The Best Pizza Socks That You Can Buy In 2019

Have you ever heard of Pizza Socks? Well, you do now! Pizza Sock Boxes have become insanely popular in the last couple of months.

To set the record straight, these are not socks that you can eat with pizza flavor but actually the opposite. These are socks disguised as pizza slices and come in a pizza box. It is quite clever and from what we can see a brilliant invention as the demand is skyrocketing!

The Pizza socks in 4 pair pizza socks but also in 1 pair slices and you can even choose between “flavors” like Pepperoni, Hawaii, Vegan…

Just so we are clear, a pizza with fruit on it, is not a pizza!

#1 Margherita Pizza Socks

Margherita Pizza Socks

Just like on the regular pizza menu, we are starting our list with the number 1 flavor. The Margherita Pizza Socks. You can't go wrong with this set as everybody likes them.

#2 Pepperoni Pizza Socks

Pizza Socks

If you are more fan of spicy Pizza socks, you should go for the Pepperoni Pizza Socks. It's only $13 and you will 4 pair of socks and the funny box with it!

#3 Capriciosa Pizza Socks

Capriciosa Pizza Socks

Next, on the menu are the Capriciosa Pizza Socks. You can choose out of 2 sizes and they are made of 80% cotton/17% polyamide/3% elastane.

#4 Vegan Pizza Socks

Vegan Pizza Socks

Oh so, you are a die-hard fan and would not even allow meat on your socks? No problem, we got you covered with these Vegan Pizza Socks.

#5 Seafood Pizza Box

Seafood Pizza Socks Box

Ok, so if you have scrolled down till here, it means you don't like meat and you don't like vegan. Again, no problem. Cool Things has got you covered my friend. For you, we have the only and only Seafood Pizza Box!

#6 Hawaii Pizza Socks

Hawaii Pizza Socks

While writing this, I'm still arguing with my team if a pizza Hawaii is actually a pizza. Everybody is saying it is, but as I'm writing this, I can choose. But NO, IT IS NOT A PIZZA, END OF DISCUSSION! But we got sidetracked, here is the Hawaii Pizza Socks. No clue why they made it as it is not a pizza.

#7 1 Pair Pizza Socks

1 Pair Pizza Socks

Can't finish a whole box, can you? That is absolutely fine. All the flavors, you have seen above are also available in one pair boxes. You can all find them here in the link below.

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