Stranger Things Merch

I immediately liked Stranger Things from the first episode. The 80’s setting just brings back memories and I instantly started to look for cool Stranger Things Merch.

You would be actually surprised how much Stranger Things Merchandise there is available. You got it all, sweaters, board games, video games, even books and comics.

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The Finest Stranger Things Merch & Gifts

Stranger Things: Darkness on the Edge of Town

The Darkness on the Edge of Town hardcover is a great way to learn what leads to the hit series on Netflix, Stranger Things. The book is suspenseful and written well that will take you back to characters you met in Stranger Things. You also learn Hopper’s past and interaction between him and Eleven. It’s an excellent gift for a Stranger Things.

Stranger Things Tin Sign

If you’re looking to decorate your bar, dining room, hotel, billiard house, café, club wall, and create a contracted, fashionable atmosphere in these places, then you might want to check out this Stranger Things Tin Sign. It comes as a high-quality metal sign with attractable Stanger Thing prints. It can be put in a Mesa, or you can hang it on your wall.

Stranger Things DVD

As an Exclusive Complete Season One and Two Bundle, this DVD or Blu-ray Discs set is an excellent way to re-enjoy the Netflix Stranger Things series. With this set, you get to recap the first two seasons in the comfort of your home and with your programming. Another thing, the bundle is a great way to gift any Stranger Things fan.

Funko Steve Vs Demodog

Steve Vs. Demodog figure comes as a multicolor figure representing Steve and his trusty bat while going head to head with the vicious demodog. It’s a perfect collection piece for display as well as a gift. The beautiful detailing brings out the funny Steve and Demodog, making it an ideal collectible for any Stanger Things fan.

Stranger Things: The Other Side

Stranger Things: The Other Side paperback does come as a detailed graphic novel with a story on a spine-tingling comic, which recounts Will Beyers’ harrowing survival on the other side. It’s a perfect way to learn what happens on the other side, the upside-down. It’s a surprisingly enjoyable book that any true fan of Stranger Things would die to have in their collection.

Hawkins Middle School A.V. Club Shirt

Be it a Christmas costume, a crew cosplay, or a theme party attire; this Hawkins Middle School AV Club T-shirt is ideal for all these occasions. It comes as an adult unisex tee ideal for both men and women. The material used her keeps it soft and comfortable. With its high-quality prints, it can be an ideal gift for a Stranger Things Series fan.

Funko Eleven in Mall Outfit

Amazing and perfect are the names to use to describe this Funko Eleven featured in a Mall Outfit, as seen in the Stranger Things Series. She comes as a stylized POP vinyl and standing 3.75 inches tall. It’s an ideal collectible and also displayable toys for any fan of Stranger Things, a Netflix hit series.

Stranger Things Screen Test Card Game

As a Screen Test Card Game, which is inspired by the Netflix original series, Stranger Things, this game is a fun game ideal for family nights or crew gameplays. You can also play it while you watch the show, but you will need a Netflix subscription. It does feature cards supporting season one and two and includes 300 cards, half for easy season, and also four coasters and instructions.

Eleven Action Figure

Punk Eleven Action Figure based on Stranger Things Series 3 is a perfect statue you can have as an Eleven fan. It features spectacular likeness detailing of eleven sculpted from her real-life images. The figure does also comes with a baby mask and alternate interchangeable hand for more convenience. It’s a perfect gift you can give a fan of Eleven or the Series itself.

Stranger Things Monopoly Collector’s Edition

Take your Stranger Things to experience to the next level when you play this Collector’s Edition Board Game. The game comes with a Stranger Things theme that’s inspired by season1-3 of this hit series. As a collector’s board game, it does feature artwork, tokens, and topics, all based on the first three seasons of the series.

Stranger Things Hoodie

The Stranger Monster Hoodie is a high-quality and durably made hoodie featuring 50% Cotton and 50% Polyester materials. It’s lightweight, cozy, and quite body-warming. It does come with a double-line hood and a pouch pocket for style. As a unisex hoodie, it does make great sense if you gift it to any of your friends who is a fan of Stranger Things.

Demogorgon Deluxe Action Figure

This Demogorgon Deluxe Action Figure based on Stranger Things monster comes as a high-quality poseable action figure with twelve points of articulation. It’s a great collectible and displayable statue that any fan of the series would love to have in their collection. It does come in a standard size, standing 10-inches tall and with a 2.5-inch display base.

Polaroid Stranger Things Edition

The OneStep 2 VF, a Stranger Things Edition is an upgraded instant film camera ideal for any fan to capture any of their stranger moments. It’s quite easy to use, all you need is point and shoot, compose the shot and press the shutter button. It does also come with excellent features like self-timer function, a powerful built-in flash, and a built-in rechargeable battery, which lasts for days.

Lego The Upside Down

The LEGO Stranger Things The Upside Down puzzle is here to give you some real fun as you put together the 2287 Pieces. It’s quite fun to assemble all the pieces/puzzles. Another thing, the instruction booklets are awesomely unique. It’s a perfect gift for someone who loves the series, Stranger Things.

The Upside Down T-Shirt

This 1983 T-Shirt is a high-quality tee that’s designed and hand-printed in Texas. It does feature unique design and construction that keeps it comfortable to wear and light yet durable. It also comes with excellent print done with non-fading paint and based on the Upside Down scene from Stranger Things Series. It’s a very-cool casual t-shirt ideal for any fan of the series.

Stranger Fillings: A Parody Cookbook

After having all the fun watching the popular Netflix show, Stranger Things, now you get to eat some delicious food by cooking using the show’s delicious recipes. This Stranger Fillings, which is a parody cookbook, brings you a combination of delicious puns and edible baked treats recipes from the show.

Stranger Things The Game

This Nintendo Switch game is the official companion game of Stranger Things season three. Here you get to play through informal events form the hit original hit series and also uncover never-seen-before quests, secrets, and interactions. As an adventure, it does blend distinctively retro art style with some modern gameplay to provide a nostalgic gun in a fresh twist.

Stranger Things Ugly Christmas Sweater

If you’re searching for a Christmas gift to give to your friend or family member who’s a fan of Stranger things, then look no further. Tstars brings you The Upside Down Ugly Merry Christmas Sweatshirt with a fantastic fabric quality as a perfect gift. It’s quite cozy and non-itchy with a warming design. The sweater is 50% cotton and 50% polyester and printed in the USA.

Trivial Pursuit Stranger Things

As a 2 to 4-player Back to The 80s Edition game, this Stranger Things Trivial Pursuit is a fun-packed party board game ideal for adults and teens. It comes with 1500 trivial questions about the 1980s pop culture and Stranger Things. It’s a fun and exciting game that any fan of the series would love to play or have in their collection.

Stranger Things Trucker Cap

Quality Merchandise wants you to have the best time and Stranger Things cosplay look with this Premium Trucker Cap. The cap comes in a modern summer urban style and adjustable snapback, helping you make your hat snug or roomy. It’s also super comfy to wear, no matter your hairstyle.

Stranger Things Dungeons & Dragons

This Roleplaying Game Starter Set has everything you will ever need to unleash your imagination and explore the upside-down of Netflix’s original series, Stranger Things. It does encourage more creativity while allowing extra flexibility. It comes with high-quality figures, and the game adventure is entertaining. As a fan of Stranger Things and DnD, you will love having this piece in your gaming collection.

Camp 85 Know Where Cap

Camp 85 Know Where Baseball Cap is an excellent Stranger Things Cosplay that comes with a retro mesh design. The cap is made from high-quality cotton and features a compound sponge in its interior and polyester net on its back. The design is based on Dustin Hat from Stanger Things making it a perfect fan gift for Birthday or Christmas.

Stranger Things Eggo Card Game

This Eggo Card Game is an awesome game that is quite easy to learn. The game is inspired by the Netflix original series, Stanger Things, and allows the players to escape from the Upside Down and remove all the Eggo cards. It does come with 106 Eggo cards, seven-character cards, and instructions. It’s ideal for anyone aged 14 years and above and requires 2 to 6 players.

Stranger Things: The Official Behind-the-Scenes Companion

As an official behind-the-scenes companion and New York Times bestseller guide to the first two Stranger Things seasons is an excellent companion for any fan, especially anyone who can’t for Season 3. The pictures inside the book are quite stunning, and its retro look is tubular. Get it for yourself or any fan of Stranger Things.

Monopoly Stranger Things Edition

The game comes as a fun and exciting game featuring the Stranger Things theme. It does also come with 80s-inspired tokens taken from the Upside Down. The walkie-Talkie and Blinking Lights cards act as Community Chest and Chance cards. There are also forts and hideouts in place of houses and hotels. It’s a perfect game for fans Stranger Things requiring 2 to 8 players.

The First Official Stranger Things Novel

The Paperback is the First Official Stranger Things Novel on Suspicious Minds from Stranger Things. It does also bring you a dark and captivating story, which will surely stick in your mind even if you’re not a fan of the series. It does also manage the balancing act between a standalone story and an interconnected prequel.

Stranger Things Handheld Arcade

Forget casinos; you can now enjoy an arcade game right from your home with this Stranger Things Palace Arcade. It comes as a handheld electronic game that blasts you back to the 80s and the Stranger Things World. It’s a great game ideal for teens and adults aged 14 and above.

Stranger Things Socks

Stance Stranger Things Socks are here to celebrate Eleven, Mike and the rest of the Stranger Things’ gang. It’s a reminder of how they quested into the unknown and how one summer can change everything. The socks are cozy and comfy to wear and ideal for all people. They are perfect gifts you can give to a fan of Stranger Things.

Notes from the Upside Down

Notes from the Upside Down book is an unofficial guide to Stranger things paperback containing everything you need to know about this hit TV show, Stranger Things. It’s an excellent piece for anyone who has discovered Stranger Things and looking to fill a Demogorgon-sized hole in your life. It’s a fan-static guide with every fact you need.

Stranger Things Cast Autographed Script

Perfect and excellent are the words to describe this Stranger Things Cast Autographed Script. It does come as a signed reprint in a securely waterproofed packaging. It’s bound using Hollywood production standards and printed on a top-quality FSC certified paper. A thick cardstock is used for durable covering and backing. It’s a perfect party gift for any fan of Stranger Things.

Chia Pet Dustin Stranger Things

Stranger Things Pet Dustin is an all-in-one planter. It does include a pottery planter, a convenient drip tray, and seed packets for three plants. It does smile for everyone who sees it. It does also come in different shapes and sizes, allowing you to select the best model. It’s a perfect Christmas, Birthday, or Thanksgiving gift.

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