Thane (Marvel)

The character Thane hasn’t been around for that long. He only made his first appearance in September 2013 in New Avengers (Vol. 3) #10. He was created by Jonathan Hickman, Mike Deodato Jr. and Jerome Opeña for Marvel Comics.

As he is quite new to the Marvel Universe, we don’t know that much about him when it comes to his appearance. His height and weights are therefore unknown. When it comes to his physical appearance, he has actually 2 “persona’s”. One before the Terrigenesis and one after. Before the Terrigenesis, he is a white male with brown hair and blue eyes. After the Terrigenesis, he resembles his father Thanos as he is bald with purple eyes and purple skin.


So we already established that Thane is the son of Thanos. It was revealed that one Inhuman lady had become pregnant with Thanos’ child after her tribe was attacked by Thanos and his army while still in hiding. While Thanos wasn’t aware of his presence in the beginning, when he found out, he set out to find him at any cost. While raiding many planets in the process, he finally arrived on Earth.

Using the Inhuman Codex, which holds all the knowledge on Inhumans and their ancestors, the Inhuman king Black Bolt learned Thanos’ real motives on Earth. The New Avengers set out to find Thanos’ child and found him in Greenland.

When Thanos and Black Bolt battled, the Inhuman monarch dropped a Terrigen Bomb, causing Terrigenesis in everyone of Inhuman ancestry everywhere on Earth’s surface. Thane’s abilities were released, and in the process, he wiped out every person around him. Thane was aided by Ebony Maw, who showed up with a suit to keep his abilities under control. Ebony Maw had alerted Thanos to Thane’s whereabouts, and Thanos came to deliver the news that he would execute him.

The moment the Avengers reached Orollan to vanquish Thanos, Ebony Maw let Thane free to put him to the test. Thane ad two options: flee or battle Thanos and become the same thing he has avoided his whole existence. Thane decided to take on his father and trapped him into a force field thanks to his newly acquired powers.

Powers & Abilities

It has been quite clear that Thane is not in full control of his powers. He was able to only control them thanks to the suit that Ebony Maw provided him. Although he has very strong powers, he is afraid to use them and this is also his major weakness. But in the Inhuman state, he has different powers according to the hand that he uses:

  • Left hand: The Touch of Death, Thane can kill whole villages and towns. He could probably use this power in a better way but he lacks control.
  • Right hand: With his right hand, he can create force fields which can contain or “freeze” his opponents which leaves him them completely harmless.

In a later storyline, we also learn that Thane obtains the Phoenix Force which turns him into one of the strongest beings in the Marvel Universe.

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