Superman vs Shang-Chi: Who Would Win?

Superman is one of the greatest superheroes of all time. He has an amazing origin story, he’s among the most powerful heroes in the Marvel universe, and he has played a major role in many comic book stories over the years. On the other hand, Shang-Chi is a lesser-known hero who hasn’t become as renowned as some other characters. Even so, his abilities make him an extremely formidable opponent for anyone. So…who would win in a fight: Superman or Shang-Chi?

Superman vs Shang-Chi

In the world of superheroes, there is often little time for niceties. Superheroes usually have a villain to foil, a city to save, or another similarly life-threatening situation to resolve as quickly as possible. When left with no other option than fighting another superhero, these heroes will do so with little warning and even less preparation.

And while they may be friends in real life, that doesn’t always translate onto the page. When it comes to superpowered fisticuffs, not all heroes are willing to play nice – much less ask their opponent if they’re ready before shooting them at high velocity with an explosive projectile. It’s hardly surprising then that many of these boxing matches end up being way more lopsided than you might expect.

That doesn’t mean that such exchanges are any less exciting or engaging for readers; quite the opposite in fact. The idea that these characters could get on once and have such a one-sided fight is part of what makes them so compelling to begin with. After all — who are we if not people who love seeing our favorite heroes getting beaten silly?


There are only a few superheroes who can take on Superman in a 1-on-1 fight and unfortunately Shang-Chi is not one of them. The lack of Speed and Strength would make this a very short fight to say the least.

5 Reasons Why Superman Could Beat Shang-Chi?

1) Superman is faster than Shang-Chi. He can fly at supersonic speeds and has been clocked at moving faster than a speeding bullet. Shang-Chi is a skilled martial artist, but he cannot match Superman’s speed.

2) Superman is more powerful than Shang-Chi. He can lift mountains, and his punches have been known to level cities. Shang-Chi is a very skilled fighter, but he does not have the same level of superhuman strength as Superman.

3) Superman has better durability than Shang-Chi. He is virtually indestructible and can take hits from the likes of Doomsday and Darkseid.

4) Superman has better senses than Shang-Chi. He can see through walls, hear conversations from miles away, and smell danger before it happens.

5) Superman has a better healing factor than Shang-Chi. He can recover from injuries that would kill a normal person in a matter of minutes.

5 Reasons Why Shang-Chi Could Beat Superman?

Shang-Chi is a skilled martial artist who has been trained since childhood in the art of kung fu. He is a master of many different styles of martial arts, and his skills are honed to perfection.

He is incredibly fast and agile. He has the ability to react quickly and efficiently to any situation, and his reflexes are honed to perfection.

Shang-Chi is incredibly strong and has the ability to deliver powerful blows that can stagger even the strongest of opponents.

Shang-Chi is incredibly resilient. He has the ability to take a lot of punishment and can keep on fighting.

Shang-Chi has the ability to tap into the power of chi. This gives him access to a wide range of abilities, including enhanced strength, speed, agility, and durability.

Superman vs Shang-Chi Grid

Power GridSupermanShang-Chi

Looking at the data, this fight would quickly be over as Superman outclasses Shang-Chi when it comes to Durability, Speed and Strength. The only way that Shang-Chi could have a slight chance, is by having Superman pinned to the ground. Shang-Chi’s Fighting Skills are much better than Kal-El’s so taking away his ability to fly and superspeed could give him the opening that he is looking for.

Shang-Chi History

Shang Chi was trained from birth to be a master assassin by his father, the criminal overlord Fu Manchu. However, Shang defected after his first mission and worked with MI-6 to take down his father. Following this, he would travel the world and have many adventures, and meet many fellow superheroes such as White Tiger, Daredevil, Silver Sable, and Iron Fist. Shang Chi would even train Spider-Man in martial arts at one point when the webhead lost his spider-sense.

One of Shang Chi’s most notable battles was during the World War Hulk storyline in which he worked with the Heroes for Hire to stop a colony of invading insects. Unfortunately, his teammate Humbug had his mind taken over by the colony’s hivemind after he killed a hatchling. Shang Chi went to rescue his teammate, learned that Humbug had lied to the hivemind, and told it that their teammate Tarantula had killed the hatchling. This caused Shang Chi to give up on saving Humbug and instead kill him because of his romantic feelings for Tarantula.

Feeling that he had lost his way, Shang Chi would leave the Heroes for Hire and spend time in meditation and self-reflection before becoming an active superhero again as well as a philosopher and bodhisattva on the path of the Buddha. Eventually, Shang Chi would join the Avengers and wield special weapons developed for him by Tony Stark. In another instance he would also team up with several other Asian superheroes including Silk, Jimmy Woo, and Brawn to defend civilians at a fundraising event, dubbing themselves the “Protectors.”

Superman History

Superman was born Kal-El to Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van on Krypton, a planet with advanced technology. Realizing that the end of their planet was near, Kal’s parents put him in a space pod and sent him to Earth. On Earth, Kal would be found by Martha and Jonathan Kent and would be named Clark Kent. Clark would have a relatively normal childhood until his powers manifested during his early teenage years. Adopting the moniker “Super Boy” he would use his powers for good before eventually taking the name Superman.

As an adult, Clark would move to Metropolis and work as a reporter for the Daily Planet. There he would meet and fall in love with the award-winning journalist Lois Lane. They would eventually marry and have a child.

As a superhero, Clark would oftentimes find himself battling god-like beings such as Brainiac and Darkseid. He frequently joined forces with superheroes such as Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Green Arrow. In one notable storyline, a monstrous creature named Doomsday attacked the Earth and defeated all the other superheroes. Superman was forced to face the beast alone, and though he defeated it, died in the process. Or so everyone thought. Turns out he was just in a “healing coma” and was able to make a full recovery.

Like Captain America, Superman would originally start out as a believer in “truth, justice, and the American way” but would eventually expand his belief system to focus more on doing good for the world as a whole. In one storyline he even renounced his US citizenship, which is not quite as controversial as it may seem when you consider the fact that Kal is a literal illegal alien that was never officially granted citizenship in the first place. In any case, Superman continues to defend the Earth from threats that no other hero can face, and like Cap, will always stand up for what he believes is right.

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