• Sega Ultimate Portable Game Player

    Sega Ultimate Portable Game Player

    After the craze of the Nintendo and SNES Classic Editions, other video game companies decided to try their hand at retro game bundles of their own. This practice was something Sega was already well versed in however, and this Sega Ultimate Portable Game Player is a fine example. It doesn’t emulate the look of any particular console, but it does contain 85 separate Genesis or Mega Drive games that you can play in handheld form. The emulation is all top notch and the buttons are very responsive. Included titles include tried and true classics like Sonic the Hedgehog, Mortal Kombat II, Golden Axe, and many more.

  • Sonic Shirt

    Sonic Shirt

    Constructed from solid 100% cotton, this comfortable yet moisture resistant shirt is sure to prevent skin irritation in your little one! Featuring the iconic Sonic the Hedgehog character, the design is a high quality screen printed faithful rendering. Durable and guaranteed never to crack or fade, toddlers will love the functional yet sweet addition to their wardrobes. Available in sizes 5-6x, this shirt is the perfect gift idea for birthdays, holidays or just because! Plus, no one can deny the nostalgic appeal Sonic brings to virtually any video game lover’s merchandise. With a solid royal blue background, this is one tough hedgehog sure to please!

  • Sonic Action Figure

    Sonic Action Figure

    This listing showcases Japanese toy maker Tomy’s Sonic Classic 1991 ultimate figure. The character is well sculpted to represent his original appearance from the early 90s Sega Genesis or Megadrive game. He stands just over 5 inches tall on his own, but there’s also a display stand reminiscent of the Green Hill Zone level to help give him a little more prominence on your shelf. There are a fair number of articulation points to help give you multiple posing options, as well as three different facial expressions. The smirk in particular really nails Sonic’s attitude. After the recent feature film, Sonic merch of any kind is a hot commodity. This is a worthy purchase all around.

  • Sonic The Hedgehog Plush

    Sonic The Hedgehog Plush

    This 9 inch Sonic the Hedgehog plush toy showcases the famous blue speedster in his classic design, iconic pointing index finger and all. If you’ve been a fan of Sega’s platforming mascot since the beginning, this should take you right back to all of those great memories. Retro gamers are sure to love it! Of course, Sonic has been a long lasting brand with several generations of fans, making this toy a great gift for just about anyone with an interest in video games. The build quality is on point and the aesthetics have been nailed perfectly. This is a perfect toy for kids to play with, and older fans will also be able to enjoy adding it to their collections.

  • Sonic The Hedgehog: Battle Racers

    Sonic The Hedgehog: Battle Racers

    Sonic The Hedgehog: Battle Racers is a fully realized board game that throws notable Sonic heroes like Tails, Amy Rose, Knuckles, and Sonic himself into a thrilling race to the finish. Each character has their own stats, and there are even expansions available to add characters like Robotnik and Shadow to the fold. Players must pick a certain route while overcoming obstacles and their opponents along the way. This is a lot of fun to play among friends or family, and the strategic elements involved are easy to grasp. It wouldn’t seem that the high paced energy of the Sonic video games would have translated to this medium, but it was pulled off with great success.

  • Sonic Mug

    Sonic Mug

    This 16oz sculpted Sonic ceramic coffee mug from JUST FUNKY is officially licensed Sonic the Hedgehog merchandise. It is made using high-quality non-toxic fine ceramic and patented heat-transfer technology to ensure a premium mug that accurately resembles the head of the iconic blue and yellow character. As the mug features high-quality distinctive artwork, it’s unsuitable for the microwave or dishwasher. A great piece of novelty drinkware for fans of the classic SEGA video game series. Whether you’re a tea sipper, coffee drinker, or just want a cool collectible to hold your pens, this 3D molded sonic mug will not disappoint.

  • Sonic the Hedgehog TV Series

    Sonic the Hedgehog TV Series

    The Sonic the Hedgehog TV series is now available for streaming on Amazon Prime. This was a heavily syndicated show that a lot of adults that grew up with 80s and 90s video games are sure to remember. There were actually two notable Sonic cartoons during the Sega Genesis heyday, one on the sillier side and another that was decidedly more action packed and much more popular overall. This particular listing showcases the latter. If you’d like to watch it in English, be sure to link your Starz or ConTV subscriptions to your account. Otherwise, it is available in Spanish by default.

  • Sonic Hoodie

    Sonic Hoodie

    This Sonic the Hedgehog hoodie is perfect for kids to stay warm while giving them the perfect gaming attitude! Cute and functional, the hood is actually a partial mask and provides the ideal combination of costume and clothing. Manufactured from a comfort 60/40 cotton-poly blend of fabrics, it is breathable yet hard-wearing. The front zipper closure makes it easy to take the hoodie on and off! Plus, the solid craftsmanship allows for easy laundering in the washing machine without fear of wear or shrinkage. Great for Halloween or as a gift, this is an officially licensed hoodie you are hard pressed to find elsewhere!

  • Sonic The Hedgehog, Vol. 1

    Sonic The Hedgehog, Vol. 1

    Sonic The Hedgehog, Vol. 1 places the first four issues of the IDW Publishing comic series in one convenient collection. This is a slightly modernized take on the Sonic story that still tips its hat to the older games and the Archie Comics run alike. The writing features plenty of humor and adventure, and the visuals are impressive on every single page. The bright colors of the likes of the ever memorable Green Hill Zone and the incredible dynamic speed of the titular character have really been brought to life. If you have your feet in both the video game and comic book hobbies, this is an essential pick-up.

  • Sonic The Hedgehog Movie

    Sonic The Hedgehog Movie

    2020’s Sonic The Hedgehog movie released to fairly widespread audience acclaim, and it was such a hit that a sequel was greenlit in rapid succession. It offers a new spin on the Sonic story, showing off what it would be like if the iconic blue speed-demon were to make his way into our “real life” world. Aside from a standout voice performance from Ben Schwartz in the titular role and fine supporting work from James Marsden, the film has also been hailed as a return to comedic form for Jim Carrey (seen here as the villainous Dr Robotnik). With plenty of extra work to preserve a more game-accurate design for Sonic himself and lots of family-friendly fun, the movie currently hails as one of the only notable theatrical releases of the year. It’s well worth checking out.

  • Sonic Controller Holder

    Sonic Controller Holder

    Once you start amassing a large enough game collection, it’s only a matter of time before you start putting more thought into how it’s displayed. There are plenty of options out there when it comes to showing off your games and consoles, but the controllers themselves are often left by the wayside. With this adorable Sonic the Hedgehog controller holder you’ll finally have a solution. Now that Sega works only as a publisher and developer rather than having their foot in the ongoing console war, this is made to accommodate gamepads from Xbox and PlayStation alike. The character is well sculpted with a large grip that will show off your controllers without any worry of them falling.

  • Sonic Statue

    Sonic Statue

    From seasoned toy and memorabilia makers Diamond Collectibles comes this stunning Sonic statue that really has it all. The design showcases the character model from the 2020 live action film and it is shown off in a brilliantly dynamic action pose. The sculpted lightning effects give a sense of kinetic energy, and the look of determination and subtle attitude on our hero’s face really says it all. Any longtime fan of the character could easily feature this as the centerpiece of their collection. This was a limited run of only 3,000 units, so be sure to grab one as soon as possible before you miss out.

  • Monopoly Sonic The Hedgehog

    Monopoly Sonic The Hedgehog

    For the Sonic the Hedgehog fan that has just about everything else under sun, here’s an officially licensed Monopoly Sonic the Hedgehog board game. This special edition features Sonic themed graphics, locations, and game pieces. The cast of included characters are Sonic himself, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy Rose. (Each of them is fully painted rather than cast in a singular shade as with the standard game.) Otherwise, the same addicting gameplay that has made standard Monopoly such a smash hit over the years is fully intact. Whether you’re just a big Sonic fan or you love board games in general, this is a set that’s well worth investing in.

  • Sonic the Hedgehog Smartwatch

    Sonic the Hedgehog Smartwatch

    The Sonic the Hedgehog smartwatch will work well as the first smartwatch for young fans of the video game series. It offers several key features like a calculator, pedometer, alarm, and even camera, video, and audio recording modes. It plays some simple games as well, and there are 10 different watch faces to choose from. Files can be transferred via the included USB charging cable. From an aesthetic standpoint, there’s a lot to love here; the bright blue band is seriously easy on the eyes. Luckily, it’s also quite comfortable, with material that stands up well to many hours of use.

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