Superman vs Scarlet Witch: Who Would Win?

It’s almost a cliché now to mention the word ‘crisis’ in relation to Marvel or DC. They both have their fair share of critics and fans and are in an almost constant state of change. But the one thing that has remained constant throughout? Superheroes and their never-ending battle with supervillains. And within each of these good guys and bad guys, there are always subplots, rivalries, and personal vendettas that often lead to some pretty epic showdowns.

Whether it’s the classic ‘Superman vs Lex Luthor’ or something more modern like ‘Deadpool vs Cable’, there are countless examples of superheroic face-offs that have captured our imaginations for years. So if you’re a big fan of this kind of thing too, keep reading to discover our picks for who would win if Superman vs Scarlet Witch:

Superman vs Scarlet Witch


We were completely aligned that the Scarlet Witch would win this fight but actually according to the Power Grid, this would actually be an easy win for the Man Of Steel. Still, this would be an epic fight where Superman should bring his full A-game.

There are a few reasons why Scarlet Witch could conceivably beat Superman in a fight.

Her powers are incredibly versatile. Scarlet Witch’s powers are some of the most versatile in the Marvel Universe. She can manipulate reality itself, making her capable of doing almost anything. This includes things like creating powerful energy blasts, erecting impenetrable force fields, and even altering Superman’s own reality to weaken him.

She is incredibly intelligent. Scarlet Witch is not only a powerful sorceress, but she is also a brilliant strategist. She has outsmarted some of the smartest minds in the Marvel Universe, including Tony Stark and Doctor Doom. This intelligence gives her a significant advantage over Superman, who is notoriously headstrong.

She has the support of her team. Scarlet Witch is a powerful Avenger, and she has the full support of her team. This includes teammates like Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man, who would be more than happy to help her take down Superman.

Her powers are still growing. Scarlet Witch’s powers are still growing, and she is becoming more and more powerful with each passing day. This makes her a very dangerous opponent for Superman, who is already struggling to keep up with her.

5 Reasons Why Superman Could Beat Scarlet Witch?

Superman has a huge advantage when it comes to strength. Superman can lift mountains with his strength while the Scarlet Witch would always need her magic.

Superman is practically invulnerable. He’s been hit with everything from kryptonite to nuclear bombs and survived. Scarlet Witch might be able to hurt him with her hexes, but it’s unlikely she could kill him.

Superman is super fast. He can fly around the world in a matter of minutes, and his reflexes are so fast that he can even catch bullets. Scarlet Witch might be able to keep up with him for a little while, but she’ll eventually tire out.

Superman has heat vision and freezing breath. These are two very powerful offensive capabilities that Scarlet Witch doesn’t have any defense against.

Superman is just plain old good. He’s always fighting for truth and justice. Scarlet Witch might be able to trick him or catch him off guard, but it’s unlikely she could ever truly defeat him.

Superman vs Scarlet Witch Power Grid

Power GridSupermanScarlet Witch

We were completely baffled when we saw the Marvel Power Grid numbers of the Scarlet Witch. She received a very low score which is something that we find very odd as she is considered one of the strongest magicians or witches in the Marvel Universe. Also before we saw the numbers, we would always have given this victory to the Scarlet Witch as magic is one of the biggest weaknesses of Superman next to Kryptonite of course. But unfortunately, the numbers don’t lie so this victory goes to Superman although this feels wrong on every level of our geek being.

Scarlet Witch Background Story

The origin of Wanda Maximoff is a bit murky due to a number of retcons. What is known is that she and her twin brother, Pietro Maximoff, had contact with the High Evolutionary at some point and that his experiments may be responsible for their powers. Alternately, the Maximoff twins may be the children of the powerful mutant Magneto, born from his pregnant wife who abandoned him after he used his powers to kill a group of men responsible for the death of his first child, Anya. In any case, neither remember much of their childhood due to a traumatic event in which their Romani camp was attacked, forcing them to flee and roam the European countryside living off the land to survive.

Wanda would get the name Scarlet Witch when she lost control of her powers and set fire to a village. One of the villagers would call her “a Scarlet Witch,” before Magneto showed up to save her from being lynched. Feeling indebted to Magneto, and believing in his worldview that mutants would only be safe if they ruled over normal humans, the twins would join his Brotherhood of Mutants. During this time they would clash with the X-Men on a regular basis.

After becoming disillusioned with Magneto’s dream due to the extreme acts of terrorism he was willing to commit, Wanda and Pietro would end up joining the Avengers after the Brotherhood disbanded. Unfortunately, she would lose her natural ability to control magical energies for a time and be forced to learn actual spells. Wanda would also fall in love with and marry her teammate Vision. Since Vision was an android, she used her mystical energies to conjure twin sons into existence. Unfortunately, it would be revealed that the energy she used belonged to the demon Mephisto who would simply absorb the boys back into himself.

Superman Background Story

Superman was born Kal-El to Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van on Krypton, a planet with advanced technology. Realizing that the end of their planet was near, Kal’s parents put him in a space pod and sent him to Earth. On Earth, Kal would be found by Martha and Jonathan Kent and would be named Clark Kent. Clark would have a relatively normal childhood until his powers manifested during his early teenage years. Adopting the moniker “Super Boy” he would use his powers for good before eventually taking the name Superman.

As an adult, Clark would move to Metropolis and work as a reporter for the Daily Planet. There he would meet and fall in love with the award-winning journalist Lois Lane. They would eventually marry and have a child.

As a superhero, Clark would oftentimes find himself battling god-like beings such as Brainiac and Darkseid. He would also frequently join forces with other superheroes such as Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Green Arrow. In one notable storyline, a monstrous creature named Doomsday attacked the Earth and defeated all the other superheroes. Superman was forced to face the beast alone, and though he defeated it, died in the process. Or so everyone thought. Turns out he was just in a “healing coma” and was able to make a full recovery.

Like Captain America, Superman would originally start out as a believer in “truth, justice, and the American way” but would eventually expand his belief system to focus more on doing good for the world as a whole. In one storyline he even renounced his US citizenship, which is not quite as controversial as it may seem when you consider the fact that Kal is a literal illegal alien that was never officially granted citizenship in the first place. In any case, Superman continues to defend the Earth from threats that no other hero can face, and like Cap, will always stand up for what he believes is right.

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