The Avengers

  • Marvel’s Avengers: Deluxe Edition

    Marvel’s Avengers: Deluxe Edition

    Enjoy an epic third-person game, the Marvel’s Avengers: Deluxe Edition for PS4 on this unique action and adventure mission. Play single player or co-op online, assemble up to 4 different players, and finish as your team master different abilities to save the Earth. The game features cross-generation gameplay for both PS4 and PS5, get to enjoy this cinematic gameplay, with beautiful graphics, awesome storyline, with the action perfectly incorporated into the game’s story that both kids and adults will surely love to enjoy playing. PS4 players who are upgrading into the PS5 get the game’s upgrade without any additional cost.

  • Thanos Rising: Avengers Infinity War Cooperative Dice and Card Game

    Thanos Rising: Avengers Infinity War Cooperative Dice and Card Game

    If you are a fan of Marvels Avengers, and the antagonist dinos, you should certainly consider this unique cooperative dice and card game. It is designed to connect you with not only Endgame but also the Avengers Infinity War movie. You can relive the battles, social interaction, and the primary focus of good between evil. You can also move toward defeating panels, and all of the villains in the story, focused upon collecting the Infinity capstones. If you are an individual that enjoys playing cooperative games, this will certainly be the one that you will want to play with friends and family.

  • Marvel Avengers Electronic Power Gauntlet

    Marvel Avengers Electronic Power Gauntlet

    Avergers: engame was one of the most popular of the Marvel Cinematic Universe productions – and the iconic Marvel Power Gauntlet played an integral part in building the suspense and excitement of the movie. Now fans can own an electronic version of this relic. It features all the Infinity Stones that glow with pulsating unearthly power when the the gauntlet is activated. Stunning detail and artwork – and the ability of the Gauntlet to be posed in ‘Fist-lock Display Mode’ and provide sounds based on the movie make it the perfect collectors piece for those who want to own not only an item that is tremendously attractive – but also one that is sure to be the center of attention whever is is displayed or used.

  • The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

    The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

    Get ready to rewatch a complete series of The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in DVD format. Available in Blu Ray, this DVD format is compatible with UK players. Get to watch an entire series based on Marvel DCs comics all bunched into 8 volumes. This set has everything a Marvel fan could ever wish for, with beautiful story-lines and perfectly executed scenes. A film collection that’s great for children and kids at heart. Released in 2014 by Walt Disney Home Entertainment, the series contains superhero action scenes that are great for kids to watch – a team of superheroes fighting against super villains as they unite and bring peace.

  • Avengers Assemble Fine Art Sculpture

    Avengers Assemble Fine Art Sculpture

    This incredible Avengers sculpture features a group of 7 busts that homages an iconic piece of imagery from Alex Ross. Known for depicting superheroes with realistic paintings rather than traditional stylized pencils, pen, and ink, Ross is among the most widely revered artists to have ever graced the medium. Seeing his artwork lovingly recreated in this form is truly special. The lineup of Iron Man, Captain America, Scarlet Witch, Black Panther, Hawkeye, Vision, and Thor is hard to beat, and virtually every detail from the original artwork accounted for. Better still, each purchase of the statue includes a lithographic print of the painting!

  • The Avengers Assembled

    The Avengers Assembled

    Marvel has gained quite a reputation for producing the best superhero films in modern history. And now you get to own no less than 4 brilliant films with this complete Avengers Assemble movie collection. It starts with the gathering of Marvel icons like Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and the Hulk. They have to band together to save the earth from an unknown enemy. In the second film, Tony Stark innocently creates an AI monster that shows no mercy for human life. The 3rd and 4th titles will take our heroes into the epic Infinity Wars, where they eventually turn on each other.

  • Avengers Endgame Funko Collectors Set

    Avengers Endgame Funko Collectors Set

    If you’re a big fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and you’ve also been collecting Funko Pop vinyl figures, this set is a great way to add to your collection in a big way. It contains Tony Stark, Ant Man, Captain Marvel, and an impressive larger scale Thanos. This will also help you kick off a new collection with a bang if you are just now getting into the hobby! They come individually packaged so you can pick and choose which you open. There are no real surprises here with special boxes or the like, but they are of the same quality you should expect from the ever popular Pop releases.

  • Marvel Avengers Deluxe Action Figures

    Marvel Avengers Deluxe Action Figures

    This set of Avengers figurines contains 9 characters based on their appearance in the Avengers Endgame motion picture. Given the enormity of said film’s success and its amazing achievement in tying a decade’s worth of big screen superhero stories together, any version of this lineup is obviously a must have for fans and collectors. Favorites like Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, and even Thanos are all represented. These are fairly basic figures without any sort of articulation, but they look the part and having them all together in one set makes for a great deal. With just one simple purchase you will have an instant collection that’s worthy of display.

  • Lego Avengers Ultimate Quinjet

    Lego Avengers Ultimate Quinjet

    You can build the Lego Avengers Ultimate Quinjet, which features a mini-figure cockpit, as well as two stud shooters. Not only that, but it has a stud-shooting trike and a six-stud rapid shooter that folds out. This is the perfect Lego set for those who are fans of the Avengers, and for those who are familiar with the Quinjet. The set also comes with several superheros. This includes Hawkeye, Black Widow, Thor and Rocket. Once the jet is built, you will love pretending to go into battle with it. It might take awhile to build, as it consists of over 800 pieces in total, but you will have a lot of find building it.

  • New Avengers Omnibus, Vol. 1

    New Avengers Omnibus, Vol. 1

    The first volume of the New Avengers Omnibus comes in at a whopping 1,200 pages. If you’ve been looking for something to help pass the time, this is a fantastic way to start! It’s plenty fun to hunt down single issues of comics of course, but diving deep into a collected edition like this makes for an incredible experience all its own. This particular story was very popular, featuring a world where the standard Avengers team was disbanded. Rather than go without a super powered fantasy dream team to stop all ongoing threats, the likes of Spider-Man, Luke Cage, and even Wolverine came together as, you guessed it, the “New” Avengers. With stellar writing from Brian Michael Bendis and engrossing artwork from David Finch (among others), this is one that’s hard to put down.

  • Avengers: The Final Host

    Avengers: The Final Host

    For fans of the Marvel Universe and the many superheroes who call it home classic collectible comic books are always part of any collection. Now three of the biggest hitters in the Marvel Universe, Thor, Iron Man and Captain America are joined by other heroes who must assemble to protect Earth from a dangerous group of ‘Space Gods’ who go by the name of the Celestials. The trio are joined by The Hulk, Doctor Strange and Captain Marvel – and of course Loki who is up to his usual tricks of deceipt and mayhem. Fans are treated to 160 beautifully illustrated pages penned by the exceptionally talented Jason Aaron and illustrated by Ed McGuinness. The classic superhero team team are in for the fight of their lives – and help is at hand from a host of other favorite characters. A visual and storytelling treat for Marvel fans.

  • Monopoly Avengers

    Monopoly Avengers

    Enjoy bonding with the entire family with this unique game from Hasbro – Monopoly, but with a twist! The same game of Monopoly applies, but instead of fighting over properties, you get to collect as many Avengers heroes as you can! Surprise your guests, family members with this one-of-a-kind tabletop board game – the more heroes that you collect, the stronger you’ll become! This board game also makes a great gift, with detailed illustration and awesome material, not to mention beautiful figurines to play with. Whether you’re a collector, an Avengers fan, or simply wanted to play monopoly with a little bit of a twist, this game is perfect for you!

  • Avengers Tech Jacket

    Avengers Tech Jacket

    The suppliers of this Avengers Tech Jacket is so confident in the quality, they offer a lifetime guarantee. If at any time you are not satisfied, simply return it for a full refund. Made from comfortable polyester and cotton while featuring clear 3D patterns, the hoodie is designed for any occasion. Do you want to go to a cosplay convention? Or do you simply want a cool jacket to wear during windy or cold days? The Avengers Tech Jacket is the perfect choice because it looks great with everything short of formal wear. Plus, it is safe to wash in a machine without losing color.

  • Marvel Comics Avengers Mug

    Marvel Comics Avengers Mug

    Here’s yet another amazing color changing mug that reveals new imagery whenever you fill it with a warm beverage. This time around, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are front and center. Once fully revealed, the incredible artwork features several major players from the Avengers franchise such as Captain America, Thor, Black Panther, and Vision. When at room temperature, a sharp bit of graphic design is displayed instead, with several of the characters peaking through the iconic “A” logo. Having a fun mug like this is almost mandatory when it comes to livening up your day to day routine; why look at a boring old standard coffee mug when you can have this beauty instead?

  • Marvel Avengers Shirt

    Marvel Avengers Shirt

    This stylish Avengers tee features comic book versions of several live action Marvel cinematic universe mainstays. It serves as an Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy team-up in particular, making it an instant crowd pleaser. Spider-Man is front as center with the big three of the Avengers (Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man) immediately behind, and other major players like Black Panther, Vision, Black Widow, Hulk, and Ant Man are also represented. Rocket Racoon, Groot, and Star Lord from the Guardians team fills out the rest of the roster. The price is standard fare for a licensed graphic tee, and the print is large and colorful. It may not have every single popular Marvel hero, but this is a great looking shirt all the same.

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