Latest Cool Things

  • Aura: The Scanner Lamp

    Aura: The Scanner Lamp

    Is it a lamp or a scanner? Well, it is actually both. The Aura can scan pages and documents in 2 seconds and up to A3 size. It comes with AI technology so you will always have the best results. It doubles as a versatile lamp with 4 light settings. More

  • levitating light bulb

    The Coolest Levitating Light Bulbs

    Defy the rules of gravity with a levitating light bulb. Levitating light has grown to be a gigantic success these last years. Did you know that these lights require no batteries? More

  • Hypnocube


    If you’re looking for an original lamp in your house, have a look at this Hypnocube. Comes with 64 three-color RGB LEDs that can each display 4096 colors. 51 basic visualizations, 10+ transition effects and variable speed randomly smoothed along random paths. More