Thanos Rising (Marvel)

Thanos Rising is a comic book series from Marvel that was published between April and August 2013. It is written by Jason Aaron who is also known for his work on The Mighty Thor, Doctor Strange Wolverine,… Simone Bianchi, who has previously worked on Batman and Wolverine, created the artwork for this series. The series consists of 5 issues.

In Thanos Rising, we learn more about the past of Thanos. He had an incredible impact on the Marvel Universe and Jason Aaron thought it was time to give him some more background. It even goes completely back to his childhood, it is an essential read for everybody who wants to know more about Thanos.


Thanos Rising

In this first issue, we find Thanos standing over his mother’s grave on his home planet Titan. Following that image, we find Thanos in school. As the brightest and most peaceful kid in school, Thanos is kept apart from the rest of the students because of his looks and mainly plays with his brother Eros.

During this time, Thanos also suffers from nightmares where he dreams that someone is trying to kill him when he is born. Unfortunately for Thanos, those dreams are true as his mother Sui-San tried to kill him after sensing darkness in him even after he has just been born. Luckily for Thanos, his mother was stopped and locked up in a mental facility.

In school, Thanos meets a mysterious girl who tells him about a cave that he should visit together with the few friends he has. But when the cave collapses, his friends are killed and eaten by lizards. The mysterious girl persuades Thanos to take revenge and murder the lizards which brings Thanos to his first step of a dark path.

Thanos starts to develop a lust for blood after killing the lizards and decides to move on to killing other Eternals which he justifies by calling it research. Meanwhile, he also declares his love to the mysterious girl but is being rejected as she only loves murder and mayhem. Thanos keeps trying to prove his love to the girl and continues to kill in the name of science.

During this time, his mother was released from the hospital and came back home. She felt that Thanos was up to no good and confronted him. Thanos snapped and decides to dissect his mother in order to find out what is wrong with him.

Fast forward into the future, we find Thanos aboard a spaceship of space pirates. He scours the universe for treasure and lovers which he finds on a regular base. The captain of the ship decides that he has enough of Thanos his weakness and tries to kill him. But right before the captain can deliver the final blow, Thanos wakes up and see that he has killed the captain and is ready to take over the ship.

Back on Titan, at his mother’s grave, he reunites with the girl from his childhood and declares his love once again. But the girl who is actually Death itself demands proof of his love and Thanos decides to murder one of his previous partners together with his son. Still, this is not enough for Death and she demands more which Thanos is more than happy to do.

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