• Mini Retro Tetris Arcade Game

    Mini Retro Tetris Arcade Game

    Tetris has come a long way since it was first invented. It’s now even available in 3D on the Oculus. While there are many ways to play the game, some like how they played it a long time ago and long to purchase the mini retro Tetris arcade game. It has a beautiful Russian palace design that’s sure to delight young and old. It’s so small that it can fit in your hands as you play it lounging on the couch or on the subway. Unlike your phone, it won’t lose connection in the tunnel because it’s run by triple A batteries.

  • Tricks of the Classic NES Tetris Masters

    Tricks of the Classic NES Tetris Masters

    “Tricks of the Classic NES Tetris Masters” is a quick but highly informative read from author Brian K Smith. If you’re like many gamers out there, you might have an interest in Tetris that unfortunately conflicts with your inability to successfully play it. With this guide at your disposal, you can develop a much deeper understanding of the core gameplay and its mechanics. Most modern iterations of the game still rely upon these basic principles, making them worthwhile even if you aren’t playing the original NES version. After a little bit of studying and plenty of practice, this book will have you well on your way to Tetris mastery.

  • Wooden Tetris Puzzle

    Wooden Tetris Puzzle

    This Wooden Tetris Puzzle is part of the Wood City Tangram Puzzles collection and it is an effective Montessori brain teaser toy for children between 4 and 8 years of age. The puzzle board and the 40 colorful 3D Tetris pieces allow for a wide array of combinations such as classical Tetris look, umbrella, robot, human, flower, and airplane. These tiny wooden pieces will keep the kids busy for hours. Made from a high-quality wood with durable painted finish, these parts are very easy to clean and disinfect. This toy comes in a neat storage bag, perfect for travel or camping.

  • Tetris Heat Changing Mug

    Tetris Heat Changing Mug

    This Tetris Heat Changing mug can add a playful flavor to your morning coffee, particularly if you used to enjoy this popular video game. The ceramic mug features a game of Tetris that changes under the action of heat. You can get from the first level in the game to level 11 by simply pouring a hot beverage in the mug and watching the puzzle solving itself. The ceramic and the decal look good, but the mug is neither dishwasher safe nor microwavable, as the heat changing design might flake off. Wash it gently and you’ll have fun sipping your coffee for many mornings to come.

  • Tetris Crust Cutter

    Tetris Crust Cutter

    This Bites and Pieces Tetris crust cutter by Fred will make eating more fun. Manufactured from food safe plastic and packaged in a recyclable box, this kitchen utensil allows you to prepare your kid’s school lunch box in a creative and entertaining manner. You can also use this crust cutter to create cookies you can play Tetris with. Handled with care, it creates neat, clean edges, without making too many bread crumbles. If playing with food is something you usually do with your kids, this tool will take your playing to the next level. Kids will have fun eating these puzzles, you can rest assured!

  • The Tetris Effect

    The Tetris Effect

    The Tetris Effect is a book by author Dan Ackerman that serves as a deep dive into the everlasting game franchise and its powerful impact upon players. Any enthusiast of the series owes it to themselves to give this a read. The nearly hypnotizing effect that the game has upon its most dedicated fanbase is analyzed in great detail. The subject has been incredibly well researched and all of Ackerman’s findings ring true. While the term used in the title has been thrown around before, this text helped cement its widespread use. In turn, this lead to its official usage for the 2018 Tetris Effect game.

  • 3D Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzle

    3D Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzle

    The 3D Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzle by Sharp Brain Zone is an excellent tool to help you keep your brain active and enhance your problem-solving ability in a relaxing and fun manner. The wooden puzzle pieces are closely fitted and extremely durable, with a high-quality painted finish. This educational puzzle is best for children age 6+, but also for adult puzzle enthusiasts. As it includes puzzle games of various difficulties, it suits all levels of the cognitive function. The solutions are included it the box, but they shouldn’t use them before trying to put your brain to some serious work.

  • Tetris 3D Puzzle

    Tetris 3D Puzzle

    This Tetris 3D puzzle with magnetic building blocks can make an awesome intelligence simulating toy, or a handy stress relief fidget. The crystal magnetic cube consists from seven 3D crystal Tetris blocks in different shapes and colors and with a comprehensive guide containing 54 puzzle cards and no less than 108 puzzles to solve. The blocks are made from non-toxic ABS material and they feature smooth corner cutting for added safety. This magnetic tile can provide your kids with many hours of exhilarating fun. Besides, it helps them exercise their brain, improve their spatial thinking ability and their color recognition skills.

  • Tetris Interactive Lamp

    Tetris Interactive Lamp

    This Tetris interactive lamp is an awesome piece of retro decor for nostalgic geeks and fans of this incredibly popular game. You can customize this night light as you wish by using the colorful Tetris blocks to create original patterns on the board. You can place these blocks on the board to compose funny or romantic messages for your loved ones. This USB powered light comes with 53 Tetrimino pieces and with a black board to place them on. The lamp is made with BDP (Breakdown Plastic), a special organic compound that speeds up the decomposing of the plastic in landfills.

  • Tetris Puzzles

    Tetris Puzzles

    Written by Dr. Gareth Moore, Tetris Puzzles is a mind-blowing, challenging, and fun puzzle book you will want to own! Created in the 1980s, Tetris is an iconic video game that in its simplicity holds the ability to boggle minds and fray nerves. This book makes use of the seven Tetrimino shapes and will challenge you by having you fit them into grids, add them to existing larger shapes or reassemble them altogether. As you turn the pages, you can expect the puzzles to increase in difficulty. Jam packed with many hours of fun and 100 addicting puzzles, all ages will enjoy this activity book!

  • Tetris Mini Arcade Game

    Tetris Mini Arcade Game

    This Tetris Mini Arcade Game from Basic Fun is a truly unique item. It is a fully working portable version of the classic puzzle game contained within a small arcade cabinet. It has retro aesthetics that will bring back a lot of memories for you if you grew up in and around arcades throughout the 1980s and 90s. This is something of a novel curiosity and more of a collectible display piece than anything, but you can indeed control the game successfully with the joystick and buttons. It’s going to be a great conversation starter and the makings of a fun night of high score competitions, just like the old days!

  • Tetris Playing Cards

    Tetris Playing Cards

    The year 1984 will forever mark an important date in the history of video games. It is the year that Tetris was created by Alexey Pajitnov. Since then, it has spawned many generations of novelty gifts and collectibles, so why not add Tetris lenticular playing cards to the mix? This deck of cards features iconic Tetriminos with a neat 3D effect you won’t find in any standard deck! Plus, you can neatly stash your cards away when not in use thanks to the matching tin. Not only are these cards a great gift, but a fantastic novelty collectible for geeks!

  • Tetris Effect

    Tetris Effect

    Most gaming enthusiasts will agree that Tetris Effect is easily one of the greatest iterations of the legendary tile matching property. It is a true celebration of the game, with drop dead gorgeous visuals, responsive and lightning fast gameplay, and dynamic music that weaves in and out of numerous emotional and uplifting tracks. The PlayStation 4 version is even VR compatible, allowing you to fully immerse yourself. The game’s title is a nod to the nearly meditative state that many hardcore Tetris players achieve when they’re “in the zone”, and it has been recreated and embellished to offer a truly unique gaming experience that you don’t want to miss out on.

  • Micro Arcade Tetris

    Micro Arcade Tetris

    Micro Arcade’s Tetris is a highly portable miniature version of the original 1980s video game. Designed to fit in your palm and in your pocket when not in use, Micro Arcade’s Tetris game is the size of a traditional credit card! Each game has a true color screen, control buttons and comes equipped with sound. Plus, charge up the batteries with a micro USB charger that’s included with each purchase! With hundreds of built-in levels, the Micro Arcade delivers a fully nostalgic experience you won’t find with any other game. A great gift for any traveler and a neat collectible, this is one mini game you will want to own!

  • Tetris Stackable Lamp

    Tetris Stackable Lamp

    Fun and functional in its design, the Tetris stackable lamp will provide hours of ambient glow! It doubles as an entertaining toy that you can stack for hours with a virtually endless combination of designs. The colorful LED lights ensure long hours of operation and the power adapter feeds electricity through the metal frame. As long as the blue block is connected to the adapter, the other blocks can be stacked in any combination. A great gift for any gaming geek, and it adds a touch of nostalgia to any room. Even young kids will love playing with their functional new lamp!

  • Tetris Dual Board Game

    Tetris Dual Board Game

    The Tetris Dual Board Game is a brilliant concept that brings the traditional play scheme that we all know and love from the video game world into a physical versus battle. One player loads bricks that will fall as their opponent tries their best to stack them neatly to clear lines, just as you would in the original two player mode of NES Tetris or any of the other popular iterations. This is a well made board game with LCD screens, 50 game pieces, sturdy plastic construction, and vibrant colors. Older kids and even adults will surely get a kick out of playing.

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