Sui-San (Marvel)

Sui-San is a character that plays a quite small but vital role in Marvel Comics. She made her debut in November 1973 in Captain Marvel #29. Just like her son Thanos and her partner A’Lars, she was created by Jim Starlin. If you are not familiar with Jim Starlin, he has won dozen of awards for his work with Marvel and even DC Comics. He has written stories for characters like Batman, Captain Marvel and Adam Warlock.

Unfortunately, we did not find any record on how tall Sui-San is or how much she weighs. Still, you can recognize her by her great looks, black hair and green eyes. Just like A’lars, she was part of a race called the Eternals that lived on the moon of Titan. The Eternals on the other hand were created by the Celestials.

Family and Relatives

We don’t know much about the family history of Sui-San. There’s no record of her parents for example. But we do know that she met A’lars on Titan. Together with A’lars, she repopulated Titan by using their genetic material and created the Titans.

A’lars and Sui-San gave birth to two sons. The first one was Eros, who has the superpower to arouse people who are near him which made him quite popular.

Her other son is completely the opposite: Thanos. When Thanos was born, Sui-San tried to kill him instantly as she felt darkness with him. But she was stopped instantly and institutionalized right after.

Interesting Facts That You Should Know About Sui-San

ISAAC: Together with A’lars aka Mentor, they developed a very advanced computer called ISAAC that controlled the environment on Titan

Interesting as well is that Sui-San was actually on the losing side of civil war when A’Lars his father Kronos fought his brother Uranos. Uranos, Sui-San and several others were ordered to leave the city of Titanos. They moved to the planet Uranus where they had to take out a Kree outpost in order to gain control.

Not long after that, Uranos wanted to take revenge on his brother and took a spaceship back to Earth. Unfortunately for them, a Kree battleship intercepted them and made them flee to Titan. No longer wanted revenge, they decide to stay on Titan and built a new colony. Still, disaster kept following Sui-San around as a new civil war broke out on Titan between the remaining Eternals and everybody was killed except Sui-San. She lived in solitary for quite a while until she met A’lars who arrived on Titan.

Although Sui-San was institutionalized right after the birth of Thanos. She made her re-appearance in Thanos Rising #2 in 2013 where she actually wanted nothing to do with Thanos. At his point, Thanos was already a teenager and had killed dozens of Eternals. As a mother, Sui-San quickly noticed her son’s behaviour and confronted him with the events. This led Thanos to capture his mother and experimenting on her to find out why he has got the Deviant-Syndrom. She died in the process.


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  • Image Credit: Marvel
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