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Essential Stories About Thanos

Infinity Gauntlet

The Infinity Gauntlet is Thanos’ ultimate aim – the treasure he sought beyond all else. It is the beginning of omnipotence: total mastery over all things, including the fabric of space and time as well as the faculties of the intellect and the soul itself. It is the start of a dreadful nightmare for the whole universe, though, because of his acquiring ultimate power.

Earth’s superheroes unite in a last-ditch effort to stop the nihilistic god from destroying the galaxy, headed by the mystical Adam Warlock. Is there any hope of victory in such a titanic intergalactic struggle? Is there a chance for anybody to escape?


In the Infinity comic book series, The Avengers grew in order to face ever-increasing threats and rescue the planet. However, when the galaxy’s oldest species declare that Earth is doomed, The Avengers must consider their options much more expansive. A long-time foe sees their home as undefended as the Avengers gather into space to form an interplanetary coalition against the mysterious Builders. Thanos, the Mad Titan, pours his wrath on Earth in the next part of his never-ending pursuit for vengeance on the human race.

It’s important to remember that even in a universe without the Avengers, there are still those who stand guard. The Illuminati, a hidden society, is one of them, and it’s already torn apart by internal strife as it faces yet another world-ending catastrophe. A struggle for Infinity is devolving into inhumanity as our heroes fight across many fronts.

Thanos Rising

Following “The Avengers,” Marvel Studios introduced us to Thanos, a terrifying new enemy. But who is this new threat to the Marvel universe? As Thanos grows to become the unmatched renegade of misery, uncover the secrets that have lain dormant for so long. What is the purpose of The Mad Titan and where did he originate from?

To this day, Death has been watching over Thanos, seeing his inner evil develop throughout the course of his existence. Incredibly talented writers Jason Aaron and Simone Bianchi (Wolverine and X-Men) have the answers!

Some other interesting facts about Thanos

How tall is Thanos?

On, Thanos is 6ft 7in or 2 metres in height. Thanos is not only a God but also a giant! The Mad Titan is approximately 2 meters tall, which means he would tower over the average person.

Why is Thanos skin purple?

Thanos was born with the Deviant Syndrome on planet Titan and this is why is Thanos so strong. This syndrome made his skin turn purple but it also increased his strength and other physical abilities compared to the other Eternals.

The deviancy of this condition is what caused him to be so powerful, which may seem like an ironic twist for some readers who know how things turned out for them both in Infinity War…

How old is Thanos?

According to Avengers Endgame director Joe Russo, Thanos is around a 1000 years old and has probably fought every being in the whole universe. A nice fact as well is that Thor is older than Thanos. Thor is 1500 years old.

Without a doubt, Thanos is one of the most powerful beings in all of Marvel. So it’s no wonder that he has fought and won against everybody who ever existed. He’s an amazing warrior, and he doesn’t take prisoners. In fact, he doesn’t really care what happens to his opponents after fighting them, he just wants to wipe out half of all life in the entire universe.

What race is Thanos?

Thanos belongs to the race of Titanian Eternals who lived on the planet Titan which is a moon of Saturn

Who plays Thanos?

He was played in the Avengers by Josh Brolin, and he was in other movies you might have seen like No Country for Old Men or True Grit. Or maybe if you’re not into old school westerns, then you might have seen him somewhere else when superhero movies are your thing. Does that ring a bell? No? He also played Cable in Deadpool 2 and there is your aha moment of the day. You’re welcome!

Who kills Thanos in Endgame?

In Endgame, Thanos dies twice. First Thor cuts off his head when the Avengers find out that Thanos has destroyed the Infinity Stones. His second killer is Tony Stark who uses the Infinity Gauntlet to wipe out Thanos and his whole army.

An interesting fact is that Thanos is actually immortal according to the comics so was the Infinity Gauntlet powerful enough to erase him from existence? Only time, movies and comics will give us the answer.

How did Thanos get the Power Stone (Purple Stone)?

Thanos already acquired the Power Stone in the movie Guardians Of The Galaxy. He retrieved it from the planet Xander which is the home to several races like Xandarians, Aakons, Hurctarians,… Although, the Power Stone was proctected by the Nova Corps, they didn’t stood a change against Thanos and his army.

What is Thanos sword made of?

Double-Edged Sword from Thanos is wrapped around a lot of mystery. People claim it is made out of Vibranium, Adamantium or even Uru.

To give a little background on the materials. Captain America’s shield is made of Vibranium which the sword of Thanos broke so it can’t be that. You might have heard of Adamantium as it is the material wrapped around Wolverine’s skeleton. The best guess would be that the sword is made of Uru but actually nobody knows what is is made of.

How did Thanos know Tony Stark?

Thanos knows that Stark was one of the Avengers that stopped Loki in New York. That was the plot of the first Avengers movie in 2012. Because it was Thanos who had send Loki in the first place.

How strong is Thanos?

Even without the Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos his strength can be compared to that of the Hulk and Thor. This means that he can easily lift more than 100 tons. But with the Infinity Gauntlet, there’s actually no limit to his strength or power.

Who can beat Thanos?

It has shown that it is not easy to beat Thanos. But some heroes have been able to do this and some of them will definitely surprise you:

– Captain Marvel (Captain Marvel #33 -1974)
– Adam Warlock (Marvel Two In One Annual #2 – 1977)
– Ka-Zar (Ka-Zar #11 – 1997)
– Thor (Thor #25 1998)
– Star Lord (Guardians Of the Galaxy #25 – 2008)
– Squirrel Girl (Great Lakes Avengers Christmas Special #1 – 2005)
– Deadpool (Deadpool vs Thanos -2015)
– Doctor Doom (Secret Wars #8 – 2016)

Why did Thanos snap?

The motive of Thanos is different if we compare the comics to the Infinity war movie.

– In the movie, the motive of Thanos was to wipe out half of the universe as he believed there were simply too many beings in the universe and there aren’t enough resources.
– In the comics, he did it to impress Death as Thanos is obsessed with her.

Interesting as well is that Thanos snaps his fingers in the comics and in the movie so there’s no difference there. But actually, he doesn’t need to snap his fingers as the Infinity Gauntlet works via mind control so this was purely for visual effect.


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