• Funko Daedric Warrior

    Funko Daedric Warrior

    Even the fearsome Daedric Warrior is not safe from the cute aesthetic of Funko Pop! Skyrim is one of the most popular video games of the last decade, so it only makes sense for a litany of merchandise and figures to make their way out onto the marketplace. If you or a loved one are one of the many devotees, this collectible vinyl figure is an excellent way to celebrate your passion. It will look wonderful displayed in the package or opened and placed upon a shelf among your many other gaming merchandise. The sculpting is dead on with many details captured perfectly. You’re sure to love it!

  • Daedric Warrior Action Figure

    Daedric Warrior Action Figure

    This 6 inch Daedric Warrior action figure is a must have for serious devotees of the eternally popular Skyrim video game. Manufactured by Funko, it is decked out with plenty of articulation points that give you a wide range of poses to choose from, a decidedly mean axe accessory, and highly accurate detailing that captures the game model perfectly. Truth be told, this guy looks cool enough to warrant purchasing even if you you’re just into action figures in general. There are a number of other releases from the same line, and this is a great way to start off the collection.

  • Skyrim Pocket Watch

    Skyrim Pocket Watch

    This Skyrim Pocket Watch is a multipurpose beauty with a myriad of potential audiences. Those that love all things Elder Scrolls and Skyrim especially will obviously be of the utmost excitement over this handsome antique styled timepiece, but the appeal hardly stops there. The engraved graphics will win over anyone with even the most general of interests in the fantasy genre. It will also win over watch collectors and hobbyists with an eye for costume jewelry. Regardless of your interest in the game, the old-school styling of this watch and chain is nothing short of whimsical and charming. It’s highly recommended!

  • Skyrim – Ultimate Edition Vinyl Box Set

    Skyrim – Ultimate Edition Vinyl Box Set

    Outside of its alluring world building and addictive gameplay, another of Skyrim’s most engrossing elements is its score. Diehard gaming fans have known for years that some of the best music ever to bless the ears of the masses has come from video games. Skyrim of course is no exception thanks to its many sweeping, exciting, and palpably moody compositions. The best way to celebrate the music of the game is with the Skyrim Ultimate Edition Vinyl Box Set. This is a true collector’s item, and the music sounds as amazing as it ever has. No Skyrim or game soundtrack collection will be complete without it.

  • Skyrim Dovahkiin Helmet Replica

    Skyrim Dovahkiin Helmet Replica

    Have you ever looked longingly at prop replicas but maligned the fact that they are either too expensive or simply too large to comfortably display? Skyrim fans with thinner budgets or limited space are in luck with this small scale Dovahkiin helmet replica. It stands a mere 3 inches tall on a humble stand that you can easily display alongside your game console or computer monitor. It was originally released as an exclusive Loot Crate item, but it can now be ordered separately for anyone that missed out. Despite the small scale, the sculpting captures the design quite well. Anyone that still hasn’t been able to put Skyrim down after all of these years is sure to love it!

  • Skyrim Ugly Christmas Sweater

    Skyrim Ugly Christmas Sweater

    It’s never too early to start thinking about the holidays, whether it’s getting ready for all of those boring old parties you have to attend or gathering gift ideas for those around you. In either case, it’s hard to go wrong with the tried and true tradition of the ugly Christmas sweater. Though tinged in tacky heaps of irony, the ongoing trend of wearing the most garish holiday threads possible has given life to plenty of options that are actually quite stylish over the last few years. This Skyrim sweater is a major example! Its color scheme is rather pleasant and the graphic design qualities of its assorted iconography are rather well done. It’s a solid buy whether it’s for your own use or a gift to your favorite Elder Scrolls nut!

  • Skyrim Necklace

    Skyrim Necklace

    This high-quality cast Skyrim dragon scroll necklace is manufactured from solid nickel silver and brass. It serves as the perfect accent piece for virtually any outfit, and its size makes it noticeable without standing out too much! The pendant and delicate chain is ideal for gifting for any Skyrim fan or anyone that loves dragons. What’s more, this sturdy piece comes with its own gift giving bag and stashes away in any sized jewelry box. The dragon pendant is highly detailed and truly captures the essence of Elder Scrolls. Plus, this is one piece of jewelry that’s perfect for men and women alike!

  • Skyrim Risk

    Skyrim Risk

    Let’s face it: Risk is one of the most complex of all the more commonly played board games. There are a lot of rules to keep up with, and there’s something of a time investment required to play. Convincing a group of family members or friends to play with you can be a chore! Once it’s all dressed up with the aesthetics of a popular franchise however, you’ll have just the hook you need to get people properly invested. With The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Risk, you can persuade those in your friend circle that only care about video games to finally sit down for a proper tabletop session and even reinvigorate the experience for yourself. This is a great buy!

  • I Hate Morndas Mug

    I Hate Morndas Mug

    What do you get for an Elder Scrolls fan who has seemingly everything? An I Hate Morndas mug, of course! Constructed of solid black ceramic, it features fade proof text and the dragon logo for contrast. This mug is the perfect beverage companion and holds up to 15 ounces of your favorite brew. The manufacturer guarantees safe shipping for buyers and the box is nicely packaged for gift giving. Each mug is dishwasher and microwave safe, so no matter how hot your coffee is, you can rest assured your mug will hold up! The I Hate Morndas mug is the ideal gift or even collector’s display item as every collection is just begging for one.

  • Skyrim Collectors Edtion Alduin Statue

    Skyrim Collectors Edtion Alduin Statue

    Alduin The World Eater is the ever fearsome central antagonist of Skyrim’s main quest. He is truly a force to be reckoned with, and there’s no denying the incredible impression he makes upon each player. Your first time facing him is a gaming experience that can never be forgotten, and he’s just as impressive on subsequent playthroughs. If you were to choose any piece of imagery from the game to showcase in statue form, Alduin is an obvious choice. With this collector’s edition statue, you have the chance to honor him in the best way possible. This 12 inch tall piece is a marvel in both scope and scale, and the detailing captures every bit of the formidable dragon’s ferocity. You might have to save up a bit to afford him, but it’s worth every red cent!

  • Skyrim Dragonborn Plush

    Skyrim Dragonborn Plush

    Stubbins’ Skyrim Dragonborn Plush is 6 inches of totally grumpy cuteness. Just look at this amazing design work! Skyrim’s visuals are fairly standard medieval fantasy fare, and yet they have been translated into an amazingly charming caricature here. It’s not hard to imagine this hailing from a Saturday morning animated series. It’s downright hilarious how mean this plush gentleman looks despite his soft, cuddly nature. Whether you’re looking to build up your own collection of video game paraphernalia or seeking out a gift for that special Elder Scrolls fan in your life, this affordable and well made plushie is a fine choice.

  • Skyrim Shrines of The Nine Divines

    Skyrim Shrines of The Nine Divines

    If you are a fan of The Elder Scrolls, you should grab the Nine Divines collectible vinyl set right away. These figures are crafted from high-quality materials, with a great attention to detail. The shrines are small and lightweight, perfectly suitable to carry around or to showcase on your desk or even on the dashboard of your car. The set comes in an exquisite Skyrim branded box and it can make the perfect gift for any Elder Scrolls fan, regardless of age and gender. The best thing about having all of the nine Divines at the reach of your fingers is that you can receive all of their blessings in one go.

  • The Skyrim Library

    The Skyrim Library

    The Skyrim Library is a must-have for everyone who loves The Elder scrolls. This hardcover box set includes all three volumes of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Library. If you enjoyed the video game with its marvelous adventures, you’ll surely like the book, as it features in-game texts, creatures, dragons, heroes, and beautiful landscapes. This lore will have you hooked on reading for days in a row, just like the video game kept you in front of the screen for hours and hours. The quality of the books in impressive. There’s even an illustration of Alduin himself inside the book.

  • Skyrim Skeleton Key

    Skyrim Skeleton Key

    The Skyrim skeleton key is not only the perfect cosplay prop, but serves as a faithful reproduction of the original for collectors. It comes mounted on a stand that’s easily removed but simple to display in your gaming collection! This quality piece is a limited production item and is handmade completely using a 3D printer. The attention to detail is stunning and you can even request different colors when ordering. The customized nature of this piece and the unique design make it a must-have piece to combine with your gaming or cosplay gear. Plus, the durable plastic construction is fully waterproof!

  • Skyrim Atlas: Prima Official Guide

    Skyrim Atlas: Prima Official Guide

    If you’re going to pick up the Nintendo Switch version of Skyrim, you’d best be served taking advantage of the console’s mobile capabilities. After all, the whole appeal of that particular port is the ability to play it on the go! With that in mind, you might not always have ready access to reliable internet for tips should you get stuck. Rather than rely on videos or online walkthroughs, why not take on the fifth iteration of the Elder Scrolls saga the old school way? With the Skyrim Atlas — the official Prima strategy guide — you can do precisely that! If you’re the nostalgic sort, thumbing through this book for help on your quest will bring all sorts of memories flooding back, and no Skyrim collection would be complete without it.

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