Superman vs Darkseid: Who Would Win?

It is interesting to consider a fight with Superman and Darkseid and who will come out on top in that contest. They both possess great superpowers to make such a contest very close and a great battle. But we need to take a closer look at their powers, how they got them, and how they can use those powers to overcome each other.

To get the answer we need to look at the origin of the powers and abilities of these two superheroes. They have come from different places, and both have great superpowers. What are these powers and how each can use his superpower to defeat the other?

Superman Biography


Superman came to Earth as a survivor of planet Krypton. Jor-El, his father, put him in a vessel. And launched it towards Earth before his planet was destroyed.

A couple on earth found him and took him home to their farm. They named him Clark and brought him up as their son. As he got older, he showed superhuman qualities. At eighteen, they explained his origin. Clark then focused his power on helping humanity.

Clark first used his power secretly. But had to show it publicly to prevent a NASA spaceplane crash. They then created a costume for his public identity. A Daily Planet reporter who was on the HASA spaceplane he saved named him Superman.

Clark became a Daily Planet freelance reporter. His first story was about Superman. Superman travelled to another universe with a Krypton and an Earth. He defeated and killed three Kryptonians who had killed that earth’s population,

Superman is devoted to truth and justice. As a true hero, he rights wrongs and saves lives.

Darkseid Biography


Prince Uxas was King Yuga’s second son who wanted to rule Apokolips. He killed his older brother Drax and seized power over the planet under the new name Darkseid. He was the father of Kalibak his son with Suli, who was an Apokoliptian scientist.

But Queen Heggra got Desaad to poison Suli. After Suli died, Darkseid’ got Desaad to poison his mother, Heggra. And he became Apokolips’ supreme ruler. Tigra also bore him a son, Orion. After he killed his mother, Darkseid banished both his son and Tigra from Apokolips.

A destructive war with New Genesis ended with an exchange of the sons. Darkseid’s second son went to Highfather of New Genesis. He grew up to defend New Genesis ideals. This set the stage to fulfil the prophecy of Darkseid’s final defeat by his son.

Darkseid invaded Themyscira to overthrow the Olympian gods and steal their power. His troops killed half of Amazon’s population but Wonder Woman weakened his power.

He clashed with the DC Universe superheroes. They included Superman and he used superpowered minions to overcome Earth. He became the god of Evil.

Superman: Powers & Abilities

Superman Kryptonian cells absorb solar energy to give him his power. He has great strength, and his body cannot be destroyed. With his keen senses, he can hear sounds the human ear cannot hear. He sees distant objects beyond our sight range with telescopic vision. He can also see microscopic details of objects. Superman can also see through objects. He also has heat vision which generates heat in objects when his eyes glow red.

Superman also can think, react, and move with superhuman speeds. He defies gravity and flies. Superman’s cells create a protective shield around him. This makes any substance on his skin almost indestructible. With full lungs, Superman can do without breathing for several hours. He can fly through outer space.

Darkseid: Powers & Abilities

Darkseid is a being that has many godly powers and abilities of unknown limits. He is strong physically and is invulnerable. His Omega Beams vision power is powerful enough to damage a Kryptonian of the Bronze Age. He can keep control of the beams even after they have left his eyes.

Darkseid’s super strength depends on his physical manifestation of incarnation. He can be stronger than Superman. An avatar can sometimes match the Bronze Age Superman strength.

Darkseid is invulnerable to high-frequency energy blasts, rockets, and bullets. He is also immune to all diseases that afflict humanity. Darkseid can shoot the powerful Omega beams that his eyes emit. The impact of which nothing can survive. Darkseid is also immortal.

He can communicate telepathically with other beings inhabiting the universe. He can also control the minds of millions at the same time. Darkseid can use his thoughts to attack the mind. And he can lift objects at will and use them as projectiles or barriers in a battle. Darkseid can also transmute matter.

Superman Weakness

Although Superman possesses superpowers, he has some limits. Dense materials like lead prevent him from seeing through objects. Kryptonite can also kill him. Magic and some other powers can also affect him. Oxygen keeps him alive so he always needs it.

Darkseid Weakness

Darkseid can be killed with serious injuries. He has been beaten many times. And Orion killed him as was predicted. Also, he was almost killed by Doomsday in Hunter Prey. Superman also intimidates this dark god into submission. Darkseid has realized that this new Superman is unafraid to kill.


Having looked at Superman versus Darkseid we wonder who the winner of a contest will be. But the result will depend on two main factors. Superman gets his energy from the sun. He must depend on the sun to defeat Darkseid. He must get a sunbath before or during the battle to win. Superman must also get his constant supply of oxygen.

Darkseid can use his Omega Beams to counter Superman’s strength, and they should be part of his battle tactics. But Superman’s invincible shield renders Darkseid’s Omega beams useless.

So, we can safely say that a sunbath and his oxygen supply make Superman the stronger opponent who can defeat Darkseid. If Darkseid can find a way to block the sunshine,then Darkseid can depend on his Omega Beams to defeat Superman

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