Princess Peach

  • Princess Peach Costume

    Princess Peach Costume

    This Princess Peach costume is a must-have for those who love to dress up, especially dress up as popular video game characters. This costume is made with high quality materials, mainly polyester. This means the Princess Peach costume will not rip and tear easily. One of the best features of the costume is its color, as it features various shades of pink. It even comes with the crown headband, which is without a doubt what Princess Peach is most known for. The costume is perfect for those who want a Halloween costume or have themed birthday party coming up or to just wear for the fun of it.

  • Hot Wheels Princess Peach

    Hot Wheels Princess Peach

    Princess Peach is decked out in her formal gown and ready to hit the winners circle in her standard cart from Mario Kart! Princess Peach is artistically designed to appear as she has in the Mario Kart videogame series on the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo Switch. This hot wheels car is designed to work with many of the tracks that are available for this particular series. Whether you are a fan of Nintendo, Hot Wheels or just Princess Peach herself this is an incredible collectors item to place on any shelf. Made with the durability of diecast and backed by the good name of Hot Wheels, this would make an incredible gift!

  • Princess Peach Wii Remote Plus

    Princess Peach Wii Remote Plus

    Mario and Nintendo is one of the most iconic partnerships in video game history. Nintendo embraces this partnership by releasing Mario-themed consoles and accessories with every new generation. This Princess Peach Wii remote takes things in a new direction by placing Peach in the spotlight instead of the friendly plumber. It is a standard controller for the Wii and Wii U system with a very unique design. The pink background, golden buttons, and Peach icons make this the perfect controller for a young gamer who is also a Princess Peach fan. It meshes perfectly with other official Mario-themed accessories for the Wii.

  • Princess Peach 2.4 RC Vehicle

    Princess Peach 2.4 RC Vehicle

    The Princess Peach 2.4 RC vehicle provides a high end racing experience that is sure to entertain you for hours on end. It has precise steering, great power and acceleration and is a fully licensed quad racer. This particular vehicle has quite realistic sounds along with pneumatic tires and full spring suspension which will give you an amazing driving experience. This racer is on a 2.4 Ghz frequency which is an independent frequency so you don’t have to worry about any radio interference from other RC vehicles. It runs on AAA batteries so all you need to do is replace the batteries when the power runs out and you don’t have to wait for it to recharge. This is certainly a fantastic gift for both adults and children alike!

  • Princess Peach Nintendo Switch Controller

    Princess Peach Nintendo Switch Controller

    The Nintendo Switch GameCube inspired Pro Controller the is the perfect way to channel your love for Princess Peach. The controller boasts an innovative detachable design and allows you to choose between the C-stick and a full-size stick thus giving you complete control over how you game. It is Officially Licensed by Nintendo and comes with a 10-foot USB cable that provides plenty of room for playing and staying connected during those critical battle moments. It is ideal for use in Mario Kart and Super Smash Boss. It simply is the perfect way to challenge your friends and get ready for victory.

  • Princess Peach Adult Costume

    Princess Peach Adult Costume

    Whether it is Halloween or you are simply looking for an excuse to play dress up, the Princess Peach adult costume is the perfect solution. Designed after her gorgeous iconic dress from the video games, this costume will fully exceed your expectations. Comes with a dazzling crown, pendant and gloves, allowing you to easily take your reign of power at any cosplay or Halloween event. The crown is the absolute gem of this costume and will leave you feeling like royalty. In fact, the costume is so genuine, you may want to be on the look out for a giant monkey looking to whisk you away!

  • Princess Peach Action Figure

    Princess Peach Action Figure

    Manufactured from soft yet durable PVC, this 6 inch Princess Peach collectible figurine is what’s missing from every classic gamer’s collection! Reasonably priced and well-made, this action figure is the largest you’ll find in this quality. With special care and attention paid to craftsmanship, this figurine is a great addition to a gaming geek den or a solid gift for any occasion! Plus, you can use this great nostalgic product as a children’s toy or even a cake topper. Super Mario Bros still remains one of the most popular video games to date, which is why this collectible has a truly timeless appeal.

  • Princess Peach Shirt

    Princess Peach Shirt

    This neon pink officially licensed Nintendo t-shirt is a must for any girl’s wardrobe. The longline design makes it super comfy to wear with leggings, and the glittered graphic is a fun, cute touch. The graphic features three classic Mario characters: Yoshi, Princess Peach, and Mario. Lettering on the shirt is the word “LOVE” printed in white, yellow, and light blue. The shirt is machine washable, and the fabric is a polycotton blend to ensure a supersoft feel, zero shrinkage, durability, and minimal creasing. Perfect for every Nintendo fan and could even be worn as stylish themed nightwear for young Mario lovers.

  • Princess Peach Kart Child Costume

    Princess Peach Kart Child Costume

    Any child who has spent hours racing on the various tracks in Mario Kart will come to love the Princess Peach Kart Child Costume! Created with foam and polyester, this is race car lover dream costume. From the virtual race track to Halloween and cosplay festivities, this costume will bring down the house. Designed after the race car of Princess Peach in Mario Kart, this costume will have your daughter racing with excitement! Mix this together with a Princess Peach Halloween costume and you have the makings for an excellent costume that will take home every prize and heart in the room!

  • Princess Peach Puppet

    Princess Peach Puppet

    Adults and kids alike can become their favorite heroine from Super Mario Bros! The Princess Peach puppet is lightweight yet highly detailed and durable to enjoy many hours of playtime. Whether you love Princess Peach or wish to share your love of gaming with your kids, this puppet is the perfect companion. The puppet stands about 10 inches tall and has movable hands to allow for optimum gesticulation while in use. Officially licensed, you can rest assured that this is an authentic Super Mario Bros product! Each puppet is made to last and remains the answer to boredom or faithful collecting.

  • Baby Peach Plush

    Baby Peach Plush

    This is Baby Peach Plush and it’s from the LB Super Mario All Star Collection. It is an official product brought to you by Little Buddy, and it makes for a great gift to give to someone who loves all things Mario, or for yourself. This plush doll is very detailed and looks like the real deal. She features her crown, yellow hair and the outfit she is known for wearing. The doll is very detailed, soft and is a must have. If you’re looking for a great Peach Plush doll, then consider buying this one today. It is cute, adorable and you’ll love owning it for years to come.

  • Princess Peach Plush

    Princess Peach Plush

    Do you know someone that’s a big fan of Princess Peach? Peach has always been one of the most iconic characters in the Super Mario Bros. series, and this adorable plush will let you see Peach anytime you want. This collectable is officially licensed by Sanei, making it the perfect gift for any die-hard video game fans in your life. Since it stands 4″L x 3″W x 10″H, it won’t take up a lot of extra space. It has beautiful design details, including a sparkling crown. This is a high-quality plush toy that’s sure to impress. There are other collectible plush toys available. Collect them all and complete your set!

  • Mushroom Kingdom Diorama Pack

    Mushroom Kingdom Diorama Pack

    Featuring Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach, this three piece Mushroom Kingdom diorama pack features the three most popular figures from the Mario Brothers video game franchise. Some of the most recognizable figures in the world, this diorama pack features beautifully made out of solid plastic. These look good, are extremely durable, and solid at just under five inches in height. Whether toys for the little kids or as pieces for a Nintendo collector who loves the classic video game title that completely changed the world, this diorama pack is a fantastic value and a must have for toy fans and collectors of all ages!

  • Princess Peach Crown and Amulet

    Princess Peach Crown and Amulet

    Is there really anything better in life than having the opportunity to cosplay as your absolute favorite Princess from Mario World? When you are able to find the perfect Princess Peach Crown and Amulet to complete your amazing costume! In fact, that shows you that there is good in world! This is the perfect crown and amulet for your cosplay efforts and it is available at a very affordable price. Designed to look exactly like the Princesses iconic crown and amulet from the video games. The crown secures tot he head with a hidden headband, while the amulet secures to a dress with double-sided tape. Perfect way to get your Peach on!

  • Princess Peach Christmas Ornament

    Princess Peach Christmas Ornament

    Does your Christmas tree have the power of peaches? Princess Peach that is! If not, you can fully satisfy your need to power up your tree with the power of Nintendo and Mario World. Princess Peach is ready to take front and center of any Christmas tree and add a splash of her signature pink dress. This is the perfect Christmas ornament for any gamer , Mario fan or Nintendo fan. This is an ornament that will be cherished on a yearly basis and you will hang it with joy. This expertly crafted and highly detailed Princess Peach Christmas ornament will be a treasure.

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