Star Trek

  • Deep Space 9 XL Edition

    Deep Space 9 XL Edition

    This Model of Deep Space 9 XL is about 8 inches wide and stands roughly 5 inches tall from the pylons to the top of the pylon. Starship profile, original manufacturing art, and design evolution data are included in a collector’s magazine. It is made from die cast metal so the this model quite solid.

  • Playmobil Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise

    Playmobil Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise

    You often hear people say that Playmobil is for young kids only, they couldn’t be more wrong. Behold the Playmobil Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701! The perfect gift for a Stark Trek fan who has young kids so they can spend some quality time with their kids. Oh, you don’t want to share this with your kids? Even better, he he he!

  • Star Trek Klingon Bat’leth

    Star Trek Klingon Bat’leth

    Want to look like Klingon on Halloween? A costume party maybe? This Bat’leth is made of high-grade aircraft aluminum and a genuine split leather grip making it as authentic as they come. When looking for Star Trek collectibles that are display pieces, it’s perfect. It has a weight of 4 pounds, quarter an inch thick and 43 inches in length. This means its only suitable for adults, and comes with a certificate of authenticity! If that hasn’t gotten you sold, the Klingon Bat’leth it comes with a cold cast resin Klingon display stand. What a wonderful piece to flaunt to all your fellow Star Trek fans!

  • Star Trek Board Game

    Star Trek Board Game

    How would you like a board game to enjoy at least as much as your favorite Star Trek movie? The Star Trek Catan and the Star Trek Five Year Mission are only two of the board games in this series you can play with the other members of your family. These cooperative games are among the most effective tools to teach your children strategy and team work. The playing time of around 30 minutes will keep everyone hooked and motivated to win. The USS Enterprise is waiting for you to destroy all enemies, so pick your Star Trek Board game and invite your friends to join you on board.

  • Star Trek Dvd Set

    Star Trek Dvd Set

    Star Trek is one of the movies that made history. They are always nice to watch again, so it may be just about time to buy your own Star Trek DVD set to have them handy whenever you feel like enjoying a nice movie evening with your family. Whether you’re a fan of Deep Space Nine, Voyager, The Voyage Home, or The Next Generation, you’ll be able to order your favorite Star Trek series on DVD and have it delivered to your door. The complete Star Trek series can also make a wonderful gift to a friend who loves this epic movie.

  • Star Trek Shirt

    Star Trek Shirt

    You should definitely pick up a Star Trek shirt if you’re a fan of the much loved series. There are a lot of different iterations of Star Trek the show and there are also lots of movies with different story lines. Whatever you enjoy about Star Trek, you can show it off by wearing a shirt that features the logo of the show or any shirt that displays part of the show’s universe that you like. There are plenty of great shirts in all kinds of colors so you’re sure to find something that will suit you well or that you can get as a gift for a fan.

  • Star Trek Socks

    Star Trek Socks

    Clothes are the oldest trick in the book when you want to declare yourself a super fan. These socks are printed by high-tech printing facilities that ensure your Star Trek characters and icons stay intact for longer. All the illustrations are symbols from engineering, characters, science or command, by virtue of Star Trek, and are creative, refreshed and up to date. These socks are 98% Polyester and only 2% Spandex making them last longer. They are also adult unisex pairs and cool Star Trek attire whether worn by a man or woman. They are sure to deliver 100% satisfaction, so make them your every-day-all-day wear!

  • Star Trek Action Figure

    Star Trek Action Figure

    These are perfect to add to a Star Trek figure collection. They are all washable since they are made of PVC and have accessories as complimentary in the packages. These action figures will have your children who are fond of Star Trek play all day imitating star trek characters, building their memory and creativity. They’re very good replicas of the actual characters and come at an affordable price. In fact, in a few years, when Star Trek is long done and forgotten, these are the invaluable tokens we’ll have to remember them. Besides this, they are great gifts too, to place in a mantle!

  • Star Trek Bluetooth Badge

    Star Trek Bluetooth Badge

    Apart from being an authentic Star Trek collectible, this Bluetooth badge is a fully functional electronic device, one suitable for all your Bluetooth needs. The Star Trek TNG ComBadge is compatible with all devices that have 4.2 Bluetooth Technology from phones to laptops and tablets. All you need to do is sync your device and use this rechargeable device for music playback and phone calls. It has an in-built microphone and speaker which yields reliable top-notch sound quality. Use this device to continue listening to music and picking calls as your phone charges. If you’re one to collect Star Trek Items that can add value to the day to day activities, this is it!

  • Star Trek Cookbook

    Star Trek Cookbook

    Even fans of cooking are not left behind when Star Trek collectibles are made. Diehard fans of food and Star Trek could get this cookbook to find out what the secret to the exotic dishes and drinks by Neelix is. How does he manage to feed the Voyager crew, a group of 140 food critics? Find out how! Maybe you could even come up with a recipe good enough for humans, Klingons, Bajorans, and Vulcans!, not that you could ever feed them but you could cook the interesting recipes and imagine that you’re in the Voyager which is just as good!

  • Star Trek Coffee Mug

    Star Trek Coffee Mug

    How about getting one of Star Trek’s amazing Mugs? They are long-lasting colorful ceramic mugs, with prints of various Star Trek characters to start your mornings with a high boost of energy. They also exude creativity, like the Star Trek mug which changes when you add hot liquids like coffee. In this one, Dr. McCoy, Mr. Spock, and others materialize on the opposite side of the mug to explore the planet surface from the Transporter Room on the other one. Great way to give you the boost of energy you need in the morning. Remember to handwash this, and strictly do not soak.

  • Star Trek Drone

    Star Trek Drone

    The perfect gift for Star Trek fans who are drone enthusiast, or simply tech fans! This Star Trek Drone is easy to fly, with high-performance quad-copter technology. It allows remote communication and also has an installed Warp drive that gives the boost of extra speed when flying. You may not be a helicopter pilot but with such Star Trek drones from Air Hogs, you just but might feel like one. The Star Trek U.S.S Enterprise NCC-1701-A RC, for example, comes with 10 authentic sounds and lights, creating versatile flying experiences. With this and 4AA batteries, be prepared to out fly Klingon’s starships!

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