Superman vs Deadpool: Who Would Win?

Superman and Deadpool are two of the most popular superhero characters in the world. In fact, fans are so obsessed with them that they want to see these heroes fight each other as much as possible. If you’re a fan of both of these characters, then you probably want to know who would win in a fight between Superman and Deadpool. After all, there’s something thrilling about watching two powerful superheroes duke it out when they could easily destroy entire cities if they wanted to.
Arguably, both of these heroes have their own set of weaknesses. For example, Deadpool has accelerated healing but is also mentally unstable and can be taken down by anything that attacks his mind or his body. Meanwhile, Superman is vulnerable against Kryptonite, he’s slow to react when flying because he sees everything around him in slow motion, and he doesn’t have great reflexes on the ground unless he’s moving quickly from place to place.

Superman vs Deadpool

Reasons Why Superman Can Beat Deadpool?

1) Superman is faster than Deadpool. He can fly at speeds exceeding Mach 1, whereas Deadpool can only run at about 30 miles per hour. This means that Superman can easily outmaneuver and outrun Deadpool.

2) Superman is much stronger than Deadpool. He can lift things that weigh hundreds of thousands of tons, whereas Deadpool can only lift about one ton. This makes it very difficult for Deadpool to even harm Superman, let alone defeat him.

3) Superman has super-senses, which allow him to see, hear, and smell things that are far beyond the range of human senses. This gives him a big advantage over Deadpool, who only has human senses.

4) Superman has heat vision, which he can use to burn Deadpool at a distance. Deadpool does not have any ranged attacks that can match this.

5) Superman is invulnerable to most forms of damage. This means that even if Deadpool could somehow hurt him, it would be very difficult for him to actually kill Superman.

6) Superman has super-breath, which he can use to blow Deadpool away or freeze him with. Deadpool doesn’t have any way to counter this.

7) Superman can fly, which gives him a big mobility advantage over Deadpool. Deadpool can only jump a few feet in the air, so he would have a hard time hitting Superman if he was flying around.

8) Superman has super-hearing, which allows him to hear things at a much higher frequency than humans. This means that he would be able to hear Deadpool coming from a long way away, and he could react accordingly.

Reasons Why Deadpool Can Beat Superman?

There are a few reasons why Deadpool could theoretically beat Superman in a fight.

1) First and foremost, Deadpool is immortal, meaning that he can’t be killed. Even if Superman were to land a powerful punch or blast him with heat vision, Deadpool would just keep coming back for more.

2) Additionally, Deadpool is incredibly smart and resourceful, always finding new ways to take down his enemies.

3) He’s also a master of hand-to-hand combat, able to take on multiple opponents at once without breaking a sweat.

4) But perhaps the biggest reason why Deadpool could beat Superman is because he simply doesn’t care about winning or losing. He’s happy to just keep fighting until the end of time, whereas Superman has a strict code of honor and always wants to do the right thing. This means that Superman would eventually get tired or make a mistake, giving Deadpool the opening he needs to finish the fight.

Superman vs Deadpool Power Grid

Power GridSupermanDeadpool

Although we were routing for our Merc With A Mouth, deep down we knew that Superman would come on top of this fight. But the only way for the Man Of Steel to beat Deadpool is by trapping him forever as we all know that Deadpool is actually immortal after being cursed by Thanos. Also, the data above shows that Ryan euhm I mean Deadpool only outclasses Superman with his Fighting Skills. Of course, Deadpool couldn’t care less.

Deadpool Bio

Deadpool was born Wade Wilson and has had serious psychological issues his entire life. He remembers several different versions of an abusive childhood, but in fact, his parents are still living together in Canada, and have even kept his room as he left it. When visiting his real childhood home, he didn’t remember it or his real parents. In his late teens, Wade would join the US Army Special Forces but would get kicked out for disobeying orders he thought were immoral. Following a failed suicide attempt, Wade would then join the CIA as a part of an assassination group because for some reason he thought that the CIA would be morally superior.

At some point, Wade defected from the CIA and travelled the globe as a mercenary for hire before ending up back in Canada. Having been diagnosed with terminal cancer, Wade joined Department K’s Weapon X program where he was giving Wolverine’s healing factor. This worked at first but soon became destabilized, giving Wade much more powerful regenerative abilities than Wolverine, but horribly disfiguring him in the process. This further eroded both his sanity and his sense of morality. Considering him a failed experiment, Department K sent Wade to the Hospice to be experimented on by the sadistic Dr. Killebrew. Here he would take the name “Deadpool” after the bets the inmates would place on who would die next.

After escaping the Hospice, Deadpool would return to his mercenary activities, this time wearing a costume to match his new persona and to hide his disfigured body. He would work for many criminal figures, including the Kingpin, and would battle many heroes such as Wolverine. During this time he would also kidnap an elderly British intelligence operative named Blind Al and lock her up in his basement. Even though Deadpool was very cruel to her, she would develop Stockholm Syndrome, and the two would become close.

Superman Bio

Superman was born Kal-El to Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van on Krypton, a planet with advanced technology. Realizing that the end of their planet was near, Kal’s parents put him in a space pod and sent him to Earth. On Earth, Kal would be found by Martha and Jonathan Kent and would be named Clark Kent. Clark would have a relatively normal childhood until his powers manifested during his early teenage years. Adopting the moniker “Super Boy” he would use his powers for good before eventually taking the name Superman.

As an adult, Clark would move to Metropolis and work as a reporter for the Daily Planet. There he would meet and fall in love with the award-winning journalist Lois Lane. They would eventually marry and have a child.

As a superhero, Clark would oftentimes find himself battling god-like beings such as Brainiac and Darkseid. He would also frequently join forces with other superheroes such as Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Green Arrow. In one notable storyline, a monstrous creature named Doomsday attacked the Earth and defeated all the other superheroes. Superman was forced to face the beast alone, and though he defeated it, died in the process. Or so everyone thought. Turns out he was just in a “healing coma” and was able to make a full recovery.

Like Captain America, Superman would originally start out as a believer in “truth, justice, and the American way” but would eventually expand his belief system to focus more on doing good for the world as a whole. In one storyline he even renounced his US citizenship, which is not quite as controversial as it may seem when you consider the fact that Kal is a literal illegal alien that was never officially granted citizenship in the first place. In any case, Superman continues to defend the Earth from threats that no other hero can face, and like Cap, will always stand up for what he believes is right.

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