Starfox (Marvel)

The comic character Starfox (Eros) is a superhero that is part of the Marvel Comic series. This character made his first appearance in the Iron Man series in February 1973. Starfox was developed by Mike Friedrich and Jim Starlin.

Starfox has the appearance of a human and was part of the Eternals race. He was a Titan and his father was Mentor. One of his super abilities is to control the emotions of others. He is part of the Avengers. Starfox or Eros is part of the Eternals which are species that look like humans but lives in space. He is the brother of Thanos who is the opposite. Starfox is easygoing while Thanos is power-hungry.
Instead of going along with his brother Statall decided to help the humans. He looks like a mortal man except he is very muscular and is much stronger than a human can hope to be.

Powers and Abilities

Starfox is said to be a member of the offshoot of the human race. He has a body that is similar to a human but it has been enhanced with cosmic energy. Due to his enhanced ability, he is able to age a lot slower than humans. He has superman strength and he is resistant to harm. He cannot be affected by the disease. He is so strong that he can crush a human without injuring himself. He can be injured by weapons but has quick healing abilities.

Starfox is able to move with supersonic speed and he is able to fly. He can also help stimulate the pleasure centre in the brains of humans. At times this has gotten him into some trouble with the ladies. He can make a person become infatuated with him but this does not work on brains that do not have a pleasure centre.

Interesting Facts

While Starfox is powerful is not as powerful as his cousins who are the Titanium Eternals. There have been different depictions of Starfox over the years. He has gone by the name Eros. In some versions of the comic, he appeared to be infected by a zombie avenger. It turns out this was part of an elaborate trap. At one time the power to stimulate the pleasure centre in the human brain was shut off. This was done so that Starfox was not able to abuse this power and take advantage of people that may not have been willing.

Starfox is able to communicate with just about everyone on Earth and in space. He is able to speak over 500 languages. When he is in flight he can move so fast that the air particles cling to him. This is one superhero from outer space that could have easily gone to the dark side. Instead, he chooses to go with the hero’s and fight for the life of humanity.


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