Spartan Gifts

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The Finest Spartan Merchandise & Gifts

Spartan Statue

This Spartan Statue features the legendary King Leonidas cast in bronze. Standing stoically with sword drawn and his large Spartan shield protecting his torso, this 10 inch figure would make for a glorious display atop any fireplace, book shelf, or mantle. If you’re so inclined, you could also place it on your front porch or backyard patio. The sculpt work is a marvel, with Leonidas himself showing off rippling muscles and a flowing war tattered cape. Broken arrows liter the ground beneath him, offering a tip of the hat to the famous Battle of Thermopylae. Whether you are a history buff or interested in Leonidas thanks to the “300” graphic novel and motion picture, this is a gorgeous collectible that’s well worth looking into.

Sparta: Rise of a Warrior Nation

The Spartan’s have fascinated both scholars and the merely curious for generations. Their civilization had an influence on both history and society that has echoed through the ages. Today lovers of quality literature can learn more about what made this culture so unique through the pages of ‘Sparta: Rise of a Warrior Nation.’ The complexities of a scoiety that valued heroism and self-sacrifice but also was guilty of systematically abusing their offspring is a glimpse into a past that reveals lessons that today’s society can learn from. Learn about the of a Peloponnesian village and its eventual rise as Sparta, home to the feared hoplite Greek warriors and what made them legend. This is a fascinating glimpse into one of the most storied cultures in all of history, a treat for both laymen and seasoned historical buffs.


300 is Zack Snyder’s stylish take on the cult smash Frank Miller graphic novel of the same name. It tells a fictionalized version of the Battle of Thermopylae from the 5th century BC Persian Wars. Notable for stunning cinematography, brutal action choreography, and plenty of ground-breaking effects work, this is a film that is prerequisite viewing for anyone that cares for the action movie genre, war epics, or even the greater expanse of comic book film adaptations. Be sure to check it out in full HD on the largest screen possible; the spectacle is the star of the show here, and it won’t let you down.

Sparta Game

This German edition board game is a great way to bond with family and friends, two players at a time. The Sparta game helps you work on strategy while allowing for 30 minutes of non-stop fun playtime. Recommended for ages 10 and up, this board game requires strategy and creative thinking to beat the opponent. Set in 228 B.C., you can capture cities and advance your warriors into heroes. Rife with difficulty as capture is imminent, this strategy game is thrilling and fun. An ideal gift for a game collector or someone that loves history, this is a board game unlike any other!

Assassins Creed Odyssey

Assassins Creed Odyssey brings Ubisoft’s popular action RPG video game series to ancient Greece. Set against the backdrop of the Peloponnesian War and the battle between Sparta and Athens, you can control a male or female protagonist caught in the midst of both sides of the conflict. This is a major multi-platform release that can be played on any of your current consoles such as the Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4. Despite being the 11th entry in the franchise, the game was met positively from fans and critics alike thanks to its sleek visuals, engaging storytelling, and tried and true gameplay.

Spartan Sword

Regardless of your barrier for entry with the legendary Battle of Thermopylae, this Spartan sword has a sleek and imposing design that is worthy of admiration. Those with an interest in history, weapon collecting, or the fictitious “300” — the modern pop culture spin on the ancient Spartans — are sure to be won over by the blade’s alluring design. Featuring a perfect blend of practicality and palpably aggressive aesthetics, Talos Artifacts’ King Leonidas sword is a sight to behold. Coming in at nearly 2 feet long and around 7 inches high atop the base, this display piece is among the finest of its kind.

Spartan Shirt

Constructed of 100% cotton, the Spartan shirt by Kryptek offers comfort, breathability and durable craftsmanship. The solid black background is offset by a bright red Spartan helmet for interest. What makes this shirt top notch is the classic fit that offers a truly comfortable experience to the wearer. Available from sizes S to 3XL, every rugged warrior and outdoors enthusiast is sure to enjoy this article of clothing. This design is an authentic representation of the Kryptek brand and everything it stands for. Whether going back to school, lounging poolside or hiking, this Spartan shirt is sure to please even the pickiest men!

King Leonidas Action Figure

The 1:12 scale King Leonidas Action Figure from Max Factory is a true premium piece that any action figure collector would undoubtedly be floored by. While an appreciation of the 300 Frank Miller graphic novel or Zack Snyder’s film adaptation will go a long way toward tipping the scale, the craftsmanship behind this toy is strong enough to warrant appreciation all its own. With impeccable detailing, two expressions honoring the likeness of the character from the film, six different accessories, and unique joints that offer a wide range of motion while preserving a realistic sculpt, this has all the makings of a collection centerpiece.

Spartan Shield

Here’s a great item that will appeal to quite a large crowd. For the film buffs, graphic novel enthusiasts, cosplayers, historians, and even Halloween lovers, this Spartan shield replica is undoubtedly a head turner. While it recreates the shields from the Spartan soldiers in Zack Snyder’s 300 film, it works well as a general ancient Greece prop or costume piece. If you’re putting together a look for an eventual convention or even your next big Halloween party, this will put your Spartan warrior getup over the top. Of course, major fans of the movie the design hails from would also be well served by this beauty.

Spartan Fit!

Spartan Fit! is a book that was written by Joe DeSena, and it’s designed to help readers conquer the Spartan Races. In the book, readers will learn a lot and they’ll receive a 30 day workout plan to follow. Not only that, but the book lays out a diet plan, which will help you prepare yourself for the Spartan Sprint. However, you don’t have to even enter the race, as you can just follow the workout and diet plan if you want to get into shape. Besides that, the book includes workouts that require no weights or gym. Spartan Fit! will inspire and motivate you.

Spartan Ring

Are you looking for that perfectly masculine gift? This vintage styled adjustable Spartan ring makes the perfect accessory for that tough man in your life! Free of harmful metals such as lead, cadmium and nickel, this hypoallergenic alloy metal ring has just the right touch of antiquity. It fits virtually all sizes with its adjustable nature and is available in two colors: antique brass or antique silver. In case you’re not satisfied with your Viking ring, the company does offer a generous 60-day return policy. Whether you want to give a fun gift for a holiday or just because, this Spartan ring is sure to appease even the pickiest men!

Bronze Spartan Helmet

This bronze Spartan helmet is a small replica item cast in well worn, oxidized bronze. Though only around 9 by 8 centimeters large, it perfectly honors one of the most historical armor designs hailing from the Ancient Greek Age of around 6 to 4 BC. It is crafted with the same techniques used in creating the original armor pieces for an authentic look and feel. It is also hand crafted, meaning each unit will have its own unique characteristics. Anyone interested in history, traditional art and crafts, or handmade trinkets will surely enjoy decorating their office desk or mantelpiece with one of these incredibly charming items.

King Leonidas Funko

A fan favorite character of movie buffs, comic book fans, and even internet meme enthusiasts, it was only a matter of time before King Leonidas received the Funko Pop treatment. Decked out in full Spartan armor and sporting the meanest scowl you’ll ever see, this figure will make a worthy addition to any Funko shelf. Devoted fans of the film will appreciate this as a gift, and it will work well displayed among movie and toy collections alike. The king will guard your Blu-rays and DVDs with the utmost devotion, and his impressive build will surely stand out proudly among your other figures and collectibles.

Spartan Warrior Costume

Spartans are known for being some of the greatest warriors in history, and with this costume, you can be a spartan for a day. This costume is made from 100% polyester, but the faux leather detailing give the costume a luxurious touch. The costume also features a brass medallion that’s designed to look antique. The medallion can be used to secure the knee-length red cape. The brown kilt has an elastic waist, making the costume comfortable to wear. The gold geometric detailing gives the kilt some extra flair. Additional accessories, such as a shield, sword, and helmet, will need to be purchased separately.

Spartan Helmet

Direct from Greece, this Spartan helmet is a faithful replica of the helmet worn by Leonidas, a warrior king, who died in 480 BC. Leonidas came from a dynasty of kings that claimed to be demigods, and though this fact remains to be seen, this helmet can show your love for ancient history! Though a small piece at 9.8×6.3 inches, it has breathtaking attention to detail and looks like an artifact from a museum. It is constructed from gold painted alabaster stone and completely handmade from start to finish in Greece. The perfect gift for kids or history enthusiasts, this is a welcome addition to any artifact replica collection.

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