Shazam vs Superman: Who Would Win In A Fight?

A question that everyone wants an answer to, is who would win in a fight, Superman or Shazam? Although the two superheroes have battled each other in the past, there was never a definite outcome. Mainly a circumstance arises in order to decide why a certain outcome occurred, such as something interrupting them.

Determining who has the most strength is also difficult. Superman may be considered the strongest of the two, however, magic can be used by Shazam to weaken Superman. Although a past between the two exists, let’s analyze both heroes and see who comes out on top.

Superman Biography

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Being the last of his kind from Krypton, Superman was flung into a spacecraft that made its way towards Earth prior to the explosion of Krypton. Kal-El (Superman) developed into a baby while he made his way towards Earth.

Once landing on Earth, Superman was adopted by Martha and Jonathan Kent as soon as he was discovered by them and taken to Smallville. Due to his human appearance, it was thought a bad experiment had occurred to the baby. As a baby, Superman was powerless. The baby was eventually named Clark and lived with them until adulthood.

As Superman grew into adulthood, his powers, abilities, and strengths also grew. Once an adult, Clark was told how he was discovered as a baby and was shown the craft. At that time, Superman made the decision to have the power to be only for good. Clark then left Smallville after he told his secret to a close friend.

Shazam Biography


With Shazam, he is a protector of Fawcett City. In order to hide his identity, he goes by the name of Billy Batson, who as a young child became selected as champion by the Wizard. After Billy speaks his name ¨Shazam¨, a lightning bolt hits him and turns him into a superhero who obtains abilities and different strengths.

Having quite a few exploits himself has allowed him to conquer his foes over the years. Nevertheless, many allies have also come to his aid, like his Shazam family.

Superman: Powers & Abilities

Due to his Krypton origins and a planet´s sun being red, the Earth´s yellow sun is able to charge Superman on a solar level by generating superpowers and strength. The amount of strength and powers are almost limitless as seen on several occasions. Although Superman´s total strength is unknown, he is considered to be a true ¨Man of Steel¨.

With keen senses, Superman is able to hear a distant sound that other humans are unable to. This also goes for his vision, which makes him see objects on a microscopic level. His vision is so enhanced that it is considered to be x-ray in nature. Although his ability to see clearly through lead is hindered, he can manifest a ¨heat vision¨ that can be used to destroy objects from within.

He has abilities to react at speeds much faster than humanly possible and often faster than sound. He has the ability to fly through the air and he has a thin layer of radiation that surrounds him and prevents anything from being destroyed. Although his cape can be damaged.

Shazam : Powers & Abilities

Shazam´s abilities and power stem from Batson calling upon the wizard´s name to summon the powers. As the powers are invoked, all of the strengths and powers he receives will make him reach a superpower level.

After calling upon Shazam, a lightning bolt strikes him with the needed powers of the immortal gods.

Shazam has each of the letters of Shazam in line with certain powers and abilities.

S is for Solomon´s Wisdom

As Solomon was blessed with knowledge and wisdom, the same is seen with Shazam with his high degree of knowledge.

H is for Hercules´ Strength

As Shazam, his strength is beyond powerful and superhuman. He can also show equal strength with Superman.

A is for Atlas´ Stamina

Atlas has an endless supply of endurance and when Shazam is at work, he is able to maintain his superhero status longer without worrying about changing back to normal. He is also able to withstand time in outer space and endure fights for long periods of time.

Z is for Zeus

The god Zeus utilizes lightning bolts as his source of strength and power. With Shazam, he too can harness lightning bolts, which can enhance his overall abilities. Having the lightning also relishes him as being invulnerable to any outside forces and strikes. For Captain Marvel, lightning is usually used as a source of weaponry.

A is for Achilles

With a huge amount of strength, he also harnesses a nice supply of courage that is bestowed from Achilles. This endowment allows Shazam to become full of spirit and brave while in and out of battles. He is also provided with a will that is full and instinctive. Included is a high amount of happiness witnessed through his constant grinning. This permits him to persist through any obstacle before him.

M is for Mercury

Shazam obtains Mercury´s speed, which also allows him to fly and reach high speeds within seconds within Earth. This speed is much faster than he would normally accomplish without this ability. The reflexes of Shazam are also able to intensify the amount of strength he possesses. Because of Mercury, Shazam soars through the air smoothly.

Shazam´s Natural Ability and Talents

Shazam possesses a variety of talents and abilities that are endless. This endless amount of ability allows him to do anything he wishes.

He speaks multiple languages, which is possible through the wisdom that is bestowed by Solomon.

He has a high level of intellect and is considered to be within the company of geniuses.

Superman Weakness


The green kryptonite has and always will be a weakness for Superman and his strength easily weakens when he is near it and while being on a planet with a yellow sun. However, the reason for kryptonite being so deadly for Superman is it being irradiated during the home plant´s explosion. During exposure, Superman is at risk and weakened as if he was never a superhuman.

Any Magic

A bolt of lightning will do Superman no damage. But when the lightning is harnessing some type of magic, then he will feel the effects instantly. No matter what defence Superman has, each one can be weakened or removed by way of magic spells. Despite this, he is still able to endure many attacks no matter if he grows weak after each attack.

A Red Sun

While the planet Krypton was in existence, it enjoyed being in the presence of a red sun, which enabled every person to be normal and decreased the number of powers and strength. If the person remains in the presence of a red sun, then they will eventually have no extra strength. The red sun has such a negative effect that Superman will become utterly weak and without power. The red sun is a big irony when it comes to the planet he is from and the planet he swore to protect.

Shazam Weakness

Weakness that Shazam can experience stems from magic that is on a higher level than he is. So when the magic is stronger than his own, he will experience a negative effect on him.

Powerful Electric Shocks

Being hit by a powerful electric shock can make Shazam turn back into Billy and make him vulnerable to normal physical attacks. Having this happen can create a positive or negative outcome.


Because of the vast amount of confrontations experienced between Shazam and Superman ending in a win for Superman, many may now be able to think differently based on the above information.

The big advantage that Shazam has over Superman is magic. This is a major weakness for Superman. But we still believe that the son of Krypton will come out on top. In the DC Universe, we have still not encountered any being or hero that is stronger or faster than Superman. Also, we believe that Superman has an advantage when it comes to intellect.

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