Red Hood vs Deathstroke: Who Would Win?

In the DC Universe, there are many super humans with special powers fighting for peace and justice as much as they are fighting against injustice and crime. These individuals have different characteristics, strengths and weaknesses just like any other man on earth. So when two of them clash with each other, their talent, power and skills do matter. The following article is a detailed analysis of two characters namely Red Hood and Deathstroke who are well-known fighters in the world of DC Comics. We will compare their characteristics and general overviews to see which one is stronger than the other in their fighting styles.

Red Hood (Jason Todd) Biography

Red Hood

As a child, Jason Todd was raised by a drug-addicted mother and a conman father who tried to instil in him the values of theft and con artistry. Jason was left on the streets to fend for himself after his father was sentenced to jail and his mother seemed to have died. Batman’s first contact with him would be when he attempted to steal tires from the Batmobile in order to get money for food. As a substitute for a physical attack, Batman would provide the child with food. After the MaGunn incident, Jason and Batman reconnected, and Batman decided to train him as the new Robin in place of Dick, who had just resigned to become Nightwing.

It’s safe to say that Jason’s time as Robin’s backup was everything but smooth. Batgirl didn’t like him and told him right in front of him that he couldn’t ever replace Dick as her sidekick. Dick, on the other hand, was significantly more cautious and measured when it came to dealing with criminals. In addition, he was quite careless. Even when Nightwing turned up to assist teach the young man, his personality faults persisted. The Joker eventually lured Jason into a trap and thrashed him with a crowbar before blowing him up and killing him.

Talia al Ghul utilized the Lazarus Pit to bring Jason back to life, despite his death. The League of Assassins and the All-Caste warrior monks would then instruct Jason in their ancient martial arts techniques. Red Hood, Jason’s new identity, was the result of their efforts to convince him to put his anger to rest.

Deathstroke Biography


Team 7 appointed Slade Wilson to the covert team because of his outstanding military aptitude when he was only 17 years old. Slade would leave the military and act as a mercenary under the pseudonym Deathstroke once Team 7 was dissolved. One of his first exploits was his participation in the War of Jokes and Riddles, in which criminals fought for the opportunity to kill Batman. 62 innocent people were slain in the crossfire until Batman, battling his archenemy Deadshot for five days, was able to put a stop to the carnage.

Damien Wayne was the first person Deathstroke encountered when he was hired to assassinate Maya Ducarad. When Deathstroke attacked, Robin tried to stop him by luring him into a tomb packed of explosives. In the end, Damien was able to bribe Deathstroke into backing down and calling off the assassination attempt.

Slade and Batman often clashed when Batman learned that Deathstroke was Damien’s biological father. After a big fight between Batman and Slade, it emerged that Talia had faked the papers in a failed attempt to lure Deathstroke to the League of Assassins, which was shown to be a ruse by Batman.

Red Hood (Jason Todd) Powers & Abilities

When it comes to acrobatics and hand-to-hand fighting, Red Hood is a master of martial arts but falls short. Red Hood, although being a formidable opponent, likes to fight with a gun most of the time. His go-to weapon is the dual pistol, which he’s made famous. Red Hood seems to prefer more “realistic” weapons like a taser, a fighting knife and throwing stars over technology. Also available to him are shotguns and rocket launchers, although he doesn’t usually bring them around with him. The All Blades can only be summoned by Red Hood in the event of “real evil.”

The capacity to neutralize magic is yet another real capability that Red Hood has. Magic users’ magical abilities may be taken away by this particular attack taught by Talia al Ghul, which can only be utilized by “true good” forces. Those who are familiar with the occult will find that Red Hood is a formidable foe to any spellcaster or mystical entity.

Deathstroke Powers & Abilities

When it comes to assassins, there are few more deadly than Deathstroke, the Terminator. In addition to his world-class martial arts and assassination skills, his additional powers make him even more lethal.

Deathstroke’s physical talents are beyond those of a human being. He is a serious threat in every situation due to his skill in both martial arts and weapons. ‘ Swords, throwing knives, and pistols are only some of Deathstroke’s arsenal. He’ll do whatever it takes to finish the job. An EMP device, a special Godkiller sword, and a powerful Ikon armor capable of deflecting bullets are just some of the weapons in his arsenal.

He is also skilled at reading battlefields, tracing assassination targets throughout the world, and penetrating practically any region. On top of that, Deathstroke is an expert at proactively ganking opponents, even if the target doesn’t know about it.

Deathstroke’s healing factor is the most impressive of all of his talents. A few minutes or even hours may be required for most wounds to properly heal, although that is still quicker than Deadpool’s healing time (whose development was ironically inspired by Deathstroke). Even after getting an arrow to the brain, Deathstroke was able to come back to life with the help of Raptor.


In the original comic series, Red Hood was known for his grim sense of humor and willingness to fight dirty against his enemies. Red Hood is also known for having a borderline reckless attitude and a bit of a temper. Deathstroke prefers to use planning and manipulation to defeat his foes through guile rather than closing in for the kill whenever possible. Deathstroke is also a cold-blooded killer who has little mercy for those he defeats in combat. Because of these similarities, I think that this fight would end with a draw, but both characters would be seriously injured at the end of it.

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