The Hardest Batman Quiz Ever

If you have arrived here, you probably think that you are a Batman fan. Do you really know everything about the Caped Crusader? Well, let’s find that out shall we? Are you worthy to be Batman’s sidekick?

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  • Question of

    What is Batman’s online screen name?

    • JonSmith297
    • JonDoe297
    • Alfred297
  • Question of

    At which Canadian university do they teach “The Science of Batman”?

    • University of Victoria
    • University of Toronto
    • University of British Columbia
  • Question of

    Who directed the very first (unofficial) Batman movie called: Batman Dracula

    • Andy Warhol
    • Salvador Dali
    • Jackson Pollock
  • Question of

    How did they come up with the name Gotham City?

    • Random out of a phone book
    • Character from a novel
    • Name from a local store
  • Question of

    How much is Bruce Wayne worth?

    • $9 billion
    • $5 billion
    • $20 billion
  • Question of

    Which official crossover actually exists?

    • Dark Claw (Batman / Wolverine)
    • Wonder Man (Batman / Wonder Woman)
    • Batpool (Batman / Deadpool)
  • Question of

    Which Batman character was originally planned to only appear once?

    • Robin
    • Catwoman
    • The Joker
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    Bruce Wayne had an older brother by the name of?

    • Thomas Wayne Jr
    • Mark Wayne
    • James Wayne
  • Question of

    In which real country lies the city Batman? (You thought this was only about the Dark Knight uh?)

    • Turkey
    • Morocco
    • Egypt
  • Question of

    Which color had the original Batsuit?

    • Red
    • Yellow
    • Green