Scorpion Q-Fig

Scorpion’s elemental powers and his lethal spear ensure that no one can get away from him since he has tapped into the very fires of hell. Scorpion is immortal because of his enmity with Sub-Zero and his need for punishment against those who murdered his family. His mask may seem harmless, but below it lies a skull that can set fire to any opponent who dares to cross his path in battle. Known as the series’ most infamous villain, Scorpion is shown in all his flaming Q-Fig magnificence on this collectible. Scorpion’s attire is spot-on accurate to his look in the video game; he is shown here among flames and wrath. This magnificent new Q-Fig by QMx features Scorpion in his iconic spear attack position, which will have you yelling his catchphrase every moment you look at it.

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