’s an animal-based plush not limited to age. It makes a perfect companion for kids and adults alike. You can gift it to any of your friends, and they will be overjoyed, most especially pig lovers. It is specially made with the finest and durable materials to prove just how long-lasting your love is, making it a perfect gift idea.

Pig Mug

Coffee tastes a little sweeter if the mug is beautiful. Well, for pig enthusiasts, they may as well be taking coffee on a more regular basis thanks to the adorable pink pig ceramic coffee mug from Ebros. Featuring a happy pig face, coffee in this mug is a great way to start your day. As a pleasant-looking mug, it comes complete with a spoon in a peeking piglet latch design. You can now begin your morning routine in style. With it made with high quality ceramic earthenware, this Collectible Porky Pig Mug is built to last. It is also safe for use in the dishwasher and microwave. What’s more, the mug is specially designed with double walls for cleaning, better handling, and high durability. It’s a perfect gift idea for a birthday, housewarming, or thanksgiving occasion.

Pig Shirt

The Southern Attitude has designed a beautiful short sleeve shirt featuring a cute pig. Beautiful, in this case, is an understatement. For pig enthusiasts, this is just one way to show your love and appreciation to these animals. The shirt is screen-printed with a graphic featuring the brand’s name on the back, the brand’s logo in the front chest, and another addition to your Southern Attitude shirt collection. It is made purely of cotton for comfort, and the screen-printed graphic is never-fading; thus, it will serve you for a long time. Moreover, this shirt fits perfectly on any occasion, be it a themed party, housewarming party, or even as casual wear; it’s a perfect all-round occasion gift idea.

Pig Socks

The Foot Traffic has skillfully combined comfort and style in women’s 3D socks to give you the best of both worlds. Well known over the years for assured quality, the Foot Traffic has not disappointed in this creation. These novelty socks, creatively designed with a 3D twist, takes away the trouble of finding the perfect pair. These socks have blended spandex, nylon, cotton, and polyester perfectly for incredible comfort and increased breathability with that soft touch. The high quality construction ultimately makes these socks convenient to offer you all-day comfort. As a colorful, fun, and functional product, it’s a great gift idea for any occasion, birthdays and get-wells alike and make friends and family smile.

Pop The Pig Game

Goliath’s new and improved pop the pig game is sure to give you constant joy. Join in on the fun as you indulge yourself in this exhilarating game. You are required to feed the pig burgers while pumping his head as you watch his belly grow to a maximum until he cannot take it anymore and eventually pop! Engage a maximum of six players aged four and above in this suspense-filled game. The one who manages to make the belly burst is crowned winner. The game can then be reset by once again pumping his head and re-experience the fun. No batteries are required for this item. Moreover, this classic game comes in handy to teach your kids colors, counting, and numbers. This fun and exciting game is just what your children need.

Pig Cutting Board

Totally Bamboo Pig Cutting board is a game-changer for those who love cooking, and much more for pig lovers. This functional and beautiful board is designed in the shape of a pig that gives an elegant countertop appeal. It is well suited for both prepping and serving delicious food. It has a high-quality flat-grain bamboo construction thus making it durable, knife-friendly and conveniently lightweight. Moreover, it makes a beautiful wall décor. With it fitted with a hanging hole, you can easily hang it on the wall of your dining area or kitchen. The cutting board is also easy to care; simple hand washing or wiping with a damp cloth is all it requires. The best part is, this product is eco-friendly as it is made purely from bamboo and high-grade non-toxic glue.

Pig Statue

For statue lovers, you will love Exhart’s pig solar LED glass statue. It features a beautiful pig holding a mason jar with firefly string lights. It’s a whimsical pig statue ideal for indoor and outdoor décor. It is specially made of resin, a material tried and tested for durability. Also, it is hand-painted with a wide range of vibrant colors making it a perfect decorative piece for your patio, yard, and garden. It is sturdily constructed to be able to withstand adverse weather conditions and endure breakages. And to add an aesthetic touch, this miniature statue features solar-powered firefly lights that give a pleasantly radiant glow to your garden. You are therefore advised to display it where it can receive enough sunlight. It automatically turns on at night. It is a perfect gift idea as a show of love to friends and family.

Pig Womens Slipper Socks

Animal-based snoozes are nothing short of cozy. With the new pig slippers, you can experience comfort in a whole other dimension. The interior of these socks is lined with soft plush for a more comfy feel. These women’s snoozes come in handy in cold winter days. They are sure to keep your feet incredibly warm. They are also ideal for areas experiencing warm climates where, due to air conditioning, floors are cold. These socks fit a wide range of women’s shoe sizes. They are machine washable and will not shrink, thus offer you excellent service use. ALLBEST Womens Slipper Socks are ideal for gifting occasions such as holiday gifts or birthdays for women.

Piggy Bank

Pearhead’s pink piggy bank is nothing short of adorable. Cultivate the saving culture in your kids with this beautiful piggy bank. It is sturdily constructed with ceramic for extended use. This ceramic pastel bank is designed with white polka dots on a pink contrast making it an ideal decoration on a baby girl’s nursery. Its fantastic design and the vibrant color complements any décor. This piggy bank can be displayed on your desk, bookshelf, or any table for a great look. Also, it makes a unique gift choice for your loved ones on any gifting occasion, be it a baby shower, birthday, or holiday.

Elephant & Piggie Books

These books are a great addition to any collection. The 22-books in this package feature all the classic elephant and piggy stories. They have a hardcover design for an extended life span. These books are ideal for young kids, particularly beginner readers, with fun stories and captivating illustrations. They offer a great learning experience while sparking children’s imaginations as they peruse through the pages. Also, they are meticulously wrapped, so they arrive intact and in excellent condition. You can be assured that the books are of good quality and remain so in a long time. It makes is an ideal gift for your kids or grandkids on any occasion.

Pass The Pigs Game

Indulge your children in hours of fun-filled experience with the Pass-the-pigs gameplay. This classic game includes two cute dice that keep you entertained throughout. This game is easy and fun to play. Other accessories include two pencils, a pad, and a carrying case, everything you need to enjoy the game. This gameplay makes a fun travel game, given its small compact situation. This game can accommodate two or more players, and the first one to score 100 points is crowned. You can also carry this gameplay to parties and engage your friends is great fun. This game makes a fun gift idea on any gifting occasion.

Piglet Onesie

Luxury meets coziness in one great and fun design with the piglet onesie. Firstly, it is made purely of polyester for the ultimate soft touch and extended durability. This onesie makes a perfect outfit for cosplay, Christmas, Halloween, pajamas, or just home wear. It has a loose-fitting design to allow flexibility of movement without compromising comfort and style. This fun design and the vibrant color ultimately give you a great look and a cozy feel. It is adorable fitted with a matching tail and a fully-detailed chest. This vivid and elegant design gives you an outstanding look. This eye-catching animal onesie makes a thoughtful gift idea on any gifting occasion.

Pig Pillow

A unique blend of comfort and fun, this pig pillow cover is 2-in-one. The material used is cotton linen, well selected for a soft touch as well as comfort. Also, this material is of premium quality for assured durability. It is fitted with an invisible zipper design giving you an easy time to remove the case. This pillow beautifully features a lovely pink pig watercolor. It makes a great addition to any themed bedroom or living room, dining room, or home office. The material is easy to clean as it is machine washable. These pillow covers are ideal for men, women, and children.

Zen Pig: The Art of Gratitude

The art of gratitude Book 1 is a good kids’ book. It is suitably in a paperback format. This book comes in handy to cultivate and teach your children high values necessary for daily living and interaction, such as mindfulness, compassion, and gratitude. The content is well explained in a manner that is understandable in their young minds. You can read this book to your kids daily. It has beautiful illustrations laden with wisdom put out for your children. Moreover, this book is indeed a vital tool in any school curriculum for young learners. It makes an excellent and thoughtful gift idea on any gifting occasion.

Pig Office Desk Organizer

This pig office desk organizer makes your organizational dreams come true. It is not only a storage box for your stationery but also a holder for your remote control and mobile phones. This organizer is creatively designed as a pig with four flexible spaces. It can perform versatile functions such as desktop organizer for your office supplies, or bathroom for toiletries, or in the kitchen offering a simple storage solution. This organizer is made of durable plastic and rubber feet so that it does not scratch your desktop. Its beautiful design allows you to use it as a decoration in your room.

Pig Whistling Kettle

The pig whistling kettle from Supreme Housewares combines functionality and a unique look, making it a great addition to any kitchen. It is creatively designed as a pink pig. The material used is heavy gauge stainless steel, well selected for its sturdy nature and high quality, thus assuring extended service use. This whistling kettle has an enameled finish making cleaning a breeze. The spout cover, on the other hand, is made of quality plastic. For its cleaning and general care, only hand washing is recommended. It is super cute, with attractive color, and very functional – it makes an excellent gift choice on any occasion.

Lucky Little Pig

The lucky little pig by Ganz is nothing short of adorable. It is believed to bring good luck to anyone who holds him near, hence the name. This pig comes with a gift card as well. It sizing is perfect for display or even carrying it around in your pocket. This pig stands on only three legs. How incredible! The lucky little pig is made sturdily of excellent quality material for extended life span. You can carry this cute small charm wherever you wish. It can make a tremendous and thoughtful small gift for those with an affinity to pigs and ideal for traveling families as well.

Pig Art Set

The pig art set of four by Silly Goose Gifts is fantastic. This particular set is bathroom themed and features pigs and hogs. They make a great and fun addition to your bathroom wall décor with their funny sayings, for example, ‘Don’t smell like a pig, take a bath,’ among others. The art print is done on a satin-matte cardstock. You can choose the ideal frames for them, depending on your décor. This art set has a watercolor design that gives them a beautiful and unique look. They are assured of excellent quality and durability; you can gift this set to friends and family.

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